Sunday, June 24, 2007

New website & more progress & prayer request

Please pray for little Hannah Stanford here. We are friends with her parents Roger and Theresa. Hannah was kicked by a horse Saturday and is in Children's Hospital with a damaged liver. Please pray for God to heal her little body...specifically that her liver will heal on its own.
Isn't she so beautiful? And her brother Noah is such a cutie, too!
Rob practicing reading with the Downing darlings...thank you Lisa and Mark for an AWESOME dinner! We're praying for that TA for yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you David Hurley for your help on the playset Saturday! Woo-Hoo...Step 80!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!
Thank you for all your sweet comments about the arrival of our TA! We're so happy for every one of you to follow this journey to China--a journey that God ordained! We have a new website for those who would like to keep up with us during the China trip. We have heard of issues with the blogspots when people try to post in China, so we have an alternative site specifically for our trip. We will still be updating this blog until our trip, and after the trip. But during the trip please follow along at
It is password protected, so email us for the user-name and password!
You can check the site out now if you like. We are very pleased with how well Joe and Jennifer at created a unique and beautiful site for us!
We have a meeting Tuesday at Lifeline and will meet others in our travel group. We should also find out our dates of travel! WOW!


Anonymous said...

Hey Laine!
I just checked out the new website. It is absolutely PRECIOUS!!! It just brings back the sweet memories of hearing the adoption news in Winn Dixie parking lot! What a mighty journey God is carrying your family through! I am beyond blessed to be a small part of your journey! Thank you for allowing so many of us to share in your joy! Thank you God for bringing such joy!
Our family is praying for little Hannah, her parents and her medical care. Please keep us updated.
The Goliath Ferrill Fort is looking awesome! Step 80 is impressive---99 will be here before you know it!
We love you guys and are rejoicing with you over your TA! We cannot wait to see what Tuesday holds! Bring on the Diet Coke!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You know your friends will be in our hearts and prayers. Please keep us updated. Can't wait to follow your journey thru China. If I can't go myself, then I will have to be satisfied to see all of it thru your eyes. We expect to see lots of photos.
Step 80, you just may get that done before you head to China. What a Welcome Home gift for Kimmie and Quan and what great teachers they will have to show them how to play on it, and I don't mean you and Rob. this is for the Children. Of course, it looks like it might be big enough for Rob if he ever gets sent to the dog house. Better watch out, Rob. Love y'all Ethel

The Young's said...

Hey Laine,
Great new website!!! Can't wait to meet you tomorrow. I'm ready to get this ball rolling!!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us all!!!

Dollar General said...

Playset looks great! Can't wait to see it in person!! We are rejoicing with you! Love ya!

Robyn said...

Hey Laine, the new web site is GREAT!! I cannot wait. Maggie wants to hold them and hug them is what she said the other day. It is so exciting that it is so close to them actually getting home. I hope you had a good day today at Vacation Bible School, Annabelle said ya'll had a good time. I can't wait until Tuesday when the official date of getting those babies is known. Love you guys!!
Robyn :)

Sherri said...

The swing set is really coming along!

I am so happy for you that you will be bringing home your double happiness soon. I'm praying for a smooth transition for Kimmie and Quan. And for everyone, really. This is a family event, after all!

The new website looks great!