Sunday, July 8, 2007

SEVEN MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, that is so fun to think about!
One week from today we will fly out from Birmingham at 6:00 a.m. Then we have a beautiful 12 hour layover in LA and at 12:00 midnight on Sunday we will be on our way to China! Just think, in two weeks we will have Kimmie and Quan! I am so excited and nervous at the same time! I thank you for your prayers for Kimmie and Quan's transition and for our trip! It warms my heart to know so many friends and family are keeping up with our journey. May God be glorified through this whole process...As King David spoke in 2 Samuel 7:21,22 "For the sake of your word and according to your will, you have done this great thing and made it known to your servant. How great you are, O Sovereign Lord! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears."
Thank you for your sweet concern over Katie Lyn's back. It is better, but still bothersome at times. She is a trooper for sure. And it really only bothers her when it's time to do chores! How convenient! :)
Here are some fun pics from the past week: There are quite a few...sorry so long! We enjoyed meeting DeEtte and her daughter Hannah fromWuhan! DeEtte and I have been e-mail and blogging buddies, so it was great to meet her finally and spend the day soaking in all her adoption wisdom and advice for our trip! Thank you DeEtte! Hannah is such a little sunshine! I am so excited that Kimmie and Quan will have a buddy from their same city!
Hannah just fit right in with the Ferrill Bunch! My children LOVED playing with her...they thought everything she did was so cute and funny...and it WAS! Hannah, I think you and Kimmie and Quan are going to get along great, too! Little Wuhan friends!
4th of July pary at our neighborhood pool. We invited all of Rob's family...26 of us when we all get together! Here is his sister Jill and hubby Troy. Sorry I don't have a picture of Nanny and Papa and Rob's brother Paul and wifey Sandy!
Nephew Daniel and wifey Kristin and great grandbaby Patrick (with one more on the way!) :)

4th of July fun in the I love that dimple!
Katie Lyn and cousin Hannah...
Waiting patiently on Chef Daddy to grill our hotdogs and hamburgers!
Okay, here is my sweet friend and CBS co-teacher Lori. We have taught together for 3 very fun and spirit filled years at Bible study. Our students think we're sisters (and we of course let them think that!) Life is changing for both Lori and I this year. She is going back to teaching school and I am going back to raising toddlers! I will miss her SO VERY MUCH! We will always be the first Helga and Heidi that CBS ever had! (inside joke, but it involved a CBS retreat, a lot of 80's make-up, water balloons, and jazzercise!) Anyway, we were always in competition with Page and Shalita as to who could get the vacuum cleaner first at CBS (Lori and I would hide it in our rooms all day just to be first at the end of the day to vacuum!) We would also try to beat Page and Shalita in looking the cutest in matching outfits. Lori bought us these adorable matching necklaces in the pic above...and now the legacy continues below...
Carlie and Lori's daughter Olivia with their matching necklaces! We enjoyed getting together with Lori and Olivia this week and catching up on life! Now that we won't see each other every week, we'll have to really make an effort to stay in touch!
Also this week, we had a get together with the "sucker club" (Lucy, Ethel, and Little Ricky) and our friends the Chamblees who adopted Madison and Marlee from China! Karen, thank you for your wisdom and advice for our trip too! And the BEAUTIFUL China picture makes me so excited to see this country in person! And many thanks to the sucker club for making us feel so special with a dinner and goodies for our trip! The bubbles were lots of fun as you can see one is too old for bubbles!
And I saved the best for is Kylie, our traveling buddy! She got her passport and just got her visa Friday and she's all ready to go! Her parents Ann and Tom had us over for a delicious catfish dinner Sat. night. ('re a great cook and Ann you are a hostess who spoils her guests and I LOVE that!) We discussed plans and packing and lots of things. Also Ann had invited a neighbor who speaks Mandarin and is a world traveler; so again, we got some great trip advice!
For those of you who don't know, I taught Kylie in kindergarten 13 years ago. (I started teaching when I was 12. :) Anyway, this was my favorite year of teaching because I had 3 red headed girls in my class, and Kylie was my favorite! Her mom, Ann invited me and Rob to their church. We had not found a church home yet, and truly were not walking with the Lord at this time. We began visiting this church and God used this time in our lives to bring us back to Him. Ann would NEVER admit this, but she truly was instrumental in my and Rob's return to God. And, we joined their church and all still go to Clearview together! So I have stayed close with Kylie and she babysits my children andI just love her and am so thrilled she is going to China with us!!!!! We get home from China on August 2nd, and Kylie leaves for the University of Mobile on August 7th! God's timing is perfect as usual! Praise Him!
If you have hung in there throughout this whole post, you win a prize. You get to come to my house and help me pack! Congratulations!


