Saturday, February 24, 2007

Broken Eggs

We love to eat breakfast for supper! As I was scrambling eggs, I began to think of Kimmie. She is missing her left thumb and we're not sure how mobile her right thumb is. I wondered how she would crack an egg without I practiced. IT WAS SO HARD! And it took a lot longer. And I kept fishing egg shell out of the pan! But after the 4th one, I kinda got the hang of it!'re not gonna have any problems, sweetheart! And your Daddy had a clean break on the FIRST egg!
So this led us to try other things without using our thumbs. Everyone tried tying their shoes. Colby thought he had done it, but after watching I caught him using his thumbs and he didn't even realize it. It's such a habit! He finally succeeded though! We realized how much we use our thumbs every day, and we learned that things can still be done without just might take a little longer!

Way to persevere Katie Lyn!

Clay thought it was pretty hard!

Well, I had to let Carlie cheat and use her thumbs...I mean she JUST learned to tie her shoes! Can yall think of anything else that is difficult to do without using your thumbs?


Journey to Lilly! said...

awww!! Kimmie is going to be such a blessing to your family. The tender look in her eyes says "with love I can do anything!"

Something to try is a kartwheel!! I had to hurl myself through the living room trying & it is difficult! (I think it is my extra weight!!!) Makenzie has got it though!!

Blessings to the Ferrill Family,

Anonymous said...

Several years ago for school our family taped our thumbs against our hands for several hours to see how much more challenging it is to do things without using your thumbs. It's hard because you still keep trying to move your thumbs though.

I'm praying for you and your family.

Kim Stewart

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm thinking it'd be pretty hard to suck your thumb if you don't have one! :) And I'm betting writing would be pretty difficult...might be better if ya'll just teach her to type; Writing's so over-rated these days! hehe!
Hmmm....I"m about to build a fence w/gate and gazebo. If ya'll really want to practice not using your thumbs, you're welcome to come up here and give it a try. I certainly won't have to worry about any of you being "all thumbs"!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom
I think we should try playing basketball, folding the laundry,
and coloring a picture with a crayon.
That should be hard
I love you lots
Katie Lyn

Oh and Mrs. Kim P., I would like to see Mackenzie do one of those
cartwheels without using her thumbs.

Sonya said...

You are so smart to have the kidos try this!!! It really makes you think!


Lisa said...

Thank you for posting on my blog. I have went back and read about your two little ones that you are adopting. What a beautiful story and family you have.
I kow you can't to bring the two little ones home.
The broken eggs post gives you alot to think about. You really do use your thumbs alot.
I look forward to following your journey to bring them home.

Robyn said...

Well, I've been trying to think of things to do with no thumbs but it is really hard. Kimmie is truly blessed to have so many people that will gladly teach her how to do things. I cannot wait to see them. Maggie was talking about Kimmie/Quan yesterday to her Papaw.
Love you guys!!