Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You're killin' me, Mr. Tooth Fairy!

Or is it Mrs. Tooth Fairy? ANYWAY, my sister Lyn informed me over the wknd. that her daughter Claire (who is like one of my own) had an incident with the tooth fairy. She lost her tooth...no, REALLY lost it when her Daddy accidentally wiped it off the countertop. She was highly upset, but not too upset to write the tooth fairy a note asking for money "to give my Aunt Laine who is adopting 2 kids from China." So sweet!
God has been amazingly providing for us, friends! It is so neat to watch Him work on behalf of Kimmie and Quan! We have had several neighbors give us unexpected generous blessings, and another neighbor who is rallying the troops for more fundraising! Two years ago when we moved to Springville, I knew God wanted us right where we are. He continues to confirm that to us. Friends from church have given so sacrificially. Our family members have shared so much with us. Even people we have never even met have blessed us with such generosity. I have written down every little thing we have received and plan to make a special section in Kimmie and Quan's baby books (thank you Paula!) for memoirs of all the special people who helped to bring them home. Hmmmm...wonder if I could get a picture of the tooth fairy for their baby books. I mean, this is now the third time that tooth fairy has donated to our adoption! (see previous posts on tooth-fairy fiascos!)
We know that every good and perfect gift is from above...God is the author of all these blessings, and we have such grateful hearts!
And by the way...I sure do love all my bloggin' friends! Yall are just so much fun! I am trying to limit myself on the computer these days so I can finish our homeschool year, but I make it a point to check up on all of you daily!
Carlie (left) and Claire (right) (future US senator--already lobbying the tooth fairy!)


Sherri said...


Robyn said...

Hey Laine you know Annabelle has a wiggly tooth so you never know where the tooth fairy will strike next. I cannot wait to see those precious babies. Annabelle was praying last night for Kimmie and Quan and Maggie was repeating everything she said, it was so sweet. Maggie will be so happy to have another friend who is a girl and hopefully she will not lick Quan HA!HA!
Love you guys!!
Robyn :)

Southern Cheesehead said...

Well, just registered Jackson for "big school" this morning. I can't believe it! I hear the next big thing that happens is he loses his first tooth so we'll see!

Journey to Lilly! said...

The tooth fairy will be at our house tonight if you want me to snap a picture! haha

It is great to see how God is blessing your family. Kimmie & Quan are so blessed & they do not even know it yet!

Laine, it will not be long now. I cannot wait to hold my Lilly & meet precious Kimmie & Quan.


The Blaszczynski Family said...

Laine, Madison has several loose teeth. I'll keep an eye out for the toothfairy and keep my camera handy to snap a shot! You guys are in our prayers as we all try to wait "patiently" for our angels to come home!

Lisa said...

That is one sweet little girl. I would love to see a photo of the tooth fairy if you ever catch him or her. :)

wareaglefam said...

Hi, Ferrill friends! Parker would be happy to write a note to the tooth fairy on your behalf...he thinks that they are close friends! Remind me to tell you what he wrote in his school journal about Kimmie and Quan. We can't wait to meet them!!
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Laine, I just read the article about your family in the Cahaba magazine...I cried through most of it! It's so exciting! You'll never guess where we're going for a mission trip in July?! GUATEMALA!!!! No joke! And today the boys told me they want to adopt a child from there...I have agreed to pray about it...who knows? By the way, we have to get together soon. I'd really like for us to sit down and share our testimonies with one another. Well, we need to get ready for church.
Tina (Sumtper)