Thursday, May 17, 2007

Refreshment, anyone? AND 7 things...

After 3 straight days of crying, today has been a breath of fresh air! I really don't know what happened, but last week and this week have been so different for me. I am usually a positive person, but lately my heart has literally ached and my stomach has literally hurt to hold my Quanny (as Carlie calls him) and Kimmie in China. I have changed from a calm, patient person to a WHY CAN'T I GO NOW, GOD momma bear. And guys, I haven't even waited HALF as long as some people! Karla called at the perfect time and encouraged me that God is getting me ready to be their protective's my God-given instincts that I think are kicking in! I also know that God is moving me closer and closer unto Himself. He is teaching me to trust HIM, and not a little piece of paper to come from China.
So anyway, today has been a WONDERFUL day. God has given me so many glimpses of Himself and His presence (for example, running into another adopting Mom--Donna N., and sending us two unexpected monetary blessings in the mail, and lots more) ...I am still aching and hurting, but I also have this peace and joy. It helped to go buy some things for Kimmie and Quan's bedroom. I also bought Kimmie this little shirt that says "Everyone loves a brown-eyed girl". I'm going to have a brown eyed girl and boy! Yippeee! My first four all have blue eyes!
My last happy of the day was being tagged by Lisa (and Page) to tell 7 things that people may not know about me. Here goes:

1. I know how to country line dance. Yep, Rob and I used to cut a rug in our younger days...the achy-breaky heart, the two-step, the tush-push, you name it!

2. I love flip-flops (everybody probably knows that.) I even have a bathroom decorated in that theme. I wear them year-round on my big ol' size 9 foot!

3. I love to eat peanut butter straight out of the jar with a spoon. It goes straight to my thighs and boo-hiney.

4. My hair is naturally blonde, it just has to be helped along every couple of months. I don't know why my roots are so dark. It's naturally blonde, really!

5. I love marshmallow Peeps. Love them. All colors, flavors, shapes and sizes. Yummy!

6. I do not wear a watch. It stresses me out to know what time it is.

7. If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I choose Wuhan, China. 2nd choice? Ocean House Condos in Gulf Shores. I'm a total beach bum.

I'm tagging Kim, Amanda, and Cheri! Can't wait to read yours!


Sherri said...

My hair is naturally blonde, also! Olivia went through a phase where she thought you were from China if your hair was dark. "Daddy is from China. Hannah is not. Cameron is from China, Jonathan is not. Mommy is not from China. Well, she is--a little bit--(points to roots) right there."

a little bit from China

mommy24treasures said...

I am so sorry for your rough days. I know there is nothing that was more difficult in my life than waiting on my babies to come home as well. We will all try to keep you encouraged.
Caitlyn loves flip flops :) For a while when anyone walked in our house she wanted their shoes! If they had flip flops on she needed to try them out. She is getting a little better. Maybe though because I have bought her about 8 pair of her own.

Dollar General said...

I long to be at Ocean House 2 too! I get Shalita's place this year? Right? HA! Love your seven things - can't believe the country line dance! If you can do that - you can Jazzercise with me! You've got "moves"!
I hope you can go to China soon! I can't wait to meet Kimmie and Quan! And hear all about your family trip to CHINA - WATCH OUT CHINA!! Keep the faith. You are still holding up beautifully and if you didn't breakdown occassionally you probably wouldn't be human - somewhat of the supernatural! Your patience is a virtue! It really is - all us "YOUNG'Uns" are watching you! You make adopting seem fun and exciting and God is doing all kinds of neat things to show He is Real and INVOLVED! Your adopting process has encouraged me, when I start to think God is so far, I read your blog and see that He is VERY NEAR (if we draw near to Him). He's amazing - none can compare! He has much blessing in store for you - patience is a fruit of salvation, and as Diane ALWAYS says OBEDIENCE BRINGS BLESSINGS! Your cup will soon overflow! God is faithful! Love you! See you tonight!!

Family4Liv said...

I am hoping that today brings you renewed strength. It is somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster ride but trust in God and the process and your babies will be home before you know it and all this waiting turns into faded memories. I loved your list, are you sure you are not from California?? (flip flops natural blonde)... LOL! Praying for your LOA!!

The Young's said...

We are SO there with you. Knowing that we're so close...yet so far is very difficult to deal with on a daily basis. Your faith and trust in the Lord, your contagious zest for life, and positive attitude is so wonderful. These things will definitely help you get through these low days. I've had them too...I cried on the phone this week to Karla. It is so hard sometimes. Keep the faith though, and know that His timing is perfect, and Kimmie and Quan are God's children first...and He loves them even more than we do...which is hard to imagine! He's watching over them! Hang in there, and have fun getting ready for them! That's what we're trying to do with Sadie! We LOVE reading your blog....and love that you share so much with us. What an encouragement and inspiration your whole family is! We can't wait to hear more good news! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!

Journey to Lilly! said...

My hair is naturally blonde too! I am much blonder during the summer though.

A friend of mine just left the house before I got on the computer. She & I were talking about Lilly. I told her everytime I think about Lilly I swell up inside & cry. Maybe it is my mommy instinct kicking in because it is getting close to time to go get her. I haven't read of this in any of the adoption books.... but I bet what we are going through is normal & definately connected to our Mommy instincts. I am praying your load is lighter & your days are brighter until you get those precious babies!

Laine, it will not be long & your sweet ones will be home being loved by their precious new family. What a great life they will have with you guys.... just think of the joy & sparkle you will bring to their hearts! We have made the most of the journey to them..... it will not be long now & we will be on a journey with them.

I can't wait to kiss little Kimmie & Quan's face!

lv & blessings,

I'm tagged... great excuse to post on my blog!

Stefanie said...

I SO know what you mean about just wanting to GO TO CHINA!!! It is wonderful to hear how God has faithfully carried you through with little reminders of His goodness and love :)

Pandamonium Mom said...

Hey Laine,
I can't wait for you to go to china too! Hang in there and know how many people are praying for you and joining you in the journey! I do remember that when I was waiting, every single time that it got hard - that time was followed by blessings "more than I can imagine!". God is preparing you for more than you can imagine!

Lisa said...

I am so sorry that you have had some rough days, but I promise it is totally natural. I had lots of them....remember you are paper pregnant with two. Your hormones are raging! God will have you united with those two in no time....well all in his perfect timing. I know this last part of the wait is so hard, but when they are placed in your arms, you just seem to forget about all of this.
Your seven facts are quite interesting. I can't wait for the day we have a chance to meet. BTW, my hair is natural blonde too. It gets lighter in the summer.