Tuesday, January 9, 2007

travel to China meeting

What fun we had tonight at the Lifeline travel meeting! We know it will be a while before we travel, but we are SO glad we decided to attend. What a wealth of information! All our children went with us. They were so blessed to be able to sell some of their fuse-bead creations! Thank you Karla and Lifeline! When I told them they were going to get to sell some of their creations, they were SO excited. They have NEVER been so motivated to get their school work finished so they could put the finishing touches on each creation (i.e. magnet strips, key rings, and suction cup hooks). After the meeting they counted the money and have earned their first profit! To God be the glory for redeeming their efforts and their time. When we got home they put it all (minus the 10% tithe!) into an envelope they labeled "adoption". Oh God thank you so much for how you are moving in my children's hearts through this process.

I asked them what they learned at the meeting. I have to share their responses...it's so interesting to see what stuck in their little minds!

Katie Lyn (10)..."I learned that each parent needs about $1000.00 to take to China, but us kids don't need that much."
Colby (8) "I learned that the Chinese really like American money."
Clay (7) " I learned that Kimmie and Quan will have to get a passport."
Carlie (5 turning 6 in 6 days) ---this is the best---"I learned to NOT eat the food on that riverboat thingie. You have to eat before and after and just starve."

Here's what I learned: Laine (36) I learned how thankful I am that we have an adoption agency with godly people who pray for us, pray with us at meetings, and gently remind us that this is ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!!!!!! Amen, and amen! May I never lose sight of that, oh God.


Anonymous said...

It was also very important to me that Karla reminded us that we don't have to have a Bible to share our faith while overseas. We can share the love of Jesus just by loving the people unconditionally and helping them understand the source of this love.

Pandamonium Mom said...

hey - glad you had a good travel meeting. And Carlie, you are right! don't eat the food on the riverboat thingy!!

Journey to Lilly! said...

It was great to be there with you! I too am thankful for a wonderful adoption agency!

southern cheesehead said...
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Southern Cheesehead said...

I'm so excited for you guys and I'm loving reading about your journey to the land of a full quiver!!