Sunday, January 28, 2007

Partners in Crime!

Here are two of the sweetest ladies I know...Linda and Linda! They are organizing a bake sale at our church for our adoption. Today they spent the afternoon with us at the church teaching us how to make chocolate hearts and roses to sell in the bake sale. We had SO much fun!

Making chocolate heart suckers was lots of fun and MESSY!!!!!!!!

"Painting" chocolate leaves was tricky, but we finally got the hang of it...well, except Linda N!

We learned how to make the suckers look pretty in bags and bows!

The finished products look so yummy and are ready to sell!

Thank you Linda and Linda for our goodies for our flight that will keep us busy on in the air! And mostly thank you for your love! We had an awesome afternoon! Keep "Titus 2-ing"!!!!!!


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Southern Cheesehead said...

You know we're always up for buying something at a bake sale if Linda N is involved!!! Ern loves her chicken and dumplings...can she make some of those and we'll donate the money to you guys? I don't know if she takes orders :-)
That would be great for Valentine's Day!!