Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Gulf Shores Pics

Okay, I did it! The Polar Bear dip at the Flora Bama! My sister Lyn and I took Katie Lyn, Carlie, Claire, and Danay and we all held hands and took a very chilly dip in the Gulf. Santa did too, as did some other very interesting people in costumes. It was lots of fun, and next year we can't wait to do it again with EVERYONE (hopefully there won't be an Auburn game) plus Kimmie and Quan...bless their hearts, those little China babies will be forced to love the beach!

Kimmie and Quan, we can't wait to kiss you at midnight Dec. 31, 2007!

Happy New Year! We tried to do sparklers but they were duds... note to self, never save sparklers until the next year.

Home-made pizzas anyone?

Working on the masterpiece...

Katie Lyn (on right) and one of her very best friends in the world...Danay Clark. Precious girls!

eating, drinking, living Auburn football AUGHHHHHHHHHHHH..very hard for this Bama girl to take, but for the love of my husband and Colby and Clay....I grin and bear it.

Carlie (on right) and her favorite 2 year old friend...Jacey Grace Clark. We have a tradition every New Year's to go to the beach with our friends Bobby and Shalita Clark and their girls Danay and Jacey Grace and Baby on the way!

The weather was so great, and we played on the beach for a long time. Here is Rob's creative art in the sand...notice the slanted eyes!


Journey to Lilly! said...

It looks like you guys had a great time rolling in the new year! I cannot wait to see your China babies in the pictures next year! I love looking at your blog!! Thanks for sharing! I hope things move quickly for you!

God Bless,
Kim Pintaro

Sonya said...

your guys look AWESOME in orange and blue!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know I prefer GINGERBREAD HOUSES! Poor kids - you broke tradition. And for the record - it was SOOO EASY!!