Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Fundraising with the Tooth Fairy

I wish I could make up stuff this good:
Tonight one of Katie Lyn's canine teeth came out finally. She did the normal routine and put it in a baggie to put under her pillow. She being the note writer that she is...well....here is what was attached to her tooth:
"Dear Tooth Fairy,
This might not be the prettiest tooth but you can have it. Oh and we're adopting from China. So maybe you'll give me a little more money.
Katie Lyn"
Of course the tooth fairy couldn't resist that and gave "a little more"! I never thought about fundraising from the tooth fairy. I'm afraid all the children are going to be wiggling their teeth to get more money for the adoption!!! :)


Hope for Lucy said...

What precious children you have. God is so Good! We are praying for the arrival of Mr. Quan and Ms. Kimmie.
Love to you all....and maybe we will meet soon one day!

Green Party of Four

Sherri said...

How precious! That sounds like something my oldest daughter (19) would have done. Perhaps she has a future in missions fundraising . . . .

I pray for the time to go by quickly for you all. I know you are ready to go.

Tina said...

That is too funny! What a smart little gir you have there! lol
Lv ya

Journey to Lilly! said...

haha!! I think it is great that this kids are so envolved in fund raising! It is neat to see your family pull together like this!! What a great experience the China trip will be too! Anthony & Makenzie are really excited about it!
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! Isn't it wonderful to have children who are so excited about adoption and so eager to help however they can! What a great blessing!!

Keeping you in our prayers,

Sonya said...

HOW SWEET!! Thanks for sharing!!!


Southern Cheesehead said...

That is so great! I love that little Katie Lyn's spirit!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is classic!!!