Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

Normally on Wednesdays we go to CBS, but it's out for spring break. (NOT us, tho! We MUST finish our school year!) We began our day bright and early at the library. We all love to read so we were in hog heaven. you can see Katie Lyn working in the background on her research report!
What a treat to play at the park! Foot loose and fancy free kinda day!
We met the Pintaros for lunch at Tomatapie. It was SO great to sit and talk to Kim for hours while the children played! We missed you GraciAnna!
After lunch we ran errands and here and there picked up some things for Kimmie and Quan's 2nd care package. Thanks to Shalita, this pkg. is themed "Play-time" with toys and play clothes for them both. My children have so much fun picking out treats for their new brother and sister! (Kim, we found a soft Strawberry Shortcake doll...thank you for that idea!)
Quan's 2nd care package--sorry it's not a very good picture! Notice the boys picked out orange and blue clothes for Quan. I give up.

I was so excited to find this pretty fabric for Kimmie's bed. It will go perfect in the girls' room. I'm going to sew her and Quan's bedding. Yes, I'm going to SEW them. I know some of you remember my fiasco with my den curtains in my old house. I ended up hot gluing them. When people would comment on my nice curtains and go to touch them, I would say "DON'T TOUCH THEM, THEY'RE HOT GLUED!!!!! Hence the nick-name "Hot Glue Queen".
Here is Quan's fabric for his bed. Isn't is precious? When I finish everything, I will post a picture of the boys' room. This is so fun!


Journey to Lilly! said...

Ohhhh Laine, I love the care packages. Quan boy will just be the stuff with that short outfit on! I can see Kimmie with that sweet little purse. I love the strawberry shortcake doll!! I hope Kimmie will just snuggle up to that wonderful smell! Everything in your care package was full of love... I know you enjoyed buying for them.

Your fabric is great! I would love to come play around & help you if you would like. That's my element! I love to design & decorate..I also have lots of patterns with dust on them your welcome to!

I had a great time visiting with you & your precious family too! We can't wait to do it again soon!

We send our love & blessings to you & yours!! & it stretches all the way to the other side of the world for you sweet Quan & Kimmie!


Lisa said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! SO much fun getting together with friends. I love the care packages. I love the material you chose for their rooms. Painting, sewing and decorating Ana Claire's room helped me feel closer to her while we were waiting. At times I would even go into her room and sit in the glider and rock one of the baby dolls I had bought her and dreamt about the day I would do that to her.
I hope you get to hold your little ones soon.

mommy24treasures said...

Looks like a great day! The pics of the kids at the park is so sweet. Allt he perfect smiles.:)
The care packages look perfect. My Chloe loves the Strawberry shortcake doll line.
The fabric is perfect as well! Can't wait to see the finished result. It is so exciting to prepare for our blessings to come home.
My hubby's favorite pizza is tomatapie.

Pandamonium Mom said...

Oh - how much fun!! I hope you have a blast with their rooms and decorating..definately one of the more fun parts of the wait!
love, DeEtte

G and C said...

Wow Laine!! You are one amazing Mom! I am wondering if there is anything you don't do? (I'm passing Sarah's room decor projects to my mom.) I loved seeing all your pictures! It seems to make the wait more bearable to share in what other families are doing.
P.S. maybe we should start collecting a stash of snacks for Wuhan?!! I'm not so sure I will go for eel either!

Southern Cheesehead said...

I didn't know that you were a seamstress! :-) You are truly a jack of all trades!!!...and I won't finish the rest for fear of offending you!
I love what you've picked out, but are they going to really sleep in their rooms? ;-)

The Blaszczynski Family said...

I love to see what you are putting in their care packages, that gives me some good ideas for when our time finally comes! We have butterflies in Zoey's room too. It just suits them, doesn't it? Can't wait to see you soon!

Dollar General said...

How exciting you can send things to them! I bet they love that! I wonder if we'll see some pictures of them playing with that stuff or even wearing the outfits! That would be so cool!! I love the fabrics too. Esp. Quan! Much love...Pg

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about the hot glued curtains---TOO FUNNY!! Thanks for bringing up such a fun memory! I cannot wait to share stories with Kimmie and Quan of their mommy trying to hot glue their comforters!!!!!!!!! Just kidding! You can do it, Ms. Laine! Just think about the Easter dresses you made Katie Lyn and Carlie, the gowns you made and the doll clothes too! Just pull out your machine, say a prayer and start sewing! Think about the precious little ones that will sleep under your finished product made with Mommy's love!

Get to work in case I need you to make bedding for my baby!

Love you,