Thursday, January 18, 2007

God's Hand

Ican look back at 3 specific instances that God's Hand was directing me in preparation for TWO additional children.
#1 Thanksgiving wknd, 2006: my 4 crazy sisters and I played "Dirty Santa". I could have stolen the Swiffer vac, or the frying pan, but I chose these silly little penguins that Laura brought. They sit all in a row and keep the draft from coming in my back door. Oh, how many penguins are sitting in a row? SIX! Perfect for our six children, now!
#2 Thanksgiving wknd again, 2006: Shopping with my 4 crazy sisters and Mom on Black Friday, I happen upon this great deal on black 8 x 10 picture frames in Lenox Mall. I remember a friend (thanks Jenny Ryan!) who had hand drawn pictures from her children neatly arranged in black frames on her wall. Loved the idea, so I think these frames are perfect. Fast forward to January. I decide it's time to do something about these frames that I LUGGED around Lenox mall 2 mos. ago. I'm a little bummed because I was sure I had only bought 4. I look in the bag and whattayaknow...I bought SIX!
#3 The Friday BEFORE we were matched with Kimmie and Quan. I went shopping in Target by myself, so therefore I went down every aisle and looked at every little thing. (You moms know how treasured times like that are!) On the end of the stationary aisle, I found these precious stuffed bears that hold a heart that says "I'm chosen" I thought to myself,"Wow how perfect for our new little one" and then I thought "I'll just get two, just in case!" And within the week God showed us His little ones He picked out for us! Now those little bears are sitting on my dresser with a picture of Kimmie and Quan beside them.
Deep in my heart, since Sept '06 when God led us to begin this process, I have wanted to adopt two children. I am SO thankful that He is allowing us these specific children...Kimmie Bei'An and Quan Bao. I am so ready to hold them!
Oh God please move your mighty right hand on our behalf (and the Pintaro's and Hurley's and Danette's and all others in this waiting place!) and send us our 171-H/797 forms soon. We trust God's Hand in these details...


Journey to Lilly! said...

Praise God.. he has given you the desire of your heart! He will also give you the strength to achieve great things with these precious children.
We are so happy for you guys!
lv u,

Anonymous said...

If more of us would just think about it, God's hand has always been upon us. He will lead if we will listen!!!! And sometimes, even when we don't listen. I'm so proud that you are sharing His love for you and your family. Can't wait! Uh, yeah, I'll wait patiently, God. Scuse me. (Can't wait, tho!)

Sherri said...

When you go to China they have artists who do drawings in some of the stores in Guangzhou. It would be neat to get the drawings of your kids done THERE. They also do really neat etching on glass, marble, etc that are incredible likenesses of the kids.

Have you read Saving Levi? It's published by Focus on the Family and it's an amazing story of a family who gave up everything to work with orphans in China--and how God brought them to the place to adopt 2 orphans. You must read it! You can do it in a couple of hours (uninterrupted time, that is!). You will love it.

I hope your approval comes quickly.