Thursday, August 16, 2007

Cleft Clinic

Quan had his cleft clinic appointment this morning. We were at Children's Hospital from 8-12. (DeEtte, thanks for the heads up about that! We were well prepared and I could kiss whoever invented Dum Dum suckers!) It was a very LONG morning, but very beneficial. I must say this clinic is top-notch, as is all of Children's Hospital. The entire time we were there, I knew we were in the right place for our children. Not just the right place, but the BEST place. We saw a slew of doctors. First he had his hearing checked which of course he has tons of fluid and wax in his ears so they told us everything he hears is muffled. Next we saw the ENT who said he will need tubes at the time of his palate surgery. Then we saw Dr. Grant, the surgeon who will repair his cleft palate. He was SO thorough and explained everything we need to know about how he will operate on Quan. He was impressed that Quan could suck and blow and said he had just learned to place his tongue in just the right spot to plug up his palate to do these things. He said he could repair his palate in just one surgery, but he will need another surgery at around age 5 or 6 to repair his gum-line. We scheduled his surgery for October 3rd. I am so thankful we were able to get in so soon! He will also have his circumcision done at this time, for which we have to go back to Children's to see a urologist. Next we saw a sweet nurse for the genetic doctor. She asked us some questions about Quan, and then noticed Kimmie's hands and began questioning us about her. We informed her we had not registered at the front desk for Kimmie, but she said the genetic doctor would be interested in her when he saw her hands. And yes, as soon as he came in he wanted to know about her. He checked Quan out, saw no other issues (thank you Jesus!) and then began to check Kimmie out. He said he was giving her a "sidewalk observation" (i.e. "free!) He briefly mentioned some syndromes associated with BOTH hands deformed (don't worry Kimberly!) and said she really needed to see a cardiologist (possible heart issues involved) and audiologist and ENT. He said he would also like to see a full body X-ray when she goes to the orthopedic doctor. So, his sweet nurse is making us all these appointments and inside I am honestly freaking out a little. I'm just being honest. At the same time that I am freaking out, I am thanking God for his divine intervention at this appointment. This was supposed to be an appointment for Quan, but God knew that Kimmie needed to be checked out thoroughly, and this doctor is the man for the job! I am SO GRATEFUL that he and his nurse cared enough about our family, and not about a registered patient, that they would take the time to help Kimmie. This is just proof positive that the doctors at this clinic are not just about getting patients in and out, but they are caring about the true welfare of the whole family. Why else would they spend so much time on the sibling of their "registered patient"?

So, back to me freaking out, I have come to the realization that I pretty much live in denial 99.9% of the time. Remember when we got Kimmie and Quan, and I was so upset about Quan hitting and scractching me? Even though I had read all the books and articles about attachment and what could happen, I thought "it won't happen to me." Well, now that we are facing a LOT of doctor appointments I remember before the adoption thinking and even writing on this blog "yes I know we will have lots of doctor appointments but I look forward to growing closer to Jesus as we drive back and forth, etc. etc." Okay folks, I said that but deep down I think I thought we might have a FEW doctor appointments but then everything would be okey-dokey normal at the Ferrill home. DENIAL! We are facing NUMEROUS doctor appointments. WOW. And not only that, but NUMEROUS soccer practices...which to my older children are just as important as doctor appointments! Okay God, here we go! (sound familiar Kylie?) I can only do this through HIS strength. Honestly I wish He could come down here and be my live-in nanny. I know He has called me to be the mother of these 6 children, so I know He will equip me! And I'm so glad that He's going to provide me "doctor appointment and soccer practice" grace in the upcoming months! And "attachment" grace and "terrible two's" grace and "pre-adolescence" grace and "homeschool" grace and "husband" grace (you all know about husband grace, don't you? :)
Ahhhhh.....I'm so glad to be able to share all this with my blogging friends who know where I'm coming from! And feel free to keep me on this planet and not on Planet Denial! Although Planet Denial can be very stress free!
OH, I almost forgot! My sweet friend Connie at did my blog for me! Isn't it AWESOME? I love it so much, and thank you Connie for this little slice of fun sunshine on a very hectic "doctor appointment/soccer practice" day!


