Thursday, July 12, 2007

Can you believe it? T minus 3 and there's new pics...

Love that smile!!!

Love that camouflage Quan boy!

I guess that's sort of a smile...

Little Miss Serious...

Thank you Lord for new pictures and new joy! We're told we may get another surprise tomorrow so we can't wait for that as well! How blessed we are!


mommy24treasures said...

oh my gosh how exciting! THey are soooo precious. I want to scoop them up and hold them! SO sweet...

Journey to Lilly! said...

awwww how precious!!! I just love these babies! Quan looks big! & Miss Kimmie too! They both need their FOREVER FAMILY!! Did you yell to China & tell them your on your way????? I can't wait to see them in your arms!!
lv u,
5 days & counting!!

Sherri said...

They are beautiful! Will you get a video like Cheri did? I can't wait until tomorrow!!!!

Oh, Laine....You are so close to holding them. Have a great trip!


Sonya said...

OMG! That is a sweet blessing just before time to GO!

They are sooooooooo beautiful!!

Hold on you two Mommy is coming!!!


G and C said...


I bet all the kiddos, Kimmie, Quan, Sarah, and Sadie were all playing together the day Lily was there! Do you get a video too?? Oh my, your children are the cutest! They have grown so much! I'll be watching!

The Young's said...

OH Laine!!! I am SO excited that we all got pictures. They are SO precious. It just fuels the fire of our desire to go and get them and hold them. I am SO excited. Karla didn't say anything to me about a video...I'm hopeing we'll be surprised. We'll see. Have a wonderful night. This is our last weekend before we leave!!!! I can't wait!!

Family4Liv said...

I Bet you are all ready to get on that plane right now! These babies are soooo cute. It is such a blessing for you to recieve these updates. I am counting down days with you, I cannot beleive how immensly excited I am for you all! I know kimmie and Quan are gonna love you!!

GOd Bless You Ferrill Family

Lisa said...

OMG! New updated photos right before you leave. How awesome!I wonder what your other surprise is. They are both precious! I know you can't wait to hold them in your arms.
I also love the bus photo.....hey you could be the Partridge family. They could all sing, Praising God!

Keisha said...

Oh my goodness! How precious is that! I know you are excited to have those new pictures. I can't wait to see those two in your arms! Won't be long now!
God is GOOD!
..who is now feeling back to normal :0)

Pandamonium Mom said...

BEAUTIFUL!! Quan does look big - he's ready to play football with Clay and Colby!! And Kimmie - aw, I just want to hug her. She looks spunky like little ms. Hannah.
How fun!! Praying for y'all!
love, DeEtte

Hope for Lucy said...

What a blessing you received. Oh my.....each day is closer and closer. What wonderful memories it brngs back to the Green Party of Four. We are praying for you each day and cant wait till Mommy holds her precious babies. We plan to go back to beach in October....maybe on way back we can stop and meet us with you guys! You are like family to us now!
Green Party of Four

Anonymous said...

How darling! That little dress is so precious on Kimmie. We'll have her smiling in no time! Can't wait!

Dollar General said...

I agree with Granmart! Kimmie Ferrill will be all smiles! Especially playing the egg game! Quan is just getting "handsomer"! I'm exciting for you!