Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sweet Time

Today Carlie (my 5 almost 6 year old in 2 days!) and I had some sweet time together just the two of us. Everybody else went to watch Rob play soccer. Carlie and I made her birthday cake. At one point she was looking at these pictures of Kimmie and Quan on our fridge and I heard her say, "Awwww, there just so CUTE!" I looked over at her just in time to see her stroking her little finger on Kimmie's cheek in the picture. Then she said, "Ya know what's so cute about Quan? His crooked nose and his dalmation clothes."
My sentiments exactly, Carlie!

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Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine..tell Carlie happy birthday from the Pintaro family! I am so happy you guys got approval for both of these precious children! I also hope your cis approval goes like lightening so we can travel together!!