Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Recital Weekend

My friend Robyn gave me this bracelet at the dance rehearsal Friday. I started BAWLING! Isn't it precious? It has 6 little frames and she put a pic of each of my children in them! Now I can always have Kimmie and Quan in my arms...literally!
The one day a year my girls can wear makeup!

Two beautiful girls ready to dance for Jesus!

We are so excited to go see our sisters dance because we can wear.....


Katie Lyn and her best friend Danay did a duet to the song "Orphans of God" and it was so touching. I will try to get Rob to post the video. One of Carlie's dances was to the song "Jive Talkin'" in go-go boots and all! That's a cute video too.

Mrs. Shalita, dance teacher/best friend/and 8 mos. pregnant tapping away like there's no tomorrow!

Sunday after church I went along with the 5th grade Sun. School class ice skating. I guess I'm getting prepared for crazy youth outings since Katie Lyn is now officially a YOUTH! We had a really good time, and I find it takes me no time at all to revert back to a silly adolescent!

To finish off the busiest weekend of the year, we had our Awana awards ceremony at church Sun. night. It was wonderful music to our ears to hear all the children reciting their verses.


Dollar General said...

I've been anxiously waiting for you to post about recital! I love the pictures and the one of Shalita is great too! I love your bracelet too! You have the cutest kids EVER - all 6 of them! Let's get together this summer!

mommy24treasures said...

your gift is beautiful! what a treasure! its perfect!
Your little dancers are beautiful.
great pictures.

The Young's said...

I just love your family! I love the way you celebrate and enjoy life with one another. It is such a blessing to see! I know your girls did great at the recital!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!

Hope for Lucy said...

I love your new prize. How special to have all your kids photos close to you. Your girls look so beautiful. WE are praying for you guys!

Robyn said...

Laine, I'm so glad that you liked your bracelet and I'm glad it made you feel better and brightened your day. Although, I didn't mean to make you cry. Our weekend was very busy with recital and AWANA awards but it was a very good weekend. Now as Annabelle says "we are free". Shalita cracks me up tapping away up there. She taps better pregnant than I will anyday.
Love you!!

Southern Cheesehead said...

You freaked me out with that...Katie Lyn is in the youth??? We would have had her in youth group now if we were still in youth ministry? What????? Ok...I need to go take a moment right now.