Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kimmie and Quan Story

I wanted to give you the details of how we came to know about Kimmie and Quan. Here we go...

Tues. Dec. 12th I had a routine meeting with my social worker Jenn, and the girl in charge of special needs adoptions, Karla. I wanted to meet with Karla because I knew the special needs list was coming soon, and I wanted to ask her some questions and get to know her since I knew we would be working with her pretty closely. Thus far we had communicated through email. The night before our meeting I asked Rob if he had any questions he wanted me to ask Karla, and his reply was "Yeah, ask her if she can get us a kid tomorrow!"

We met at Starbucks and I asked all my questions (except of course Rob's! :). One of them was about the China regulations for adopting two children at one time. Karla said it is possible, but China had enforced stricter rules, that one had to be severe special needs and one could be minor special needs. It has been our desire from the beginning to adopt a boy and a girl, but we really were hesitant to share with anyone for several reasons. One being we weren't sure if China would allow us since we already have 4.

So, back to Starbucks...Karla said they had received the special needs list weeks before and had already matched us with a little boy! I was floored! It was the LAST thing I had expected! I certainly did not expect to be matched so soon! But God was not surprised, He knew all along what I was going to get that day! She said she knew we preferred a girl first, but this little boy really caught her eye. Since the special needs list had not been posted on the Lifeline website yet, we needed to keep it quiet until the other families had received their good news. She told me he had a repaired cleft lip and a cleft palate that would need repaired. Karla had already called "Lily" the China liaison who is IN CHINA to inquire if our chances were good to be able to adopt him, and Lily said it would be a good match. Then she showed me his picture and I completely fell in love. I knew that this was our boy! I started bawling and saying "What a precious baby! He is such a precious baby!" Then she showed me his bio which stated his name Wu Quan Bao..."Bao means precious baby" word for word is what it said! I cried some more, feeling very favored and blessed!

I asked her if there were any more severe special needs girls on the list, and Karla said there were a couple of girls with more severe needs but she would check and see about what their needs were. I did not mention it again, because I wanted God to be in control of this all.

I drove straight to Pelham to share with Rob that God had answered his question for Karla! She did (God did) "get us a kid tomorrow!" He was excited and very surprised as I was, however he was very level-headed and ready to spend a lot of time in prayer over our decision to accept this match or not. Then I had to substitute teach for Shalita's dance classes since she is so pregnant sick. It was hard for me to focus on teaching dance when I had just received such incredible news. I couldn't stop thinking about that little boy who "loved to shake his butt and dance around" from what his bio said! His bio also said he tells his foster mother when he has to go to the bathroom. Cha-ching! He's potty trained! (He just turned 2 on Nov. 1st)

Rob and I began praying together and separately about Quan Bao. I also told Rob about the China rule about adopting 2 special needs and that Karla said there were some girls with more severe special needs on the list. I prayed fervently for confirmation about adopting little Bao...although I felt I already knew from the beginning that he was ours. I also prayed that God would work out His will about adopting a girl, too. I told God I don't want to be selfish, but I do want a Chinese sister for Bao. "Whoever Lord, you know who is best for our family..." is what I wrote in my journal. Wed. morning He gave me Prov. 13:4 "The desires of the diligent are fully satisfied" and Prov. 13:12 "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life" and Prov. 13:19 "A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul".

Later Wed. morning I got a call from Jenn, our social worker, who said that Karla had called Lily in China AGAIN and asked about the possibility of us adopting another special needs...this certain little girl who had deformed arms and hands. Lily said she thought the little girl would qualify as severe enough special needs for us to get her too. Jenn said we could come in and look at her file if we were interested. Yall need to understand the favor that God is showing us at this moment.

When Jenn offered this, I started crying AGAIN because I just knew it was God!!!! THEN, later that afternoon Rob's suitability letter that we had been waiting on for a MONTH arrived in the mail, which means our home study is now complete and can be sent to DHR! (side-bar: Paula Fargarson and her children were spending Wed. with us so they all got to experience the excitement with us! I was so thankful to have a friend here with me to share it with!)

Thursday we arranged a meeting with Jenn and Karla again. We wanted to see this girl's file. Secretly I had wanted to go ahead and tell Jenn and Karla that we wanted to adopt little Quan, but Rob had not come to that decision 100% yet, so I said nothing. I knew he had to be in this totally. Before the meeting I did some shopping with the children. We went in Family Christian bookstore and as I was asking the clerk about a CD that Rob wants, guess who calls...Rob! He wanted to tell me that he knew we were supposed to get Quan, and he wanted to tell Jenn and Karla at our meeting! I cried AGAIN and the manager at Family Christian thinks I need counseling! Hee-Hee! I asked Rob what made him decide and he said that he knew in his spirit that God picked that little boy out for us and then he said "I'm in love!" Can we say bawling in the CD section of Family Christian?

So, we went to Lifeline and told Jenn and Karla the good news. We filled out a "Letter of Intent" to adopt Wu Quan Bao...our precious baby! Then she showed us Wu Bei'an's file...she is an 18 mos. old girl. Notice their beginning names are both Wu. Want to know why? Because they both are in the same orphanage!!!!!! Karla didn't even realize that! But God knew all along! Actually they are both in foster homes. In China some foster homes are apartments inside the orphanages. It is a blessing that they are in a foster home, because they will get much better individualized care! Well, it was love at first sight for both Rob and me (and the children!) Bei'an has short little arms with deformed hands on the ends of them. Her bio says that her foster father massages her hands to stimulate flexibility, and that he has taught her to pick up things with her toes and grasp them with her hands. It says she can hold things and tear paper. Also, she likes to be held and likes to dance! They named her Bei'an which means peace because "they wish for her a life of peace" is what her bio said. Oh my. We asked them to put her on hold so we could pray about adopting her too.

When we got home from a very long and emotional day, God gave me a verse through a friend's email. She doesn't even know anything about our adopting any special needs children, and she was talking about some job problems with her husband. Here is a direct quote from her email:
Also has given me "Is my arm too short to save" (Isaiah 50--not sure what verse off hand)? God reminded me through that verse that He knows every detail and His arm is not too short to move on our behalf or to provide for our every need.

Hello? Short arms? It immediately struck me, and so I looked up the entire verse which reads Isaiah 50:2 "Was my arm too short to ransom you? Do I lack the strength to rescue you?" I knew God was speaking very clearly through His word. Rob and I prayed about little Bei'an and Saturday we realized that God wants us to have her too! We have such a peace about these children being ours. We know without a shadow of a doubt that we are obeying Him.

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Rick said...

We are praying for everyone involved. Are nearness to the Lord can sometimes be judged by how we treat the weakest & most vulnerable around us...