Friday, March 9, 2007

New info on Kimmie and Quan!

We received the original documents on Kimmie and Quan. Karla had sent them to me when we got our PA. 'I've been studying them intently. They are mostly in Chinese, though some parts are translated. This checklist was what most interested me. For example, it would have listed ___shy ___timid ____active _____restless and guess what Kimmie AND Quan had checked? Active and restless! Oh boy! Also it had a checklist of each child's motor skills. Obviously Quan was way ahead of Kimmie in that because of her hands.
Both are considered moderate sleepers. Both are fond of listening to music, playing with toys, singing, and talkative. Both love watermelon. Both also have a ready smile, get along with others well (good thing!) and are not fond of quietness (double good thing!) Both are extroverted, obstinate sometimes and impatient sometimes! Goodness, you would think they are two year olds or something! :)

There are 3 questions that were not translated that fascinated me. Who the child is closest to?
Favorite activity? Favorite toy? So I got on the internet and looked up Chinese writing translation. I was able to figure out that the answer to who Kimmie is closest to is "Baba" which is Daddy. Let me tell you that was not an easy task to match the Chinese writing. But I was so thrilled that I had figured it out, I woke Rob up to tell him he's got another Daddy's girl!
I studied and studied to figure Quan's out, but just couldn't find a good match. I was dying to know who he was closest to...I could only figure out one of his symbols and it was definitely feminine...but is it sister? or mother? or aunt? or grandmother? It just didn't match any of those. Hmmmm ...
So, last night Colby had ball practice and I took their docs with me to study some more. Rob brought home a book about learning the Chinese language. Still no luck. After ball practice I met Kim and Jan for our monthly Adoption Mommies Night Out at China Stix in Springville. Yummy by the way. Every employee was Chinese. I still had those docs in my car, and Jan and Kim agreed that I should get them and see if they could translate the answers. The Chinese employees were so friendly. They were happy to oblige and I got all the answers I wanted!
Soooo.....Favorite activity? Quan: taking a bath, going outside, and shopping!
Kimmie: playing outside
Favorite toy? Quan: cell phone (isn't that hysterical?)
Kimmie: this was a hard one for them to explain to me. They said it's like a blindfold game where they hide a toy shrimp? and cover Kimmie's eyes and she tries to find it. Isn't this fascinating? I know they must play this game to increase her mobility in her little hands. I love her foster parents. AND Quan's.
Okay, so now I've saved the best for last. Who is Quan closest to? The symbols translated to say his second mom! His foster mother! THAT'S why I couldn't figure it out...nowhere on those internet lists was "foster mother" listed.

Congratulations to us! We have a new momma's boy and a new daddy's girl!!!!! Whooopeeeeee!
Thank you God for allowing us to see a glimpse of our new children.

I'm going to try to post pics of the sweet people at the restaurant, as soon as I can figure out how to do it from an email...thank you Kim for sending me the pics! What a fun night!


Journey to Lilly! said...

I always look forward to our night out!! It was neat learning about Kimmie & Quan's personalities!! What sweet people at the resturant!
lv u,

Journey to Lilly! said...

oops!! I spelled restaurant wrong!! :)

Hope for Lucy said...

How exciting to get information on your angels. Those sweet babies are going to be so much fun. Another resource I used for information was Adele is awesome to work with and she was able to get me pictures and updates very quickly. I look foward for more updates. I so wish we could meet one day.

Blessing to all of you
Green Party of Four

Robyn said...

That is so neat to see what each of them like. Maggie and Kimmie will get along just fine since she likes to talk and we know little Magster does too. Hey Laine maybe Maggie can teach Kimmie to say "Roll Tide!!" I guess we will have to play hide and find the shrimp at Halloween this year instead of bobbing for apples ha!ha! I cannot wait!!
Love you guys much!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful to be able to learn a little more about your precious children while you wait! Praise the Lord for the special little gifts he gives us along the way.


Lisa said...

I know you were excited to get an update on your little ones. I look forward to your post when you announce you are leaving to bring those sweet babies home.