Saturday, August 11, 2007

Better and better

Quan loves this monster truck and he loves putting shapes into it. He pushes it all over the house (and all over our legs, feet, hands, and anything else that might be in the way!)
All of us boys have to work on our trucks!
A literal couch potato!
When Kimmie is quiet and can't be out! This time she was trying on shoes in my closet!
Daddy's shoes are pretty fun to try on too!
Now I want to try out Mom's shoes. They sound so great clunking on the floor! (This is gonna be great in about 10 years!!!!!!)
I love to wear my big brother's ball cap!
Now I've got to get MY cap!
We are pretty darn cute in our hats aren't we?
Coloring with the boy-n-the-hood!
The many faces of Kimmie... (Kimberly, don't my hands look great?)
Could you kiss me or what?
Loving shoveling rocks in the pails with spoons and cups. I sure hope this transfers to the white sands of Gulf Shores! If I have a couple of beach bums I will be so thrilled!
check out Mrs. Clean who doesn't want to get her hands messy blowing bubbles!
I'm not sure why, but I thought children with cleft palate could not suck or blow. Well, Quan sucks fine from a straw and blows bubbles great! (Can you see his pretty eyelashes against his sweet cheeks?)

Things just get better and better when a. you have plenty of rest and b. you have plenty of diet coke and M & M's and c. you have plenty of friends to cry on their shoulder! No really, things are looking up around here. We're finally over the jet lag and Kimmie and Quan are adjusting beautifully. Staying home all week has been the best thing I think, and we will continue to do that this week except for some appts we have Tues. and Thurs.
Quan has been giving spontaneous leg hugs...I love that! Tonight I pushed him on the swing from the front and we had some great eye contact (and tickles!) That little tiger has a LOT of love and joy down deep in there, I can see it! He is SO VERY smart. He amazes us. After bath I tell him to go get me a pull up and he'll point to himself and Kimmie to find out which color to get, blue or pink. I have to put this stuff in their ears to clean out the ear wax. When he sees me get the bottle he comes and puts his head in my lap and turns to the side, ready for his ear drops. He doesn't like them, but he tolerates them really well. Then when it's Kimmie's turn she does the same thing and Quan goes to get the cotton balls out of the bathroom drawer. Tonight I needed Q-tips and I asked him to go get them, pointing to my ears when I did. He brought me back the Q-tips! What a smart kid he is! He can act out any scene to let me know what he wants to tell me. He will be great at charades when he gets older! :)
One of the things on our list of "ways to foster attachment" from the adoption clinic was to increase holding and snuggling. That is so easy with Kimmie because she loves to lay her head on my shoulder when I pick her up. She raises her little arms to be held frequently throughout the day. She is such a little love-bug. And she gets into EVERYTHING more and more each day. I guess she's beginning to feel more comfortable around the house. Every room looks like a hurricane after she has been in there. Buffi, she is not like Sadie in her organizational skills! But Quan is very much an organizer and cleaner.
There is something to be said for schedules. I kept a pretty consistent naptime, bathtime, bedtime routine for my children when they were toddlers. We're trying to keep that with Kimmie and Quan, too. It helps the day go so much smoother for us. And I think even just after a week, Kimmie and Quan are getting used to our little routine. We eat lunch, read books, and then nap. And at night we have bathtime, brush teeth, read books, and then bed. Kimmie lays down so great in her little toddler bed in the girls' room. We give her a book and her bear and she just goes on to sleep. Quan still sleeps on a pallet on our bedroom floor, but we no longer have to be in there for him to lay down. Now he will just lay down on his own and we tuck him in with a book and say prayers and we can walk out and he goes to sleep. Eventually we will move him to his toddler bed in the boys' room. Both Kimmie and Quan have come such a long way with brushing their teeth. They used to scream and scream. Even as of just a couple of days ago they were still hating it. Now, they will happily climb up on the little stool and say "Ahhhh" so we can give them a good brushing. The fun part is playing in the water of course!
Kimmie and Quan don't interact too much with each other. When they do, they're either fussing over a toy, or Quan is looking out for her. It's very sweet when he wipes her mouth or gives her bottle to her or wipes her eyes in the bathtub. He takes on the role of big brother without me even thinking he would!
Quan tries to repeat more and more of what we say, but you cannot really understand the words, only the intonation. Like thank you is two grunts...we're going to have a long road in speech I'm afraid! At least he is trying to repeat us now, though. Kimmie is still imitating us and trying to repeat everything we say. She does great with one syllable words, but two syllables (like Kim-mie) confuse her. She will probably need some speech too, though you never know how much she'll progress in the next few months! She keeps us laughing with her funny mouth noises she makes and with all her expressions. She can make the best Billy Idol mouth I've ever seen! Her eyebrows and eyes are so expressive. She'll cut and roll those eyes at you, and she KNOWS she's cute!
They are both eating pretty well these days. I'm so happy that they will eat waffles and pancakes. I fixed Ramen for them this week and you would have thought they were in heaven! They love chips and Barber's party dip (thanks Shalita!). They love fruits and veggies too (the green beans this week were awesome...thank you Tina, Kelley and Amy!) And being the great mommy that I am, they are being introduced to pop-tarts and beginning to like them too! :) I had invested in lots of bibs, but Quan is actually a pretty neat eater so far. He does cram WAY too much in his mouth though. Kimmie is a very messy eater. I'm telling you, this 7 months difference in their ages might as well be a year!
I was able to get away this afternoon during naptime. Carlie and I went shopping for Katie Lyn's birthday. It was a fun time for us both, and I think my biological baby needed that mommy time. I know I needed it too!
Sorry this is so long! I'm writing this for my benefit too, so I can see how far these little children have come in a week! Still a ways to go, though. Quan still has that wall up, and Kimmie still does not completely know that we are her #1 momma and daddy...but we're getting there!

