Wednesday, July 11, 2007

FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GranMart is our other travel buddy! Here she is on her wedding day. My father died 12 years ago, so we were all thrilled that mother found her a sweetheart...GranBob! Mom and Bob had originally planned to marry the previous weekend on the beach in front of her condo. Everything was planned, the granddaughters were wearing hula skirts, the reception would be by the pool, rooms were booked. Then, Hurricane Ivan hit the week before the wedding. Mom's condo was wrecked, though not demolished. We couldn't even get through the door of the condo because the fridge had blown across it. The pool was non-existent, not to mention the roads. No one but property owners were allowed through Gulf Shores. It was a nightmare.
And the wedding! What about the wedding? My sisters and I had one week to re-group and re-plan. My sister Laura did a great deal of the work by finding a new place...Serenbe Bed and Breakfast south of Atlanta. We all pitched in, all 5 of us girls and One Great God, and pulled off the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. In record time. It ended up being so much better than we ever imagined a beach wedding would have been. We all stayed at the B & B and had a blast. It was set on a farm and had absolutely gorgeous scenery. Her youngest grandson (who happened to be my Clay--age 5 at the time) walked her down the aisle. There wasn't a dry eye!
Mom looked radiant and couldn't have been happier! radiant will Mom be in China without her hubby? I know she will miss him and I am so sorry he cannot go due to his asthma. Thank you Mom for sacrificing to come along with us!

FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just keep saying to myself "KimmieQuan, KimmieQuan, KimmieQuan" like little Maggie and Garrett at church...they are two years old and they think that we are bringing home a child named "KimmieQuan". How confused they will be when they realize we're bringing home two and they have two separate the names! Too cute!
I have packed and re-packed. Everyone has six outfits...except me. I'm taking nine. Because I'm the packer, so I get to take what I want! :)


Robyn said...

Laine you take as much stuff as you want-You're the Mommy that what we Mommies do. Maggie has prayed and prayed for KimmieQuan and will be so happy when they are here so as she says, she can hold them and sit them in her lap. She prays every night for her Papaw's arm and KimmieQuan to be here. She is so silly. I am so excited for you guys and cannot wait until those precious babies come home. I cannot believe it is almost time for ya'll to go. It will be great. Laine, I'll call you Friday after Maggie's Doctors appt. Four More Days---YEA!!!!!!!
Love you much!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Four more days!!! How wonderful!! & what a trooper your mom is.... going to the other side of the world without her Bob!! I can't wait to meet your mom.. she sounds like alot of fun! See you in Beijing!
Love you bunches!!

The Young's said...

Can you believe it!!!?!?!? Not much longer. I'm getting excited. I look forward to meeting your mom. I'm sure she is just great!!! Check out Mike & Barb's blog. She left a post for us!!! Talk to you soon!
Love ya,

G and C said...

ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU AND BUFFI! We are actually having a heat wave here in Seattle. It is supposed to reach the high 90's the next couple of days. Ahhh....acclamation for China! I just read Mike and Barb's blog, sounds like if we forget anything we can find it in China.

The St. John family said...

YAY!!! Only four more days! I am sooooooo excited for you!! I will be following along on your blog everyday. I can't wait to see lots and lots of pictures!

Please know you are in our prayers.

Are you sure nine outfits is enough? :)

love ya,

Anonymous said...

Either you need to quit posting or I need to quit reading. I'm starting to get excited about meeting these 2 little ones! But don't worry...I'm NOT thinking about doing this myself!
I'll be watching for your progress on your china site; hopefully you'll be able to keep us abreast of what's going on. Ya'll stay safe, and make sure you tell the kids that whatever they do, do NOT joke about bombs at the airport! :)

Lisa said...

Not long now! I know it is so hard to contain yourself. WOW! You are about to leave for China. Sounds like you have taken care of some of the smallest of details. We bought a piece of luggage very cheap in Guangzhou. Need more room you can always leave your clothes in China. LOL. That is what I told my dh. I wanted to make sure all of my goodies from China made it home.
I am praying for you and your babies, that God is preparing their hearts for the most awesome thing that is about to happen to them.....being united with their forever family.
Godspeed to you and your travel buddies.

Dollar General said...

Ivan - the vacation cut short and the last visit to Granmarts! Boohoo! I'm trying to catch up on these blogs! Have fun GRANMART!!