Lisa said...

WOW! Seven days to go! I hope this week flies by for you and you get all of your packing done in record time. You are in for a life changing trip. I am so excited that I get to follow along on your journey to China. It looks like you had a great week last week. We live close to DeEtte and Hannah. They are both precious! Hannah has such an outgoing personality! It is great that your two will have her here in AL so close.
I also want to thank you for such an uplifting post over on my blog. I know that AC will get through this and overcome her fear. Thank you for also sharing that verse with me.
Your family is in my prayers!
Watch our China here comes the Ferrill's! Wahoo!

mommy24treasures said...

oh it was easy to read your entire post Laine!
Wow 7 days!!! Lots of butterflies I bet!! I am so excited for you.
I so wish we could have met before you left.
I LOVE the Chamblees! Aren't Madison and Marlee beautiful angels?? Caitlyn and Marlee are from the same orphange! There aren't many in AL from there only a few. The Chamblees were very instrumental in why we chose China! Karen is such a sweet womanm/mother. Carl is so wonderful too. He did our readopts for all the kids.
Seriously if I can be of any help before you leave let me know.

Sonya said...

COOL!! Only seven more days!!!
I read the whole post but I'll leave the packing to you cause we took WAAAY too much stuff so I don't think you want me to help!

You are about to have your life changed forever and so are those sweet babies waiting for you in China! I can't wait to follow your awesome journey....I'll pray the entire time!!!

God has blessed you!!!


G and C said...

Wow Laine a 12 hour layover in LA! If only it was at Sea-tac airport. I should fly down and entertain all of you! So close but yet so far away from Seattle. Hooray!! The final week countdown to travel!! We will be watching and praying for all of you!

Southern Cheesehead said...

7 days and we just had 7/7/ you come back 7 days before my FIRST baby's first day of school!!! I'm so glad it worked out that precious Kylie (and fellow red head) is getting to go with you guys. I'm excited for her and for you guys because this is also an awesome opportunity for her to experience right before the journey into college. That is so special for all of you guys and a memory that will last a lifetime for her I'm sure. We're praying for you guys still and so excited about how close it is!!! I'll be glad to help you pack all your flip flops! I can't wait to see those precious God-chosen children!!!!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, The time is here!! Yippee!! love all the pics on your post are great! My favorite is Kylie...What a precious relationship! I know you are very happy to have her going with you! Will she have matching shirts too??? hehe! Hope to see you before you leave... surely you have time to come by ?? lol Can't wait to journey with you & your family throughout China!!

The Young's said...

Hey Laine....I love seeing all your pictures and all your fun family and friend get togethers. What a wonderful family you have!! I am so excited that Kylie is getting to come to help you. What a blessing!!! I cannot wait to hook up with you guys in Beijing!! God is so good and I look forward to all He is going to do!!! Lots of Love,

Dollar General said...

This post was bitter sweet for me! I was so anxious to see what y'all did on the 4th. I love the pool pictures my favorite was KL. The goggles are hilarious!
I'm so excited about China being so soon on the horizon! AMAZING! On that "Baby Story" I was telling you about when a family adopted from China they said take lots of Cheerios! Why? Do you know!
And I didn't think teachers were supposed to have pets?!? Was Shalita one of the girls in your class - HA! Since you started when you were 12!
It made me sad to think that our CBS chapter is over (hopefully that is just ch.1)! I pray we meet again there in the future. It was much funner at Ridgecrest - competition wise! It's hard to be as cool as Shalita and I - I know -a lot of people have tried - practically everyone on our hall but no one compares! REALLY! We had the McNeal twins in our class (blond and red hair girls) and Caroline asked me who my twin was and I said "Shalita, see she has red hair!" It's a bit far fetched for us but at least we got one believer! But, Heidi and Helga were by far a MAJOR BONDING experience! I'm gonna have to blog about Heidi and Helga! They would probably take my trophy away considering I've gained 10 pounds! I'm going to Jazzercise maybe tonight but definately tomorrow! Well, I love you Laine!
Oh, and thanks! As I was reading your blog Craig brought the mail in! You are our first supporter! Made me want to scream (all to the glory of God of course)! I may have to before the day is over! The Lord is faithful to multiply and I can't wait to blog about His provisions! I know they are coming! Much LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Can I trade my prize for cash? :)
Jeez, it gets more real the more you's really gonna happen, isn't it?!