Sunday, August 19, 2007

It DOES matter what paper plate I get

OR I could title this: What it's really like at the Ferrill home. Please pay attention to the blessing being said at the end, and what Kimmie does during it! Hope you enjoy this, all you aunts, uncles, cousins, friends who haven't met Kimmie and Quan yet!


Sherri said...

Laine!!!!!!!!!! That was SOOOOO funny! Sooooo funny.

The fighting over plates, cups, etc. happens on a daily basis here. If I offer a cup to Mia, she says it's Olivia's. Same with plates. But snagging a plate during prayer--now that's one smart cookie!

And I liked how when Quan put the biscuit on his plate, he giggled with glee because that made the plate HIS. I want to be in your house for just a few hours!

This video is priceless.


Anonymous said...

HYSTERICAL!!!! It was funny when you told the story, but much more comical to see! I love those two little HAMS!!

The Young's said...

I love it Laine!!! Kimmie just cracks me up at how quickly she goes from "pee pie" to "I want that plate"...she doesn't mess around! I miss those little guys. They seem like they are doing great!!! Just blending in perfectly with yo ur family!!! Miss you guys! Thanks for sharing the video!!!

Dollar General said...

PIIIIEEE!! That's my favorite - the second PIE! HOW cute, and I can't believe Quan said - "I want that"! WOW! And I love how you were ready with the extra paper plate! That was very entertaining! I can't wait to have a meal with the Ferrills! What a mess! What fun! And...I did miss OPEN HOUSE! My brain is not working right! I can't remember anything!! Sharlita - you know I love you and I'm so sorry I missed open house! I know I'm the one that missed out though - not getting to see the family - bummer!! Love ya! Pg

wareaglefam said...

THAT WAS TOO CUTE! Oh, they are so adorable...they are truely brother and sister. They want what the other one has!
Tell Carlie I said congratulations on her loose tooth! The tooth fairy should be coming soon.

Mike and Barb said...

Are they cute, or what? They have such fun little personalities!
Have a great week!
Love, Barb

The Blaszczynski Family said...

That was just the most hysterical and precious thing ever. I am sitting at work crying, because what an amazing thing to see such sibling rivalry in a short amount of time and even more amazing is them both bowing their heads in prayer! God is soooooooo amazing! Quan putting the food on his plate to show that it was his is the funniest thing I've ever seen and then that little devious giggle is just priceless. You should come by our garage sale if your out Labor day weekend. Friday and Saturday starting at 8:00!
Hope to see you soon!

Tina said...

Oh my gosh!! PLEASE keep the videos coming. I was dying..I am so glad to know chaos is in everyone's life and not just here in the Pierce household!! That was priceless, and our first time to see Kimmie and Quan in action. Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know I'm sitting in my dorm room watching this video laughing my head off trying not to wake my roommate up from her nap!!! That is so funny. It reminds me of China and all the fun stories we have! I love you guys and Kimmie and Quan and this video made my day! Oh and tell Carlie and Katie Lyn that those teeth are looking good!!! I'll see you soon!


Hope for Lucy said...

I love this video.....Those sweet babies just make me smile! What a blessing they are for all of us!

This past weekend, I gave one of the ladies in our group a "Big/Girl Shower". They leave next week to get their beautiful 6 year old. At the shower, we all discussed how Kimmie and Quan Family inspire us all!

Love you
Green Party of Four

Sonya said...

WOW! How wonderful to get to see those two on video!! THAT WAS A HOOT! And, the prayer was priceless how they already know what to do!!!



Robyn said...

Laine me and Trisha are cracking up at work. Kimmie is precious and that was so a Maggie move at the end of the blessing. Take the plate while everybody has their eyes closed--Genius!! Quan's laugh is so funny. Tell Carlie if her tooth doesn't come out on it's own that I can bring Maggie over there to pull it out like she did Annabelle's. It was good to see you guys at church yesterday.
Love you Much!
Robyn :)

Southern Cheesehead said...

love the video!!! Looks likes things are going well.

...still miss you guys (have I said that lately?) :-)

mommy24treasures said...

OH I LOOOOOVE IT! How adorable. Oh yeah... its been like that ever since Jake and Chloe came home.:)
We use paperplates alot too! Really helps this mommy.
I love how they can already to the blessing. how sweet.

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine!! I am cracking up! I love the video!! It is so like our house!!! awww I miss you guys! We have got to get together soon!! Tell Carlie & Katie Lin to keep wiggling those teeth!!
love & blessings to the Ferrils!!

Anonymous said...

The video is priceless. Kimmie and Quan seem to be settling right in. Ask Rob what day Kimmie and Quan are going to get to say the blessing. With 8 of you now, someone is getting a day off. It was great to see you at church on Sunday. Can't wait till you are ready to have company so we can see all your pictures and do dads you brought back, I am still waiting for my world history lessons for Katie Lyn, Colby, Clay, and Carlie. Love Quan's laugh. He really thought he was pulling a fast one, I think he is going to keep you busy. Love how the fold their hands and bow their heads to pray. They have already learned so much. Love you. Ethel

Dollar General said...

I guess now that your back from China the tooth fairy resumes giving money to the actual kid and not to Kimmie and Quan! Tell Carlie and KL I'm taking "tooth fairy donations" for baby #3! I'm not going to China to get it but I'm sure I could put it to good use! HA!

Pandamonium Mom said...

Oh Laine, that was priceless!! I laughed so hard! They are precious!

Aaron and Erica said...


I'm back!!!! We had our internet service disconnected while we were in Utah and they JUST CAME TODAY to reconnect it for us! I was having MAJOR withdrawals...not internet for 10 days! I won't be writing anything for my blog tonight but I just had to come see what you guys have been up to. The video is hilarious, yet also so precious! Thank you for sharing it - I love getting to hear your family's voices! I can't wait to read your other posts :)



Lisa said...

How precious! They are both adorable and funny! I love the plate thing. The blessing was priceless.

Anonymous said...

No dummy, she! Take it when everyone should have their eyes closed....oh kimmie's gonna be so much fun! LOL

Trace Car Driver said...

so cute, funny, sweet... i can think of so many words to describe those 2 little blessings! even though i haven't met them yet, i feel like i have known them since they were born! still lovin your blogs... you and page inspired me to do one. i've got a ways to go, but i'm trying hard :-)

Trace Car Driver said...

oh yeah, in case you didn't know... i'm trace car driver (jamie!)

Anonymous said...

You go have to let them know who is boss!!!!!

She is a mess.


***Davida could not stop laughing.

Jana said...


I shared the video with my entire family. We LOVE it!! It's so good to see God working wonders in your family. Those two gems are spitfires and too adorable for words!


Amy said...

You don't know me personally, I am a friends of Page's and also Keisha and so I watched your daily journey through their blogs. My cousin and her husband have 4 girls under the age of 7 and just adopted 3 boys (8,10,12) from Ethopia. They are constantly on their knees before the Lord during this very difficult journey. One of their boys is dealing with alot of anger since He arrived in the states and has run away a couple of times,punched out a window and went for the knives in his times of rage. They have shed many a tear, but know that the Lord has them in this for a reason. Your trying times remind me of some of theirs. If the Lord lays them on your heart, pray for the McConnells.
Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers and I love to read your blog.