Tuesday, January 2, 2007

God at the Flora-Bama

Yes, that's right. My sister and I took the girls to do the annual Polar Bear Dip (see pic below) and as we were leaving we asked a man to take our picture. His family walked up beside him and I notice he has 3 Asian boys. After he takes our picture I ask him how old his boys are and he replied that two are 8 and one is 7. So I say he must have twins, and he explains they are all 3 adopted. Well, here it goes..that connection that God is giving us with families all over the U.S. I proceeded to tell them our story, and we hear their story (two boys from Taiwan and two from the Philippines) and they homeschool. They live in KY and come down every year for New Year's and a run that takes place at the beach and the Polar Bear Dip of course! (I'm telling you, it was so much fun I would drive that far to do it again in a heartbeat!) He told us his boys never start a prayer without saying "Thank you God for giving me a family" So sweet!

It was really neat, and I told Lyn (my sister) that she should get her a baby from Taiwan because they will fly their orphans over for you instead of you having to fly there to pick them up. She HATES to fly. We just talked and talked how neat it was that God put that family in our path.

For those of you who don't know, Lyn and Darrel have one child..Claire. She stays with me a lot and is like another Ferrill child! Lyn lives in Pensacola, so Claire spent the night with us at the beach Mon. night. We had planned on meeting Lyn in Orange Beach to give Claire back before we left for Springville. Well, turns out it worked out better to meet Lyn in Loxley. Why do you care? Why am I telling you this? BECAUSE LYN RAN INTO THAT FAMILY AGAIN AT THE HARDEE'S IN LOXLEY!!!!!!! How God is that? Coincidence? I think not. I told Lyn maybe God is trying to tell her something. And she said maybe God is trying to tell ME something! :)
Anyway, she talked with them again and got their email address for me so we can stay in touch. I really wanted Rob to meet them but they had to get on the road before we could get there.
So I look forward to meeting the Harlans again next year at the Polar Bear Dip!

See? God even uses a hole in the wall like the Flora-Bama to bring His children together!


Southern Cheesehead said...

and who said nothing good can happen at the Flora-Bama? :-)

Journey to Lilly! said...

That is exciting!! Can't wait to see your two precious Chinese babies with you next year! Keep us posted.
Kim Pintaro

Sonya said...

Thanks for your sweet post on our blog!

I will start praying for you right away!