Thursday, June 21, 2007


The swingset is coming along! Rob has worked as much as possible, and was very thankful to have help from Bobby and Michael on Saturday!
Thank you Jeff for helping us out too! Step 51 and holding....
A big Daddy hug on Father's Day morning, and Rob says his arms are big enough to get two more in there! I know his heart is big enough for sure!
Celebrating Father's Day at P.F. Changs. What a handsome daddy! Carlie made a picture in Sunday School that said "My Daddy is great because he is building us a huge swingset!"
The Great Wall of Chocolate at P.F. Changs. Can't wait to see the real Great Wall!
We took a day trip to Six Flags this week and had such a fun family time! This was my "test run" for what shoes to wear in China. I really had hoped we could get by with crocs so I wouldn't have to pack socks in China. They rubbed blisters on Clay's feet but everyone else did pretty well. I just wore my 1.96 flip flops from Wal-mart and was happy as a lark after 9 straight hours of walking. I know I'm just packing my flops. The jury is still out on the children. And Rob will wear nothing but tennis shoes as much as I try to change that. He just will not wear sandals EVER. That is his only flaw really! :) I also tried out my new backpack purse and I LOVE it. It's lightweight, skinny straps, and ultra cute!
My dare-devils, Rob, Katie Lyn and Colby riding the Georgia Scorcher. They also rode just about every other roller coaster! No thank you!
We met our friends the Fargarsons there and the children had a blast with their friends!
Last log ride as a family of six! Next trip to Six Flags will take two logs for the Ferrills! Come on T.A.!


The Young's said...

Yall look like you had a terrific time at Six Flags. What a great way to prepare for our trip!!! It looked like SO much fun....OH, and I LOVE P.F. Changs!!! I'm so excited that we're getting one here in Huntsville soon. Thanks for the blog. Your family is precious!!! We feel like we know you guys already and we haven't even met. It's amazing how God brings families together!!!

Sherri said...

Wouldn't it be great if you got the TA and had to leave next week and then when you got home from China, your friends had finished your swingset for you?

PFChangs is my favorite also! Every time we had to drive to Birmingham for adoption meetings, we'd go there as a treat. The kids go to camp there in July, and we'll probably go again--even if ours is open!

I can't believe you walked the whole day at 6 flags in flip flops. I'm a Birkenstock girl.

Come on, TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mommy24treasures said...

looks like a wonderful day in Six Flags! Love the shirts, do you have two more yet?;)
I have not seen the great wall choc cake, wow it looks HUGE!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time at 6 Flags. Loved the shirts, I agree, hope you have a couple of spares to take to China with you. That's OK, Clay, Crocs make blisters on my feet,too, but so would those $1.96 flip flops. Remember the car commercial, better get that swing set done soon. Sure would hate to see those kids sitting in the air conditioned, leather seated car watching DVDs. Know they can't wait to get Kimmie and and Quan out there to play on the swing set. What a Christening would that be for your new play set. Can't wait to send you all off to China. We will be waiting and counting the days. "With 6 you get Egg Roll" Love ya. Ethel

Mike and Barb said...

Can I come play on your swingset, too?? *grin*
Great family pictures - the shirts are just too cool! Your family looks so happy and close... what a blessing! Wish we could meet up in GZ!
I hope your TA will be here very soon!
Yes - we will update our blog from China, so please continue to follow along.... I always enjoy reading your comments!

Dollar General said...

I was so excited to see new pictures! Six Flags looked so fun! I'm glad you could meet the Fargs. I also loved the Ferrill University shirts! So cute! I'm glad y'all had a good time - back safe and sound! Keep us up to date on the "playground" Rob is building! Love ya!

Southern Cheesehead said...

Where did the shirts come from? it!
Another likeness with the husbands that share a b'day...Ernie won't EVER wear sandals or flip flops either!!! It's so frustrating!
Also, if you haven't need to try the Croc flip-flops - they feel awesome - I wish I could wear them to work...I'd wear them every day because they make my back feel great!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, looks like you had some fun family time!! I love all the pic's. Are you ready to go to China??

lv u,

Journey to Lilly! said...

Hey Laine, I am waiting on that TA post!!wooohoooo!!
lv ya!

Sonya said...

Love those T-shirts!!! You guys look GREAT!


Anonymous said...


Did you go to Six Flags on Friday, June 22nd? Me and my son Matt were there. Your shirts look familiar. You know how you said I looked familiar? Well, maybe we saw each other at Six Flags! It was great meeting everyone last Tuesday at Kim's. I'm so glad my best friend has such sweet and awesome people to go on their journey with. I can't wait to meet Kimmie and Quan.

Dena (