Sunday, January 21, 2007

An AMAZING Lord's Day!

We had "Sanctity of Life"day today at our church, Clearview Baptist. Rob and I were working in extended session, so we missed most of the service. Jan from Save A Life spoke, and Suzanne, our Pastor's wife sang an awesome song about being a barren woman and the gift of adoption (I will HAVE to get the tape of today's service!) Pastor Bill and Suzanne domestically adopted their daughter Monica nine years ago, so this song had special meaning for us all. The choir sang "Orphans of God". Pastor asked our family to share our story about Kimmie and Quan at the end of the service. We spoke about the amazing answered prayers we have had since we have started this process (as we had a slide show of Kimmie and Quan rolling on the big screen) and then Pastor was so gracious to allow the children to sell their bead creations in the lobby. Well, GOD SOLD EVERY ONE OF THEM! Rob and I stand amazed (and so do our children) at the generosity of our church family, and the love of God they showed us. I wish you could have seen the children's eyes get big as saucers when people dropped money into the jar. One sweet friend even gave his birthday many gave SO MUCH...more than we could ever ask or imagine. One friend even said God had told her before she left for church that morning to pick up some extra cash. She had no idea why, but she did. Then when she found out the children were selling their creations, she knew why! She donated it all to them. And then gave more that night at church, too! Friends who we know do not have much to give, gave so sacrificially. Oh God return the blessing ten fold to everyone! Thank you Clearview Family!
We love you so much!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!
Colby is busy helping replenish the supply of bead creations this afternoon! Pastor Cory, you asked for LSU, so you're gettin' it! Although it must have been hard for this Auburn kid to use purple and yellow! He'll do anything for his new brother and sister!

Oh Lord thank you for blessing their efforts! Katie Lyn is so serious about this! Mrs. Robyn and Mrs. come your Roll Tide creations you asked for! ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE ROLLLLLLLL!

Carlie and Clay gettin' busy with beads before we have to be back at church. So much for that Sunday afternoon nap!

Here are Kimmie and Quan's guardians...Senor Bobby and Senora Shalita (with Senorita Clark in belly!) Happy 50th birthday Bobby! You look SO young!


Journey to Lilly! said...

ohh Laine.. it is precious how the children are working so hard for their brother & sister! They will never forget the experience of this adoption. We are so happy for your family!!
God Bless You,

Sherri said...


Your kids will remember the answers to prayer and God's provision for your family. I couldn't be happier for you and I am still praying for that speedy CIS approval!


Anonymous said...

Laine, that is so sweet that you're going to make me cry...

The Ferrill's said...

VERY funny... Page, Mary Lou, Nell, Jackie, Jonna, or whoever else was sitting at that table at the retreat!
I am cracking up! Do you smell sugar when you pull up my blog on your computer? :)

Jeff B said...

Hey guys it is really Robyn not Jeff, but Katie Lynn I loved my Alabama creation. Those kids, all 6 are so precious and little Maggie cannot wait to get into everything with "Timmie". We are so very happy for you guys and love ya'll bunches!!

Southern Cheesehead said...

that is so awesome! I can't belive "Orphans of God"!!! I'll let you know how it goes Thursday night when I sing it for a Southeastern Bible College (alma mater) fundraiser!! I just might tell a little of your story and why I love that song!

Anonymous said...

Very Funny!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mom I do not go for alabama.
War eagle Hey!