Thursday, June 28, 2007

Praise God! It's a ..............

healthy baby girl!!!!!!!!! Shalita had her this morning and mommy and baby are doing great! She is absolutely beautiful with RED hair!!!! Third times the charm...Shalita's first two girls are blondies! Her name is Ella Kate and I took the greatest picture of her today but I don't have Rob here to help me upload it so....I'll post her pretty face later! I'm so happy for the Clark family of FIVE! Our beach trips will be a lot more fun now with 4 adults and 9 children!
Also, Hannah Stanford is in a regular room at Children's Hospital and still improving. Praise the Lord! We continue to pray for you Hannah!
We also finally got our travel itinerary pinned down. I'm still gray in a few areas and not sure of times, etc. but Rob knows it all so that's good! I do know we leave July 15th and come home Aug. 2nd and we have about a 10-day layover each way. Just kidding, but it is taking us a really long time to get to Beijing, and then home from Guangzhou. BUT, it's settled, it's booked, and we're happy about that!
Friday is the last day of VBS and then I can focus on our trip more! God was so gracious to give me such a low-maintenance and well behaved 1st grade class in VBS this year! I have enjoyed it so much, but I am really ready for Friday!
So many of you have made the sweetest comments about praying for us and wanting to help us. THANK YOU! It means so much! Please do continue to pray for little Kimmie and Quan-boy. For months I have prayed this prayer among many others for them, "Lord, please lavish your love on K & Q, and may they be secure in your love, and loving in return." May He prepare them physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for gotcha day and the transition afterward. (And us too!) And may He protect their hearts mightily throughout this change!
17 more days until we leave! I've got quite a lot to do. I did make the all important hair appt. to have a fresh highlight the day before we leave. I mean, come on, first things first, right? :)


The Young's said...

Laine, we're praying for Kimmie & Quan too!!! I pray for all these little ones and the adjustment and change they are about to face.

I am with is so hard to focus on the trip while you're doing so much VBS. I hope that when that finishes...there will be nothing else to focus on but this trip and Kimmie & Quan. I probably should get a hair touch up too. I'm not sure will. We'll see!!! Have a great weekend!

Journey to Lilly! said...

That is right!! First thing first!! But wait on a manicure & pedicure...& massage...until China!! $5 can't beat that!!

Congrats on the new baby! We are glad to hear she is healthy & doing good!!

I am in a whirlwind!! getting ready for China..& I love it!!

We are praying for all the babies. It want be long now!

love & blessings abundantly!!!

Dollar General said...

I LOVE YOU LAINE! I just get so excited - I'm shocked that you are bringing home K&Q just after Shalita had her baby. Your arms will not be empty for long! I did sneak up there and see Shalita and Ella Kate yesterday! She was so perfect and so sweet to me - even giving me a few smiles before falling asleep in my arms! I LOVE THAT! Those Clarks are all SO CUTE - even BOBBY! I can't wait to meet K&Q now - I'm sure they won't be falling asleep in my arms but a nice BIG GRIN would be good!
I'm so glad VBS is over for you! Next up...China - I pray the time doesn't drag until then! Praise God for all His "baby" blessings!

Southern Cheesehead said...

Yes, you must make a good first impression on your new babies so you've got to get rid of the root rot!
Another RED HEAD!!!! I'm so excited about that...the world can't have too many of them! Both of my boys started out that way, though, and now they're blondies!

Anonymous said... it's all coming into place, and rather smoothly at that! I'm so happy for ya'll, Laine, and can't wait to meet my new little niece and nephew!