Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pray for Baby Bragan

Hey all my bloggin' friends! My friend Kelley had her baby girl yesterday (see bottom of post below) at 36 weeks. She is so beautiful (wish I could post a pic but having issues with that). And she is so TINY...6 lbs. 2 oz. She is in NICU with oxygen troubles (she has "sticky lungs"?) Please pray for her and her parents...Kelley and Jeremy Long and her brothers Jordan, Caleb, and Garrett. They are all concerned and long to be able to hold her and keep her in the room with them! God is so awesome and He has Bragan in His very capable hands!

On a different note, Colby has come home from baseball practice telling us about a boy calling him weird. I brushed it off as just boys being boys. When it happened again tonight, we sat him down to have a talk. Here it is as follows:
Me: Why did he call you weird?
Colby: He said I smile all the time and he asked me why am I so happy.
Me: What did you tell him?
Colby: Because I'm having fun! (This whole time he has had a big ol' smile on his face...which I LOVE that he's not bothered by this kid.)
Rob: Next time you tell him you're smiling because you have Jesus in your heart.
Me: COLBY! (in my loud excited voice) This is so exciting! See? You're different than the others. You stand out because you have the joy of Jesus! COLBY! God has put you on this team for a reason! You're being a light! WAY TO GO, BUDDY!
Colby: Lots of the boys kinda talk bad about each other.
Me: SEE? THAT'S why you're on this team..God is trusting you to be His light! HOW EXCITING!
We went on to explain how Jesus said we would be persecuted (he's been studying John in CBS) and in this world we will have trouble but take heart, He has overcome the world and all of that. We are in the world but not of it... Talk about great Biblical application of what we've been learning...thank you God!
Colby is beaming and I am ecstatic because I have been praying for Colby to have a joyful countenance.
I'm also ecstatic because I refrained from encouraging him to tell that little boy to go suck an egg. Just kidding, just kidding...I know that little boy may need some good lovin', that's all!


Sherri said...

I will pray for your friend's baby.

I remember those Little League days. How sad for that little guy that being happy is "weird" to him. It sounds like you handled the situation wonderfully. Phil and I were talking just last night how everyone says it's harder to raise girls and we just don't agree. To raise a boy to become a godly man in today's culture is very difficult.

Way to go, Colby!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Colby. You keep smiling. I love that beautiful smile of yours and don't be ashamed of having Jesus in your heart. Be proud. I am proud of you and love you. Way to go Mom and Dad. What an awesome child you have.

Anonymous said...

Rob and Laine, you hit a homerun!!!
I struck out on my initial response. Laine, I was with you in going and sucking an egg. Don't mess with our Colby! Isn't it so awesome that the Holy Spirit can stop us in our tracks and lock our jaws? How sweet that God can use even a dirty baseball field as His witnessing ground! I cannot wait to hear the next baseball story when Colby tells the little boy that Jesus fills him with joy!

Colby, you just get ready to put on the helmet of salvation as you walk onto the field!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just wanted to see if I could leave a comment this time without being anonymous.

Journey to Lilly! said...

Hey Laine, We will be praying for your friends & their baby.

Colby.. that is so cool God is shining through you. "The Joy Of the Lord is Our Strength!!"

I tell my children....& myself.. you can praise your way through anything. Keep that smile sweetheart & wear it on the good days & the bad days!! Bless your sweet heart.

I am looking for an LID for you guys real!! Real!!! Real!! soon : )

love u,