Monday, January 15, 2007

Bears and Birthdays

Today my biological baby turned six! Here she is with her new Build A Bear and her favorite party guest....her Daddy!

Carlie is blessed with so many friends who came to Build A Bear for her party! It was such a fun time!

Here are all the sweet friends who made bears for the orphanage/foster siblings of Kimmie and Quan! Katie Lyn made Kimmie a special bear to send to her, and Colby and Clay made Quan a sweet little bear to send to him! Rob and I put our voices in a recorder in their bears. To make the recording, Rob and I had to go into the little bathroom where it was quiet. A worker walked in while we were recording and she looked very embarrassed. I myself was very embarrassed and told her we were just making our recording and not making out in the bathroom! Paula, Shalita, Lori, Nell and Amy all got a kick out of my red face. I'm so glad I could give everyone a good laugh!


Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, the kids are going to love those bears! Also, thanks for the info on the craft.. we are melting away! lol!

Sonya said...

Looks like a BLAST!!!

Anonymous said...

Laine, I hope this comment comes thru. I did one yesterday, but can't find it now. I'm not so good at this kind of thing. Or is it my computer? It does me bad sometimes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, it came thru this time!!! OK, now I can REALLY comment! We're so proud of y'all, and are right with you all the way. Can't wait for the yard sale. The best part is gathering up the stuff I'll bring to sell. The worst part is putting it on display! I'll try to bring shelves and tables to put stuff on. I love what the kids are doing, too. The greatest thing y'all have taught them is love. And they've learned it well!!Love you all, Mom & Bob

Hope for Lucy said...

Hello Ferrill Family

We are also from the Lifeline group. We have had our sweet Lily Grace with us now for 6 months and she is a wonderful blessing to our family. I look foward to following your sweet travel to receive your two precious angels.
Our prayers are with you!
Green Party of Four

Anonymous said...

Oh, Happy Birthday, Carlie! I hope you were kept busy while Mom and Dad were making out in the bathroom! :)
What a great idea, Laine, to have the kids make bears for the much better and more meaningful!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think that there was any laughing at this party! I thought everyone was overwhelmed by your sweetness that there wasn't a dry eye in build a bear!

I love this blog! I'm reading all of them! We'll finally have something to talk about tomorrow! HA!