Friday, January 5, 2007

This is what the children have been busy doing in their spare time...making crafts to sell to raise money for the adoption...mainly their plane tickets! I have never seen them work so diligently on something. These signs are hanging on Katie Lyn's bedroom door, and she turned her room into the production floor of their store...

The Katie Lyn Colby Clay Carlie Kimmie Quan Bead Store! They have made over 50 fuse bead creations! And still going strong! When we went to the beach, they brought them and enlisted the help of their friends.

51, 52, 53, 54! We are going to attach key rings, lanyards, and suction cup hooks to them. Then they will be ready to sell at our yard sale in March! This has been no small feat, as each craft takes about 15 minutes to complete! These are some determined children who are willing to do what it takes to see Kimmie and Quan! I LOVE them SOOOO MUCH!

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Kelly Akers & Haley Lively said...

I am Kelly Akers (Ryan at Lifeline's wife) and I would LOVE to buy some of your bead creations! The next time you come to Lifeline bring your creations and go see Ryan. Kimmie and Quan are so blessed to have 4 siblings who already love them so much!