For any of those who are adopting special needs children, I must say GO FOR IT! We forget that our babies have any special needs! It's so neat when it's your own child who has a special need. You just totally look past it, into their little hearts yearning to love and belong, and you forget all about any physical deformity! I almost don't even want to call them special needs children...they are just like any other healthy children! Truly! God certainly knew we needed these babies even more than they needed us. They have already taught us SO much about His goodness, grace, mercy, UNCONDITIONAL love, and strength. It's not an easy ride, but it certainly is a WORTHY ride. And God has called us to this, and He is bringing us through this. If He is calling you to this, trust Him. He knows what He is doing!


Lisa said...

I loved reading your update. I am so glad things are slowly getting better for you. What you said in your post about special needs, just yanked at my heartstrings.
They are both so precious! I LOVE the photos of them wearing your shoes. ;)

Sherri said...

Ah, Laine, you sound so much better! I loved reading the update--thanks for taking the time to post.

You'll have more and more weeks like this, where things are getting better and better. It makes the long road we're on much more bearable.....every day is a little better.

And I totally agree about the special needs! We don't even notice/remember that Mia is missing an arm most of the time! It doesn't define who she is at all!


mommy24treasures said...

Oh I am hearing your strength come back! IT is the trip that weakens us most I think. More than things changing... Its amazing how alittle sleep, feeling healthy and getting back into routine can make us feel SO strong and ready for anything! You are an amazing mommy! I am a stickler for routine too. When Jacob and Chloe were babies, I always had thenm home for nap and in bed by 8. Caitlyn has missed less than 5 naps in a year and a half. I just make sure I am home no matter what at that time. It helps me have a minute of mommy time and them feel rested. It keeps them healthy as well.
I understand how typing it all out can be so helpful as well.. Iwish I could have blogged when Jacob and Chloe wee babies. I did not know of such a thing!
Kimmie looks gorgeous in orange! :)

Pandamonium Mom said...

Great pictures. And Laine, it sounds like y'all are doing so well. I'm convinced it's the sleep that's most needed those first few weeks's amazing what a good night's sleep does to our perspectives.
Quan is sucking from a straw? That's fantastic. I've heard of it happening before, but I really don't think it's that common before palate repair. You watch..with that kind of determination, he's going to change the world! Really, I know the speech is tough now, but you really won't have a good idea of how quickly he'll catch on until after the palate repair..when he has the physical structure for the speech. Even after almost a year past surgery, H. still has a long road to go with speech, BUT, she has come so far and is far more understandable.
Sounds like the sleeping thing is going well too for both of them. And it's only been a week. I know there are bumps in the road and challenges ahead, but y'all really are doing so well.
Hannah is still loving looking at all the Kimmie and Quan pictures. She really liked the one of Kimmie's kissing face. aww..

Sonya said...

GREAT update!!! You know all your blog buddies love it when you write a lot!! The pics are wonderful too! I can tell you are a very busy bee keeping up with those two!
Glad to hear things are getting better and better!


Journey to Lilly! said...

LAINE!! You sound great!! It is amazing what a rested body can manage! I love the shoe pic's & yes, you can blackmail Quanboy in about 10 years with that pic!!

I agree with Connie... the trip was totally exhausting for us. We are just now getting our feet under us.

I laughed about Kimmie being able to detroy a room!! It's happening around here too! Although I was use to it with one.... two makes double trouble for any room!!

We were in Springville yesterday...yes, eating at Sal's. Sorry we went without you..Hope we can go together next time.

I was looking at your pic's & past pic's.....has anybody told you that you have a beautiful family??? You do!! I love you guys & can't wait for things to settle so we can get together!!

praying for you!

Janet said...

Laine, It is so good to keep up with you guys via the land of blogging! I love all your pics and updates. And I too feel so much better and have a better perspective when I get sleep and we have a routine. Although sleep is a bit sparse right now for me with baby Kassidy!