Pandamonium Mom said...

Glad the appointment went well. That's great that you got some "heads up" on things to be looking at with Kimmie. We love the people at the cleft clinic!
Yes, your life does sound VERY busy and hectic. Did you ask the sweet geneticist if she could just arrange a "Kimmie Clinic" so you could see all the professionals for her in once place like you did for Quan? Hang in there and remember to take one day at a time. God gives the grace you need for TODAY. Tomorrow, He will give you what you need for tomorrow. Love y'all!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a good experience at Children's and like the physicians and nurses. I have a very close friend and colleague, audiologist at Children's so let me know if you meet Ericca. You know you can call me anytime if you have any questions about all that! I am sure you've had TONS of offers, but if you need anything, a ride to soccer, dinner, ANYTHING, please let me know. I would THRILLED to help you out if I could. Have a wonderful weekend.

Robyn said...

I am very glad to hear that everything went ok at the doctor's appointment. How great of that doctor to give you so much helpful information on Kimmie. I'm putting Quan's surgery on my calender right now. All 6 of you kids are sooo precious and you are a great mom!! I love the look of the blog and the pictures are great!! God is in control and everything will be ok. He knows what He is doing even when we don't. You know we are here for you whenever!! Remember I'm off on Fridays and when Kimmie and Quan get settled me and the Magster can keep them occupied for you. Hang in there and everything will be good!!
Love you MUCH!!
Robyn :)

Sherri said...

I have been dying to hear about your doctor appointment! Mia has just been to the pediatrician so far--we go again in a week or so and then he will send us to an orthopedist. I wonder what we will find out about Mia......

I so appreciate your honesty. I wish we lived closer--I would love to help you out....remember, 3 of my kids can drive! I don't have to run anybody anywhere most days! I am free to drive! But there is also that teenage thing we have to deal with!

I love your blog's extreme makeover! Speaking of reality shows--I have an idea! Let's sign up for Wife Swap! Do you think ANYONE would volunteer to change places with us? hahahaha


Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, Wow!! life is going to be busy for you! I too need all those "grace's from God"..
Just keep in mind that without you....Kimmie & Quan might still be in China without a sweet family like they have. You are doing such a good thing!! I love all your children & would love to have them over while you are at Dr. Apmts & such!!
It is wonderful that Quan will only have 1 surgery now...& that you got it so quickly. What a blessing that Kimmie got to be seen & her medical care is underway!
You guys are all in our prayers!! & we love you much!!

mommy24treasures said...

As hectic as it all seemed and even though you freaked out a bit, inside you knew immediately where to go, our Lord... and receive grace for these upcoming months and He will grant it and it will be sufficient.
You can do this and will do it well with Him in you.
Try to remember too, a missed practice here and there won't hurt anyone in the big scheme of things. You won't be depriving your kids if things get to hectic feeling some days and you feel the inside urge to skip. This is one year. One season. A season that your entire world has changed. Love and family is what matters most.

The Young's said...

Hey Laine....your new blog looks great!!! Gives me the itch to change ours too!!

We are SO praying for you guys. We know that the Lord is with you walking through this with you guys. Nothing has taken Him by surprise and He has already made the path straight where you guys are going to walk. I know you'll do this...but keep your eyes on Him each step of the way. He is your peace that passes all understanding...and we believe the report of the Lord!!! His report says that Kimmie and Quan are healed. So, I'm praying and believing for a complete miracle, no matter what kind of reports you've gotten or will get. Praise God for that doctor today who gave you heads up on what to pray for!! God is so faithful! God is also Jehovah Jireh...the Lord who provides...that's not just finances either....that's rides to and from soccer!!! He is your provision for EVERY THING you guys need!! We're praying and look forward to hearing all the praise reports of what God is doing. You're an amazing family who have inspired our family!! We love you guys!!

wareaglefam said...

