Monday, January 22, 2007

Our China Babies are Growing-Updated Pics!!!!!!!!

She's smiling, Granmart! Finally we get to see her smile! Look how big Quan is!!! I was reading a book tonight that Rob bought on his way home (Saving Levi--thank you Sherri!) It's a true story about this family with 4 bio. children who adopt two more in China! GREAT book. Anyway, I was SO into it that once again I didn't answer the phone and guess who it was...KARLA! I called her back and she shared with us over the phone and computer these updated BEAUTIFUL pictures of our babies!!!!!! We both cried when we saw Kimmie's smile. We've so been praying to see her smile, thank you Jesus! And look at Quan-boy! He's got hair! And still got that sparkle in his eyes! Oh God I want them so badly it hurts! Please Lord soon please Lord soon please Lord soon!
We also got updated weights and heights and foot sizes and everything!!!!!!!! They are growing SO great! And they both have the same size foot! (I loved how Karla said "Quan has the same size foot as his sister." His sister...that sounds!)
Of course Shalita had to come right over to see our new pics, and I can't wait for all of yall to see them on this blog! Robyn, we've got to get Maggie one of these updated pics of Timmie and Twan! Aunt Lyn, I think Quan has a fever blister so you'll have to tell us how to treat those! Or else it's an exzema patch right in the same place as Carlie's! Awwww...isn't that sweet? Twin exzema patches!
I LOVE how Quan is turning his little ankle over like..."Come on, take the picture I'm getting bored!" And how about how tight Kimmie's holding that baby? She's not letting it go!
Are yall as in love as we are?


Journey to Lilly! said...

ohhhhhh!! I love these babies!! Kimmie has a sparkle in her eye! & Quan does have hair!! He is so big!! I think a little angle told them that their forever family is on the trail to bring them home!

Yes, I love them!! I cannot wait to see you home with them.

I was telling Karla today that I would love to travel with you guys!

These pictures are priceless!!

God Bless,

Hope for Lucy said...

How precious they are.....I could just eat them up! Look at Kimmie with her sweet baby doll and Quan...yes with that sparkle. God is so GOOD!
I cant wait for you guys go get your angels. They are so blessed to you you. Looking forward to following your journey to get your babies.
Green party of four

Southern Cheesehead said...

It makes you just want to give them a big squeeze...I can't wait to see them in person and do that!!

Southern Cheesehead said...

It makes you just want to give them a big squeeze...I can't wait to see them in person and do that!!

Tina said...

Awesome pics. It seems like we lived for updated photos of Sophie!The waiting is so hard! They are both so precious! I would love to know how big they are, can you share that info? Thanks girl! Hope CIS gets to you soon!

Anonymous said...

They are so precious. Isn't Kimmie a little beauty? And Quan looks like SUCH a boy!! Thanks for keeping us up to date. We are really looking forward to going to pick them up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ferrill family-
It was so great to meet ya'll the other night! Thanks so much for sharing the updated pics...they are SO precious! It's so great to see more of Kimmie's personality...what a beautiful smile!! Better keep making more bead creations...we still want some!

Sherri said...

Your babies are beautiful! I'm so happy you got updated photos!


Sonya said...

I can just hear Karla telling you about your beautiful babies!!! Don't you feel like Karla is family too?!?! I LOVE HER!!!

Thank God for those awesome pictures!!!!


Pandamonium Mom said...

LOVE the pictures and yes - how special to see Kimmie's smile! I remember so bad wanting to see Hannah's smile. I can't wait for you to go get them!! And then, after you've all had time to get settled- somehow I've got to meet them!! Seriously!! They are precious children!

Family4Liv said...

Your babies are precious! We sure hope you get CIS approval SOON...We are the Zillers and we are still waiting for PA for little Joy on Lifelines S/N list. I love your blog and will check now and then to see how your doing in your process. It is great to see how involved all your children are with the wait to their new brother and sister. I Believe in the MIRACLE of adoption, it is nothing short of a miracle, truly! God Bless and we will keep your babies in our prayers along with little Joy!


Robyn said...

They are soooo cute. In the words of my sister Laine "I could just bite Kimmie's little cheeks!" That precious smile just brightens her whole face up. Jeff said Quan is trying to look tough. They are so precious and we cannot wait to see them. I'll make sure I show Maggie the new pictures.
Love Ya'll
Robyn :)

Anonymous said...

Mom I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Mom I can't wait!!!!!!!!!