Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Hey all!

Today we had a great meeting with Karla at Lifeline. Karla has decided that we can send our letters of intent to adopt both children to China! So PLEASE pray for Zhang Lan, the lady in charge of special needs adoptions. She will be reviewing our paperwork and will decide if we can adopt both children. Pray our family will find favor and she will approve us for both Kimmie and Quan!!!!!!!! We will have an answer in 6-7 weeks.

Thank you sweet prayer warriors, and feel free to comment to our new blog!


Southern Cheesehead said...

We are certainly praying for you guys! We're considering down the road adopting from Mexico so you can do the same for us one day! Please keep us updated and I'll continue to check in on the blog spot for updates. Also, we're getting together sometimes in January - get out your calendar and let me know!!!

Southern Cheesehead said...

oops - this is Michele (for both me and Ernie) case you couldn't figure that out by my screen name! you can check out my blog too!