Sunday, January 28, 2007

Focus on Adoption Weekend--big time!

This has been a busy but fabulous weekend. Friday night was our adoption get-together (see post) and today we spent the day at our church with our "Maw-Maws" (see post). Saturday we spent the day at the UAB Adoption Clinic meeting. It was so great and we received some valuable info. I'm ready to do it again, but this time with GranMart and Nanny...grandparents really need to attend this meeting and when they have another one...yall are coming! Oh, and everyone received a "goody". Ours was a nice magnetic frame with guess how many spaces for pictures....yep...SIX! :)

Our children stayed the day with some of our bestest friends, the Fargies! Happy Birthday Mary Claire! Just had to post some pics of them together around Christmas time. I'm so thankful for godly friends for my children! And for godly friends for me and Rob!


Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed reading through your blog and hearing how God has been working in your lives. What an awesome God we have!! You have a precious family and Kimmie and Quan are absolutely adorable! I know you can't wait to wrap your arms around them! Thank you for sharing your journey. I especially enjoyed the part about Katie Lyn wanting to adopt a bunch of children when she grows up... one from Vietnam!!!
May the Lord continue to richly bless your family!
Jennifer St. John

Anonymous said...

You can definitely count on Bob & me for the next one. Please let us know asap. (Good thing I didn't plan on the last one: I messed up our plane reservations and we had to stay in Las Vegas til Saturday night!!!

Journey to Lilly! said...

How can you post so fast!! I finally got to post about our fun night at your house!! You guys are so crafty!! Bring some of those chocolate hearts to Trussville & I know a family you could sell some to!!
God Bless you & Yours!!
The Pintaro's

Tina said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Stay busy and you will have those precious little ones in your arms before you know it!!