You know that I am here for an extra set of wheels whenever you need me! We are going to be at the soccer fields a lot ourselves, so I would LOVE to help out. Of course, I would be doing it for purely selfish reasons...I love spending time with your sweet children.
I am so thrilled that you guys had a good experience at the clinic. Sounds like you got a lot of good info about both of your babies.
Remember...daily bread!

mommy24treasures said...

oh, dumdum lolly's were always a help for me too!!!

Susan said...

I love reading your blogs especially now that Quan and Kimmie are home because they make me feel right at home- or not so crazy since someone else has days as busy as mine! I don't know Sherri, but tell her that I would wife swap with either of you! Ha!

I'm glad your appointments went well at Children's. I have always loved Children's Hospital, and with my crew we have had alot of experience there! It's even better if you go when Janet is working because then you get a personal guide that helps you skip most of the waiting! Remember she works nights and that only works when you are going in through th ER. I hope you do not have to experience it that way!

Sarah Beth is dying for her and Norah Kate to come and hang out and play. She thinks it won't be too "rough and tumble" without all the boys. NOT!

Remember you have Pizza Hut on us whenever you are ready to venture out. I just want to tell the seating person a table for 18 and it's only 2 families!

Drop your homeschool bunch off with me anytime you need to take Quan and Kimmie to one of their appointments. I'll have a full classroom then!
Love ya bunches!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Bless your heart! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new look of the blog and I did go to mommy24, WOW,all I can say is I just finished a scrap book and where was Connie when I was working on it!!! It goes without saying that you know if you need anything, I am a phone call away. Did you say that the Childrens Clinic was on 119? Well, if so, remember I work right off 119 and I get off at 3:30, so if you are at a clinic visit and need to get the other kids to practice, just call my cell and let me know, I can meet you at the clinic and take them to practice. It really is great to know that there are doctors and nurses out there that DO care about more than just getting patients in and out of their office. Sounds like God did it again, BIG SURPRIZE. He put you where you needed to be when you needed to be there. Please let me know when you are ready for someone to bring you dinner. I have a new recipe I want to try out on you. It can't be all bad, Shalita likes it!!!!!!

Just remember, YOU don't have to do EVERYTHING. Sounds like you have LOTS of offers for help and you should take people up on them, they would not offer if they truly did not want to help. There is NOTHING wrong with asking for help. We all need it from time to time.

Love ya, Ethel

Dollar General said...

There is a song by Bebo Norman it says, "Walk down this mountain with your heart held high, following the footsteps of your maker. And with this love that's gone before you and these people at your side - offer up your broken cup - and you will taste the meaning of this LIFE!"

You've definately been on the mountain - the excitement of the journey to Kimmie and Quan and coming off the mountain now looks scary! But walk down with your heart held high, follow your maker, and he will show you the meaning of all this! And we are ALL here standing with you! Love you Laine!

By the way, I'm so jealous! Your blog is cuter than mine now! HA!

Mike and Barb said...

Oh, Laine, can I join you in denial land?? It is funny that you mention that, beause I was just laying awake last night, wondering how all of Nina's tests were going to turn out (we'll have them next week), and I was dreaming about everything being just peachy. We'll see , won't we. But we also know that God's strenght WILL BE ENOUGH for us, right?
Do you know the poem "when God said NO".
It says
I asked God to make my disabled child whole.
He said "no - his spirit is whole, his body is only temporary"
I BAWLED my eyes out the first time I read that. But it's so true. Don't get caught up in the physical things, although they are very real. There is more to Kimmie and Quan, and I know you know that too :-))
And I agree with Ethel.... take your friends up on their offer to help - you don't have to prove anything to anybody! I'm too far to "help" in a practical way, although I will supply you with any Tastefully Simple food you can possibly need *ha* - your order is on its way, by the way, and I threw in a couple of extra things your family might like!

Tina said...

What a good doc trip! We agree Childrens is the best. You all are in our prayers!!!

Kimberly and Jonathan said...

