Wednesday, June 13, 2007


These baby birds were so cute sitting in their little nest at our neighborhood pool. Mommy bird was very protective and kept swooping down at us, so we didn't stay and stare for too long. We were making quite the paparazzi for these little guys.
This week I have been cleaning ceiling fans, baseboards, dusting picture frames, rearranging and organizing, cleaning cabinets and the fridge. (Julie H. does this sound familiar? :) Three straight days of cleaning, interspersed with some swimming and walks of course. I have felt very much like the Mommy bird, getting my nest ready for two more baby birds!
Rob's way of nesting is so different from mine. Instead of cleaning, he is building. Yes, Rob the Builder is building a wooden play-set that has 99 instruction steps. Count that again--99. This week he has been prepping the backyard for this Goliath of a swingset. If it is finished before we go to China, it will be by the sheer grace of GOD! The instructions say it will take two skilled workers about 16 hrs. to construct. I told Rob I would be his other skilled worker. He bought me work gloves and set me to work. I lasted about 15 minutes in the 94 degree heat and then he fired me for arguing with him. Katie Lyn, our 10 yr. old, is his new skilled worker. She lasted the whole time in the heat and loved every minute of being with her daddy. She is so driven!
I really like my way of nesting much better.
Just 99 steps, 2 skilled workers, and 16 hrs. of labor, that's all!
Check back for our progress, and for any TA news! Just writing those initials...TA...totally gives me butterflies! Also, I am just about ready to post pics of the boys' and the girls' rooms!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! I love the sweet picture of the birds! And I love you being the little mother bird and getting your nest ready. I have definitely nested more with this pregnancy than before. How exciting that our homes will be clean and organized! And then in the blink of an eye, after bringing home our babies, our homes will be total disasters. Oh well, there will be time to clean when our children are married, expecting their own children and nesting themselves. Right now our focus will just remain on the sweet grace of God allowing us to bring more babies into our homes! Thank you God for showing us your love by allowing us to bring more children into our families and teach them about your love, grace and mercy!
Keep up the good work,Laine, in the coolness of the air conditioning. Rob and the children can handle the heat and the 99 steps. We are praying that the swing set is finished before China. Jacey Grace is waiting for the phone call from Carlie telling her the swing set is "weady".
We are looking forward to the baby shower Saturday. Thanks for giving of yourself to welcome this new little one! I just might have to name boy or girl Laine!

The Young's said...

I am totally where you are...except...I'll probably start the actual nesting in another week. I still have a 3 year old around I think I would be counter productive right now. Anyway, tell Rob to hang in there with the swing set. We bought one a few years ago from took 3 men to get it done. (he may want to recruite some men to help...just for his sanity!!!) He'll get it ready though and the kids will love it!!! Thanks for posting about your wonderful family!! I can't wait to actually meet in person!!! Waiting with you on that TA!!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, the pic of the baby birds are so neat! I too am nesting....I have been in the attic... cleaning out closets...& making sure we are ready to bring Lilly home. It fills my heart with such happiness thinking of these sweet babies really having a home..their own family!

Can't wait to see pic's of the payground! We will have to come over & help you guys break it in!

Lv & blessings!

mommy24treasures said...

Our girls are daddy's helpers too! Chloe will stay right there with Danny hours to help him build!

Nesting has always been my favorite thing as I wait for each child to come into our family. I am a BIG nester!:)
Have fun and cherish the moments!

Dollar General said...

That's GREAT! And exciting! I better come test the swing set before anyone gets on it! You know, if it can't hold me - there's no way it will be able to hold 6 small children! HA! I hope this project becomes a source of much bonding and JOY!
By the Way - I'm RSVP(ing) I don't know if you got my message last night! If I'm not there Sat. call me b/c I want to be (HA)! Love ya, Can't wait to see my girl friends!!

Sherri said...

How fun to be getting ready for such an important family event! I will donate Phil and our 2 teenage sons to come help with the swingset....we almost got divorced when we wallpapered Sarah's nursery 19 years ago and vowed never to work together on a project like that again!

Our projects now are adding children to the family....

I wish we lived closer!


Southern Cheesehead said...

If Jeff H is in him to help with the swingset. He just did one for Anna Kate & Grant! I'm sure he'll appreciate me volunteering him too...oops...oh well!!
I'm so excited we're talking about travel and nesting and all that! The Lord is so precious in His timing and grace.
Saw Kristin yesterday and she said that Karla just told her recently that we were friends...we donated a few things from the company as giveaways for their golf tourney on Monday and she came by to pick them up. It's so funny how small this world is!

Sonya said...

If you get all finished "nesting" come to Decatur and I'll put you to work! If I am in one room....Katie Lin is somewhere trashing something!!!

Can't wait to see the finished project!!! It is going to be great once it is all done!!!
The kidos will LOVE it!


fergie said...

Shucks! I wish my arm was working as it should! You know I would love to help assemble the humongus play thingie doo!

Mike and Barb said...

Hi Laine!
Oh, I can so relate to the nesting thing.... it hit me about a month ago or so, and it's such a good feeling to get ready. Your 2 new children are so blessed to have a family like yours waiting for them.
Thank you for your comments on our blog... I really enjoy making "cyber friends" along this adoption journey!

Tina said...

Oh Laine, I seriously nested before Sophie came home. BUT dont worry it will all go away and your house can be a mess again when the new little ones are home!! hee least that is what happened to me!
Lv ya

Aaron and Erica said...


I just wanted to let you know that I am still praying for you and your sweet family. My specific prayer is that you will be home from China BEFORE I get home from Utah :) I love the picture of the nest and I look forward to seeing pictures of your kids rooms!



The Blaszczynski Family said...

I had posted a comment the other day and for some reason it wouldn't show up. You all are in our prayers everyday. I ditto the comment that Shalita left about the mother bird getting her nest ready, just like when you are pregnant and all of the sudden the house just can't get clean enough for the baby. You just feel that instinct to get everything prepared and perfect for the new babies! It won't be long now, just a few weeks and you will be able to hug and kiss those sweet faces as much as they can possibly stand. You are in our thoughts and prayers every step of the way to China and can't wait to meet Kimmie and Quan when you return!