Friday, July 13, 2007

Lookout Hollywood, here's Kimmie!


Hope for Lucy said...

Ok....Ms. Lily Grace and I just watched Kimmie and she kept telling Kimmie.....Hi!

What a precious gift to receive. The next video we should see is with her forever family!

Green Party of Four

Journey to Lilly! said...

That was a fake cry if I have ever seen one!! I love her!! She is so very precious! I think she is going to have the whole Ferrill clan wrapped around little finger!!
lv u,

Anonymous said...

I love the videos!!!-Hannah was watching the videos with me and she saw the one of Kimmie and she said-ah poor baby her mommy didn't get her-china babies cry "cute"-her mama is going to get to pick her up very soon. I guess that is all I can type because Hannah is wanting to watch it again. I love getting chills over this!-Have so much fun and can't wait to read updates!!! We love yall-
The Grace Family
Hannah wants to type her name so here she goes-hannah
cemme ad qqqqq r so qt
In case you are wondering-she wanted to tell you she loved you Miss Laine and she typed Kimmie and Quan are so cute

Keisha said...

OH!! Tears of joy!! So sweet! Yall better look out! She likes it her way...(like Faith) :0) Thats okay, I'm sure yall will be like us and hold her as long as she will let you! At least until you get home...then you wish you had 10 arms!!! LOL!
Love you,

The Young's said...

Boy!! We all better watch out...Little Miss Kimmie is going to be a little leader! How precious is she. I cannot wait to meet her next week. It won't be long!!!! See ya!

Sherri said...

I agree with Kim....that is a fake cry! Isn't she adorable?

I'm so excited for you! You had better get rested up--it looks like Quan boy is going to keep you running!


Robyn said...

She is sooooo cute. Annabelle said she is so cute when she is crying. I do agree the cry is fake. They must have the same school of drama queens in China that Maggie learned from here. Ha! Ha! It won't be long now and they can be Drama Queens together. We can't wait!
Love you guys!!
Robyn :)

Dollar General said...

What a sweet baby! You better hold her if she wants to be held. I love that cry too! She's a DOLL! Can't wait!

Lisa said...

What a precious baby she is! I know that video is priceless to you. Just think it is only a matter of time and that baby will be in your arms.
Godspeed to China.

mommy24treasures said...

my dh is already partial to little Kimmie! :) He watched it 3 times and when one of my little ones said why is she crying daddy? He said because she wants to be picked up in his angry voice!:)