Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Great is Thy faithfulness, Oh Lord! This has been another amazing weekend watching God work! Have I ever mentioned I live in the BEST neighborhood around? These sweet neighbors above, Tracy, Amanda, and Johna have spear-headed a spaghetti fundraiser for Kimmie and Quan. Friday night we cooked spaghetti, bread, and salad (all donated!) and sold about 120 box dinners and even had them delivered around the neighborhood. This was a huge undertaking for my sweet neighbors and they pulled it off like a bunch of pros! Through their hard work and God's grace we raised over 1200.00!!!!!! WOW! Johna I still owe ya for the super glue! :)
Busy beavers for Kimmie and Quan!

Have you ever seen a nicer bunch of delivery drivers? :) Thank you for your time delivering all the spaghetti! I'm so humbled by the love!

This morning we were invited to attend Rob's parents' Sunday School class at Dawson Memorial Baptist in Birmingham. They have been collecting donations for our adoption and wanted to meet us in person, have us share our story with the class, and present their gift to us. We could feel the love the minute we walked in the room. What sweet Believers! We were so blessed to be able to meet them. The Holy Spirit was very present in that room. They presented us with a check for a HUGE amount for our trip to Kimmie and Quan. We are overwhelmed! Then, to top off this amazing weekend of provision, Nanny and Papa gave us a HUGE donation for the trip. Oh LORD! Thank you Thank you Thank you. We are so amazed! REALLY amazed. We only have a VERY small amount left until our expenses are COVERED! We're having a yard sale in two weeks. We trust God will provide just what HE knows we need! We thank all of you for walking this journey with us. My heart is overflowing. Now, sing it with me:
Great is Thy faithfulness,
Great is Thy faithfulness,
Morning by morning, new mercies I see.
All I have needed, Thy Hand has provided...
Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord unto me!!!!!


Journey to Lilly! said...

o.k. Laine I am getting out my kleenex!! That is so sweet. How nice of the neighbors & friends to help you with your meal delivery. And Rob's parents are the best for helping out so much! It is such a blessing to hear how God has supplied all of your needs for the China trip. I just can't wait for those two blessed children to come home. They do not have a clue what is in store for them.....but soon their smiling faces will show what a difference a loving family like yours can make! I can't wait to see them home with you!
lv & Blessings,

Anonymous said...

i am speechless-yall are great -chi-chi

Anonymous said...

What an awesome journey you have been on. GOD IS GREAT!!!! And yes, you are right GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS!!! God knows what He is doing by putting those two special children in your loving home. Can't wait for them to get here. ETHEL

The Young's said...

Praise the Lord! He is truly faithful!! This is His heart, and when he gives the vision, He most definitely will give the PROvision!!! I love hearing about the faithfulness of our Lord!!! What an encouragement! Your family blesses me...and I don't even really know you. What an awesome testimony your blog is!! Have a FANTASTIC week!!! Buffi

Sherri said...

Wow Laine

That is one of my favorite hymns. You are so blessed to have the support of your neighbors, friends, and family in this journey.

Where are you in the countdown? You should be hearing something soon, right?

Jana said...

What a wonderful testament to adoption -- that so many are willing to give of their time, talents and resources to unite a child with his/her family. Congratulations and continued blessings to you and your family. I have not doubt that our yard sales will be a huge success as God continues to amaze us!


wareaglefam said...

We are so excited to hear that you are so close in covering your expenses to bring home Kimmie and Quan! Your faith, love for each other, and dedication have been an inspiration to us! We can't wait for those babies to be a part of our community! God is SO good!

The McWhorters

G and C said...

Our pastors wife always says "Gods will, Gods bill." God is always faithful and rewards the steps of faith that we take. I am in awe of your continued provision on this journey! What a miracle story that will shape the lives of each member of your family! A special verse we found while beginning our first adoption journey-Genesis 28:15 "Behold I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done what I have spoken to you." He is Jehovah Jireh-the Lord who provides!

Aaron and Erica said...


You should have given us some warning in the beginning of this post that we would need tissue! Your story of God's provision is just amazing!

To answer your question...we're still waiting (but praying it will be soon)

The Blaszczynski Family said...

Laine and Rob, everyday I see new miracles that God is providing. What amazing things He is doing for your family so you can be together. WE are all so Blessed by Him! Thank you again for your prayers as we wait for Zoey. We love you guys!

mommy24treasures said...

that is wonderful!!!!!!! God is so good and faithful.

Hope for Lucy said...

There is nothing like special neighbors to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Kimmie and Quan. We are counting the days for their wonderful arrival. I cant wait to see you holding those precious babies.
God is Good---ALL THE TIME!

Green Party of Four

Robyn said...

That is so great!! God is so so GOOD!! It won't be long now until those precious babies are home. "Margaret" cannot wait to see her new friends. Love you guys lots!!
Robyn :)

Sonya said...



Dollar General said...

I wish I was your neighbor! Congrats!

Lisa said...

Wow! How awesome. Those two sweet babies have no idea what they have waiting for them. A loving family and a community of friends that love them and want to help in anyway they can to help bring them home!
God's work is awesome.

Southern Cheesehead said...

How incredible! God is good...I'm finally getting caught up on everything with you guys...sorry!