Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well, we haven't exactly been bored lately....

Over the last couple of weeks we have had so much fun! We have been so busy with baseball and adoption fundraising and homeschool. I think I have felt every emotion in the past few days...tired, elated, amazed, encouraged, humbled, and bawling at times because I'm overwhelmed with God's love!!!!! This picture is of my Butterfinger cookies. Rob's sweet co-workers placed orders and we sold 34 dozen. Yes, I made 34 dozen cookies in one day...that was by the grace of God.
Getting suckers and cups read to sell at our yard sale...thank you for helping Danay!
Saturday morning was the big yard sale! GOD DID AN UNBELIEVABLE WORK AT OUR SALE!!! Praise the Lord! And Friday we found out of another incredible way He provided funds for the adoption...we stand speechless and amazed. Thank you to everyone who donated items for our sale...the Howards, McMahons, Windsors, Blascynskis, Brookers, Shores, and Aunt Lyn (and Lyn do you see the famous 1.00 grill in the picture? HAHAHA)
Colby, Katie Lyn, Claire (my niece is staying the week with us) , Carlie, and Clay standing at their table of was just a LITTLE cold!
Way to sell those suckers, cups, and bead creations, Colby!
Carlie's sign for the sale. Isn't this priceless?
My sister Lyn was a great cashier at the sale (on left). She was actually more like the yard sale nazi! Thank you Lyn!!!! You're the best!
Saturday night we had an adoption potluck at our church...thank you Amanda for arranging this! We loved visiting and meeting new families! Here is my niece Claire with the Downing Darlings! Precious! Can't wait until the next get together...we missed you, Kim and family!!!!
More adoption potluck fun with Katie Lyn and Emmi!
Sun. morning I got to keep Kimmie and Quan's future Sunday School class! Here they are holding pictures of Kimmie and Quan. Maggie, you won't have to be the only girl for long!
After church we drove to Atlanta. My sister's husband was able to come home from Iraq for his two week leave. Mom had a big party for him and two of my other sisters and their families came also. It was SO great to see you Patrick! We pray for you everyday! (Here are 9 more of Kimmie and Quan's 25 first cousins!
Here is Leigh and Pat's oldest son Pete singing the song he wrote about the war. It was awesome! Great job Pete!
Perfect cake for the occasion, Mom! Great job to you and Kroger! We sang "Happy Homecoming to You" instead of Happy Birthday.
Awwwwww! The happy couple reunited...Leigh you were so sweet not to smear him!
Necessity is the mother of invention...and my mother is the one who invented this two tier dish for her deviled eggs...little hot glue, plastic cup, two plates and voila! Mom, you're the best! Now, I'm exhausted and pooped...but so thankful for good times and good friends and family! My weekend may not be over...I'm currently waiting to hear from my good friend Kelley Long who is on her way to the hospital in possible labor! Can't wait to see that baby girl...she's going to be so rotten with her 3 older brothers! :)


Aaron and Erica said...

What a wonderful, busy time you are having! I love to read how God provides for the needs of his children. Thanks for sharing!


Lisa said...

Wow! You have been very busy! That is alot of cookies and things going on! I am so glad tos ee hoe God is working and providing in your adoption. I wish Tom could go and take some photos of your two little ones.
How exciting for all of you!

Hope for Lucy said...

Your sweet kids are awesome and to see the love they already have for their sweet Kimmie and Quan. I do hope we get to meet one day!

Praying for a speedy TA!!!!

Green Party of Four

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, you have been busy! & God has been blessing! The pot luck dinner looked like fun too! I wish I had been there. Kimmie & Quan will be home before you know it! & I can't wait!
lv ya,

Sherri said...

We are furiously trying to finish the school year out so I don't have to worry about homeschooling after we get back from China. Jonathan (my 16 year old) is done in 3 weeks and Hannah (13) is done in 4 weeks. No spring break for us!!!

That's great how much you are accomplishing.


Tina said...

Glad your yard sale was a success...stay busy and it will help the time go by quicker until you have those precious little ones.

Sonya said...

WOW! That is just awesome!!! God will and is blessing you. Your kidos are so sweet!!!
Can't wait to meet you some day soon.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!! Wasn't that a great pic of Patrick & all the grands? Can't wait for Kimmie & Quan to get in on all our fun! Love ya.

Southern Cheesehead said...

Ok - you forgot that I love your butterfinger cookies. will you still make them - I'd love to buy a dozen or so...let me know!!!
love you guys and miss you!

Southern Cheesehead said...
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