Tuesday, July 10, 2007

FIVE MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to Target yesterday and saw a lady with a little girl from China who looked to be about 3. I stalked her :), and then got up the courage to ask the lady about her. She was very sweet to answer all my questions and was excited to hear that we were leaving so soon. She asked where our children were from and I told her Wuhan. She said, "Really! Sydney here was in Wuhan too!" Isn't that so amazing? Her daughter is from the Hubei province like Kimmie and Quan, but her orphanage wasn't in Wuhan. However, they stayed in Wuhan because that is where the provincial office is and Sydney was brought there to be adopted. Sabra is the mom...thank you Sabra for all your advice! She told me about how both her girls from China have such sensitive skin and recommended the two items above. I'm not packing the detergent, but I am going to wash their clothes in it before we leave. Just in case their skin is sensitive. I also have packed yummy smelling baby lotion in case their skin is not sensitive!
The Zimmer family is in China right now and recommended air fresheners...I'm all about things that smell good and this doesn't take up much space!
This was one of my favorite toys when my children were little. We're going to have eggs all over the hotel room, but won't it be fun? :)
Buffi, this for you!

Packing for China is way different than packing for the beach. I can't just throw a bunch of bathing suits and flip flops in a suitcase and go. Well, I can throw flip flops in a suitcase! :)

We're praying so fervently for Kimmie and Quan and their foster parents right now. I pray they are making some sweet memories in these last few weeks, and that their f.p.'s are preparing K and Q in a healthy way for gotcha day and the transition afterwards.... I know it is ultimately our Heavenly Father who will prepare K and Q in every way!


Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, girrl you are on top of it!! I can feel the excitement in your post!! I am counting down with you!!

Pandamonium Mom said...

Hey I know Sabre and her family! small world! We go to an adoptive family group in Alabaster once a month (okay - we don't make it every month, but go some). Hannah and Sydney play together in the nursery during the parents meeting.

I've never heard of that egg game you bought..sounds fun though!

Just remember - less is better and you actually CAN buy almost anything you forget there. And you want to leave room for all the souveniers to bring back.

oh - and you know we talked about shoes the other day. If you can, buy Quan some shoes in Wuhan. They have some good shoes (cheap too) at that main department store near the hotel. Just ask Jordan. You can find lots of girl shoes in Guangzhou in the shops around the hotel for Kimmie. But, we didn't see as many boys shoes there. Beth kept looking for some for her grandson and we had a really hard time.

love, DeEtte

The Young's said...

Laine!!! You are so funny!!! Hey...in that humidity...we'll be glad to have hairspray!!! :) Also, have you read the Zimmers blog today? I'm taking some RID Lice shampoo...just in case. SO, that means, one more trip to walmart. Where did you get those eggs? Sophie said she wanted to take easter eggs and hide things in them...and I can't find them anywhere. Let me know and I'm on my way to get them!!! Isn't it amazing how many trips we make to the store for this. WOW!!!! I'm probably paying WAlmart and TArgets bills this month!!! Not much longer!!!! We're counting with you.

mommy24treasures said...

ooh nothing like last minute shopping. Its so fun and exciting. I see other fellow China mommy's all the time in Target. There seem to be alot in our area. You are one blessed mommy. 6 beautiful lambs of God..

Sherri said...


The White Rose did have a hair dryer in the room; the White Swan did not this time. I thought it did last time, so maybe it differs from room to room. At the White Swan they turn down your beds at night and leave a chocolate on each pillow. Yum!

I want to go with you!!!!!!!!!

Except not really. haha

DeEtte is right. You can buy absolutely everything there, and probably for cheaper than you'd pay here anyway. Hannah's carry- on handle broke on the way over, and we bought her a new suitcase for $10 at the carrefour in Wuhan.

Can you believe you're almost on your way????


Anonymous said...

Counting down the days with you. Your time there will be short, out wait here will be long. So excited that your journey is near. Can't wait to meet K & Q at the airport. New new Ferrill babies. I know you are all going to have such a learning experience, think of the memories you are making and how much fun you are going to have with your mom and Kiley. ENJOY!!!!!!!! We will be here waiting and following your journey on the new website. Just remember "With 6 you get Eggrolls!!!!!!!!" Love y'all. Ethel

Aaron and Erica said...



Can you please post EVERY day now until you leave :) I want to know what you are doing!

Tell us more about the egg toy thing? I've never heard of it.

Not long now...


Dollar General said...

I went to Japan in college on a mission trip - Jason and I got engaged there - just a little FYI. You will definately need the air fresheners. It's weird how we all have certain smells! I wish I would have taken air freshners. I didn't see any Cheerios! I'm so excited for you - you got my stomach hurting this morning! Praying for you...

wareaglefam said...

Yeah!!! Four More Days! I woke up this morning thinking about you guys. All this excitement has made me think about having my own China experience...am I crazy or what? We can't wait to have 2 more babies here on the Farm!! Keep posting...we love reading and looking at all the pictures. Let me know what we can do to help.
Love to all,

Sonya said...

How cool is God!?!?! Putting Sabre right there for you!!! He is and AWESOME God!