Monday, June 25, 2007

Update on Hannah and a Consulate Appointment!

Thank you for your prayers for little Hannah (see post below). She has improved today, but had a little setback tonight with her oxygen levels. Please continue to pray for her complete recovery.

Well, as I was lining up my 1st graders for VBS, Karla called with the awesome news that we have a consulate appt. for July 30th! Praise God! He has completely done this awesome work! We are planning to leave for China July 17th. That's in three weeks! Hooray!

Oh please pray for little Kimmie and Quan...God prepare them, protect their little hearts, give them and their foster parents the grace they need for this transition--for all the good-byes and hellos they are about to experience. It's a lot for a two year old. It's a lot for a 36 year old. As Shalita said, we know that God will equip us with what we need to be the best parents for Kimmie and Quan...we may not feel prepared for two 2-yr. olds, but we know we are equipped! Praise Jesus!

Speaking of Shalita...on Thursday she will have her baby! I'm giddy with excitement! Will it be a boy or a girl? I'm guessing it's a girl...we'll see if I'm right!
The children weren't near me when I found out about the CA, so I wrote each of them a quick note to tell them and gave them the note during VBS. They were so excited to share the great news with their class!
I wanted to post a picture of what the children did this evening while I was on the phone forever finding out about plane tickets. I came into the kitchen and they had created a new dessert. They melted chocolate and mixed in marshmallows, Special K, sprinkles, and peanut butter. Apparently they asked me if they could do all this while I was on the phone and I absent-mindedly said yes. I tried it and believe it or not, it was really good. Or maybe I was just really hungry!


Anonymous said...

Tell the kids that dessert sounds wonderful! How many diet cokes have you had in the past few days? Are there enough diet cokes in the world to celebrate your joy? I think not!!!
Get Ready China---Here comes the Ferrill Family!! Get Ready Kimmie and Quan---Here comes Mommy and Daddy and your brothers and sisters and Gran Mart and your baby sitter!
We are so praying for all of you and those sweet babies. I have had such a heavy heart for their foster moms. Oh God, please fill the void in those precious ladies hearts and homes! Please bless them in your special way for their loving and caring for Kimmie and Quan and also getting them ready for their new family!
I am also praying for God's wisdom in purchasing your plane tickets. God has already prepared the way. He has known forever which airline you would be flying on and how much the tickets would cost. Just as He has taken care of everything else, He will do the same where the tickets are concerned. We serve such an AWESOME GOD!!!!!!!!!
The Clarks love you and cannot wait to share in many adventures with The Ferrills--Party of Eight!!

Mike and Barb said...

Congratulations on your CA! You'll see, the next three weeks will fly by!
Barb, leaving in about 36 hours.....

Anonymous said...

As I sit here reading your update and seeing Shalita's comments, I heart is filled with joy and sadness and I am crying my eyes out. AND I am at work to boot. Joy for your news and the excitement of your travels and all the great times you have ahead and what a blessing to Kimmie and Quan. Sadness, as I think about the foster mothers who have given Kimmie and Quan so much in the last two years. I cannot imagine having a child in my home for that long and then giving them over to someone else. How their hearts will ache.We must pray for them to have strength and courage to get thru this time in their lives and pray that they can share their love with some other children who will be as blessed as Kimmie and Quan. OK, enough tears, LOOK OUT CHINA, The Ferrills are on the way. I can't wait to send you off. Let us know all the details of your travel plans. See you Sunday. Oh, yeah, and by the way, don't forget to let us know when Shalita has that baby!!! Maybe you can get started with filling those arms with baby lovings. I know Ms Shailta will share. LOVE YA> Ethel

Hope for Lucy said...

We are so happy you got your travel dates. However, I guess we will not see you at the reunion. But we will be rejoicing with you back in Alabama as you get your precious babies. This time last year (July 18)....we left for China and our Gotcha Day for Ms. Lily Grace as July 23rd! Looks like in future you and I have something to celebrate. I know that God will lead us to meet though. We love you guys and cant wait to follow your journey.