Look foward to seeing you ALL at CBS in September!

Anonymous said...

Kimmie, your hands look perfect!
She does seem to be able to use them really well. I am so glad, what an answer to pray.
I hope Anna Brooke's have alot of range of motion as well. I still have not seen her arms. We are trying to get an update and waiting patiently (kinda, not really)!
Sounds like things are going really well at The Ferrils.
I love reading your posts.
We started our blog it's

Anonymous said...

Laine, I just love to read your updates. Sounds like Kimmie and Quan are beginning to adjust to life at the Ferrill household. It's good to know they feel comfortable enough to be wearing your shoes. Those are mighty big shoes to fill and I don't mean size wise. You are an amazing mom and Rob is a fantastic dad. It was great to see you and the four older Ferrills at church this morning. K & Q really look happy in all the pictures and you know with kids, they can't fake that. Can't wait until you and the family are ready for visitors. I know you will be blasted with well wishers,you make the calls and let people know when they can come. Hope you and Carlie got Katie Lyn something fantastic for her birthday. HBD Katie Lyn. Love you all and you know that I am hear if and when you need me. Ethel.

The Young's said...

I loved the blog!! Thanks so much for all the information!!! You are doing a fantastic job...and's amazing how much more you can do when you are well rested!! Kimmie and Quan sound like they are doing an awesome! Those pictures are too cute!!! I could just squeeze kimmie!!! She is adorable!!! Keep up the good work. I always look forward to your posts!! We miss your family. Hopefully we will get together for a reunion in a few months!! Love you guys!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

It's so great to be able to catch up on all of the happenings in your lives since you've been home. Madison and I loved getting to visit the other night, she has told me all kinds of neat things that Katy Lyn told her about China and she is more excited now than ever to get to go and bring home Zoey. Thanks so much for thinking of us,with all that is going on in your lives right now, you are too thoughtful! We can't wait to see all the pictures from your trip and learn about how to plan ours.
We love you guys,

Dollar General said...

I love, love, love your long blogs. The pictures are great Quan is SO handsome - he WILL be a heart breaker. Kimmie is a doll. I'm glad you are having a better week and things are smoothing out! I hope you continue to get your NEEDED rest. Love you!! Pg

Dollar General said...

Oh ONE MORE THING! I don't know about the rest of the people reading these blogs but I'm shocked that I don't see them as "special needs" either. I don't know if it's you sharing so much of what they can do or what but when you said that it hit me - "oh yea, they are special needs." I've totally looked past it too - they are adorable - can't say it enough!

Mike and Barb said...

Yeah, like we're going to get tired of looking at your SIX beautiful childern :-))
Keep up the snuggling and reading and your routine (that we have not quite found yet) and you'll be ready to adopt 2 more in no time!
Love the pictures!

G and C said...

Wow Quan!! Sucking and blowing did not happen at our house until after palate repair. Sounds like nothing will stop this determined boy! Kimmie you are absolutely beautiful! Laine, we love your updates although I don't know how you find time to post! Glad the jet-lagged days are fading behind you!

Southern Cheesehead said...

precious little toddlers!!! I'm so glad that you were able to do something with Carlie too...but I know that they've been understanding with the 2 new ones - we'd expect nothing less from Ferrill children! :-) That was a little nod at your Katie Lyn/Josh/youth activity story!!
miss you guys...Jackson and Carson are patiently waiting to play on the new playset!

Anonymous said...

PS to my previous post. I agree with Page and thought the very same thing when I read you comments about K&Q being "special needs". We have gotten to know and love them and i guess I just never thought about them being special "needs" children, only that they are "special", So special in the sense that they seem to be very loving children and of course have been chosen by such a "special" family. When we saw them at the airport, I guess I never even paid attention to their "needs". I just knew that I was already in love with them as part of your family. Hope this week is going well for you. Look forward to the next update. Ethel

wareaglefam said...

Oh, Laine...what an incredible journey you guys are on (bumps and all!). It is amazing to see how a beautiful family of six has become an awesome family of eight! WOW! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey through your posts...the longer, the better. We loved looking at the pictures!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Laine. Have you thought about publishing your blog? You are such a God-inspired writer on this subject, and I'm sure it would be a wonderful book for others to read. And proceeds could be donated to the adoption people unless you would need it for college!!! And you might! Anyway, I just knew God wouldn't want y'all to do this adoption thing without walking with you all the way, and obviously He is. I'd have to say that all the families we met on the trip were especially chosen, and what an honor it was to be in God's presence during the trip and always! Love the pics of Kimmie & Quan interacting. You're on the ball with that camera, girl! And your insights with your biological kids is on target. (Thanks to YOUKNOWWHO!) Couldn't be prouder of the two of you. Love you all, Mom

Mike and Barb said...

Love the new template!! Very cool!