Oh Laine, I am sorry you are feeling this way. I know it is tough going to all the doctor appts and then hearing that you have to get Kimmie and Quan checked out for something they "might" have wrong with them. And then worrying about it until the tests all come back.
Remember that God knew both Kimmie and Quan before He formed them in the womb and that they are both wonderfully made just the way God wanted them to be. I know He will be right by your side as you go through this next phase of your journey. God can do anything. ANYTHING, so no matter what the outcome is, know that it is exactly the way God wants it to be. The best days of a Christian's life are always ahead of them.
I am debating on whether or not to tell you this... ok I will. I may be wrong, but I just think that if anything was wrong w/Kimmie's heart, they would have heard it when they listened to her heart at her first check up.
Know that I am praying for you.

G and C said...

His mercies are new every morning! Thank goodness because I need new mercy and grace every morning! I know exactly what you are talking about. I know what I'm in for with cleft care and it is busy! He is faithful and will never leave you or forsake you! I'll be prayin for you!

Family4Liv said...

Laine, you are really killing me with your posts. I mean I love your aproach on everything adoption related! AND yes husband GRACE!!! NO matter how prepared we think we are for adoption, parenthood, its never sufficient. The only way is to dive in head first and not look back! God put adoption in your heart, then kimmie and Quan. You are right in that our strength comes from heaven above and the one who is sufficient for the blessed chaos we try to control. WE too have been to many Dr. apts, I know you are doing it X 2. Sophia cries any time we walk into a building looking medical like. It does get easier. These kids are going to come so far in a matter of time, what a great opportunity that they will have as adults here! You are making a big difference in their lives. God BLess You! ...Praying for tender mercies your way throughout your day.
Oh I love the new look !

Hugs to y'all! I love saying that!


Southern Cheesehead said...

Laine, love your honesty so much...I got your back in prayer, chick!

still miss you guys...

Kim said...


You are precious. I, too, appreciate your honesty. You rock! Your are so encouraging. Your blog always makes me feel like I'm not the only one running this race with endurance. Keep your eyes on the prize!!!!

Remember, 2Cor. 12:9.

Love, Kim
Fellow Wuhan momma and weary traveler

Lisa said...

Wow, what a day! Just remember God will carry you through it all. I think that is awesome that the dr took the extra time to see about Kimmie.
My sister's son has had numerous surgeries due to some birth defects. The team of doctors that we have at Children's are awesome.
Keeping you all lifted up in prayers.

Anonymous said...

Laine (and Rob and Katie Lyn,Colby, Clay, Carlie, Quan, and Kimmie). You know, I don't want the rest of them to get jealous because everyone always responds to you. I have diligently read your blog and all the comments people write. Wow, it must get confusing sometimes. but I have seen a couple of comments that GranMart has posted and I really hope that someday I have the honor of meeting her. She is just awesome. But you know she is a wise woman. One comment she made to you was to suggest that you put your blogging comments into print. What an awesome way to share with other prospective or recently adoptive parents and she made a good point, proceeds could go to a charity, maybe Mission 127. Wouldn't that be a great way to get it going. Of course, I know you would have to do this in your spare time, between the hours of 2 and 4 AM, but maybe you can find someone to help you with it. What a great idea. Thanks, GranMart. Lovin y'all and waiting to see you. Ethel

Anonymous said...


This is the first time I have seen your blog since you guys have been back! I am so excited for you! Your new babies are absolutely beautiful, and all the children together look absolutely precious! God did a wonderful job putting you all together! (Doesn't He always!) I am so glad things are going well; I know if anyone can juggle the appointments and practices, you can! But, of course, when we are weak, He is strong! Trust Him with your schedule and the wisdom to prioritize!

BTW, we received some good news from Nicaragua, and things are finally moving ahead. Keep us in your prayers!

We love your family so much! And Happy Birthday to Katy Lyn!

Love in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hey Laine,

I'm glad your visit to Children's was a good trip. I just love the movie clip of kimmie and Quan at the table. She is a mess. I see your hands fullllllll with her. That just makes for great memories. I just love kids full of life. I'm always here if you need me. Davida and Andrew would love to see your bunch and have them over to play. I know most of your visits/doctor will be during school times but I can still help. I don't need Davida and Andrew to help me have your kids do school, workbooks, etc. Would love to help. I can not help if you don't let me though.

Can not wait for dance to start.