Green Party of Four

Sonya said...

WOW! That is GREAT!!! Don't you just love Karla's sweet little voice (when she has GREAT news) ;)


Dollar General said...

Yippee! So much GREAT things! I could not be more excited about Shalita! I'm saying "boy" just because I want to be different! Throw some spice in there! But I'm sure if it's a girl "being a Clark" she'll have enough spice! I wish I could go to China with you - I know y'all will have so much fun - you tend to make the most out of every situation!
God, I lift up the Ferrills to you - I pray you will work out every detail with the Travel and God I pray for their safety as well. God I thank you for this opportunity you've given to them and that they have given you all the glory for what you have done! You have done amazing things. Thank you for their testimony! God I pray for Kimmie and Quan that they will reach those arms out to their family and smile. Keep fear far from them - all of them! I pray Kimmie and Quan fall in love with the Ferrills at first sight! You have answered the prayers of your people thus far and God these things are so small to you but big to us and God I pray that you will show us just how involved you are in our lives! You are a GREAT GOD! We stand with open arms and happy hearts to receive the blessing of Kimmie and Quan and all the Ferrill children!
As it is written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" - Your God reigns! Take that good news to China in your flip flops with your beautiful feet! I love you Ferrills!

Anonymous said...

Good grief Paige, Shalita, Ethel thanks for making me cry at work. I mean, I really could have a breakdown any minute over the enormity of how good our God is. I hope I'm not a basket case when we get the kids (you know I barely made it through our wedding vows). I probably won't even be able to see them from the river coming out of my eyes... but I'm going to try and be strong. Pray that I will be strong because it will probably scare them to death if I'm bawling. I'll try and get it out before then.

Rob - Father of six (wow!)

mommy24treasures said...

I am SO happy for you!

Lisa said...

Just got our internet back up. I am sooo happy for you all. I have sent you an email to get the password for your site.
I am praying that God is preparing the little ones hearts!
Look out China here comes the Ferrill's! Wahoo!

Tina said...

GIRL ..I am sooo excited for you!!! How awesome! I know you cant wait. If there is anything Bert and I can do to help, answer questions etc. PLEASE let me know. Also, may I PLEASE have the password to the site you will be using while you are in China? THANKS!!!]

The Young's said...

Great post!!! It has been a crazy week, huh? I'll be so glad to meet up with you guys in Beijing. I have the same prayers and thoughts about you do about Kimmie and Quan. You are right, God has given us the grace to walk the road ahead of us. I'm glad that our families have connected and we can walk it together! Bless you guys!!!

Southern Cheesehead said...

I'm excited about 2 new Ferrills and 1 new Clark...God is truly awesome and His timing is perfect and His grace so sweet! We found out on our 9th wedding anniversary that we were expecting our first're leaving to complete your family (it is complete now, right?) the day before our 15th wedding anniversary! found out during VBS and you guys are traveling during our VBS at our church!!! We'll get the whole VBS to pray for you guys that week as you travel!!! I'm so excited for you guys...I guess that we actually WILL miss the USA vs. China Family night with the Barons on July 25th, but it couldn't be for a better reason - see, I don't just rebuke in the name of Jesus for nothing - it's because the Lord told me that you guys were about to be travelling!!!!!! YeeHaw to Rob and WooHoo to Laine!!!

Family4Liv said...

Hi Laine,

I am getting back in the groove a little bit since arriving back from China. I wanted to say that you have the most genuine heart even though we have actually yet to meet. I know that your going to be so very blessed because your intentions and heart are right. Oh you betcha we will be praying for you all the way and back! It will be so beautifull when you show Kimmie and Quan the depth of love that a family can bring. I am immensly excited to follow your journey through your adoptionwebsite, please, please send us the password. I know the next few weeks will be a whirlwind and I pray for the peace of our great lord be upon you all.

P.S Dont forget the Mosquito repellent! Make sure you douse it on the kids if you go to Guangzhou Zoo, and Pearl River Cruise. Not so much just on Shaimen Island (near hotel)