Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kimmie's Orthopedic Visit

Today we had our appointment with Dr. Doyle, the orthopedic doctor at Children's South. He is a very honest, straight-forward doctor who tells it like it is and we like that so much. Kimmie liked him too which is wonderful! He told us that in his opinion re-constructive surgery on her hands is not the best thing for her. He was very honest and said that some doctors would recommend it, but if it was HIS daughter, he would not do it. It is a very extensive surgery (actually it would be 4 surgeries PER hand) and he said that cosmetically her hands would still not look normal, and that functionally it would not help her much if at all. He observed her use her hands and said she is the type child who is going to figure out how to do things on her own. He was impressed with the way she is already using her hands. He took extensive X-rays and did say we would do some minor surgery on her right hand (to remove this extra "happy" on her thumb--it's like an extra finger-nail--and to do something else with one of the bones in her right hand...there is an extra bone connecting her thumb with her hand and if he removes it, she might have more mobility in her thumb). We are going back in January. He wants us to observe her over the next months as she gets more used to her surroundings and watch her use her hands more and more and see how she progresses. He also ordered an ultrasound of her kidneys to rule out one particular syndrome...they were able to do the ultrasound today and it looked great! Praise the Lord!
I am really thankful to have met Dr. Doyle and feel so reassured and relieved that Kimmie is under his care!
I will feel even better when we go to the cardiologist in Nov. and get a good report! Please pray that her "radial club hands" will be isolated and not related to any syndromes!
Oh and as I just casually mention the x-rays and ultrasound, don't believe for a minute that it was a casual thing! Kimmie was highly stressed to the max, screaming and crying. She was so scared. But after she realized that it didn't hurt, she settled down. I felt so sorry for her. She is SO BRAVE really. She would do exactly what the nurses wanted her to do, move her arm this way, stand this way, lay this way...but she was crying big crocodile tears. Like "okay I'll do this but I'm scared to death!"
Tomorrow Kimmie and Quan go see Dr. Harmon, our regular pediatrician, for the first time. SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOTS.
We had a great, but short visit with GranMart and GranBob last night! It was the first time since China that we had seen GranMart. Quan definitely remembered her and was all smiles. He ADORES GranBob. Mom says it's because they're so much alike! WILD GUYS!
Kimmie was GranMart's girl by the time they left. But she was very reserved with GranBob, just like she is with her daddy! She warmed up to him more by the end of the visit, though!
Kimmie is really expressing her emotions (i.e. temper tantrums) more these days. Quan's are less. Well, you win some, lose some!
Thank you for walking this road with us...I feel like we passed through a very important toll-booth today (the cost was that Kimmie had to be poked and prodded) but now we are on to the next leg of the trip! Don't worry, we're stopping to smell the roses along the way, (and we're making lots of stops for M & M's and diet coke!) Buckle up for safety!


Pandamonium Mom said...

Aw, bless her little heart! And bless them both and yours too tomorrow when they go for shots. I'm praying for all of ya! Kimmie is such a trooper! Quan too! Can't wait to meet them both one day.
love, DeEtte

Sherri said...

Oh Laine, bless her heart! I think these Wuhan kids are used to being prodded and poked. Mia just lays there for her shots and such. She cries, but she is still. I'm glad that she was such a brave little girl.

I bet you're relieved to not have to face surgery just yet.


Pandamonium Mom said...

I just read Sherri's comment and have to agree with what she said about our Wuhan kids. Hannah always was very still and cooperative, even though she cried and screamed through the whole thing. I got where I'd tell doctors: don't worry, she's loud but cooperative. Until she'd been home right at a year and had to have stitches. Then, she fought back with ALL of her might!

Lisa said...

Bless Kimmie! It sounds like she can do alot with her hands already! She sounds like a very determined little girl.
I hope they do well with their shots tomorrow.
I saw your comment on my blog about that craft. I will have to check the one out at Target that is no iron. Thanks for the tip.

The Young's said...

Kimmie is such a trooper!! I just love her spunk!!! I miss seeing those two!! I am glad that the doctor was so honest today. It has to make you feel so much better to know that he's going to do what is best for her! We are praying for good reports all the way around. Praise the Lord that the Kidneys looked good. These little guys, (all of them) have been through so much. I pray that we can all get these doctors visits over with and settle down. It has got to be so hard on them!! I'll be thinking about you guys and praying for you tomorrow. Maybe they are caught up with a lot of their shots!! Have a wonderful week!!! Love ya, Buffi

Anonymous said...

I know that what the Doctor had to say today may not be exactly what you wanted to hear, the most important thing is that he has Kimmie's best interest at heart. You can tell already that Kimmie does not let her hands stop her from doing anything she wants to do. She is such a beautiful child, that you look past her hands and see the sweet spirit of her heart. The temper tantrum come with her age as much as anything, and those, too, will pass. Glad that GranMart and GranBob got to come for a visit. I know she has probably missed ALL her babies, I am sure she misses all the hubbub that went with the China trip. Doesn't take kids long to remember those they love. I know those two will be real troopers when it comes to their shots tomorrow. Put a sucker in their mouth and they will forget the pain. Love ya. Ethel

Mike and Barb said...

Aww, Laine, you're just too sweet... I WILL meet all of you down there in Alabama some day, you know!!!
Oh, the crocodile tears - I know those oh so well, too. Nina had 500 Gazillion Labs drawn yesterday, and they flowed freely, too. You just know when they are really hurting, inside or out....
I hope your appointments continue to bring good news - I'll be praying for you all tomorrow!
Cowgirl Barb :-)

wareaglefam said...

Shots...on your birthday??? That is not a great way to spend the day! I'll be thinking and praying for all of you.
It has really amazed me how Kimmie uses her hands already! I am thankful that your doctor gave you the news "straight up...no messing around!"
I enjoyed seeing all of your older children tonight at the soccer field. Katie Lyn kept Kelley Anne entertained for awhile, and my arms got a little rest! Go Orange Crush!!
Love to all,

Keisha said...

What a brave little princess Kimmie is!!! I know she must have been scared,..a perfect opportunity to talk about how God is with us always.
Oh no, SHOTS! UGH!!!! I'll be praying all goes well.

mommy24treasures said...

Oh, is it your bday today? Happy Birthday!
Oh Laine the thing about Kimmie having some meltdowns is maybe it means she is trusting and feeling more comforable. I know they are no fun.
I am so glad her exrays turned out well. So glad. I am so sorry they have to get shots today after her ordeal yesterday, poor sweetheart. I hope its over fast and quick.
Have a great birthday.

The Blaszczynski Family said...

Those extensive visits are not fun at all. Madison had kidney problems when she was little and going to Children's for a catheterization on a 3 year old was heart wrenching!!!! You guys are always in our prayers and in our hearts! Good luck today with shots!

Tina said...

Oh I am soo glad her appt went well!! I remember all our doc visits when we first got home with Sophie..oh those first shots were so fun! NOT. Do Kimmies and Quan sweat when they are nervous? Sophie used to sweat bullets..it broke my heart!! Praying all goes well today!!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Ohhh bless her sweet heart. How sweet of her to do what the nurse said ..even though she was scared. I'm glad you got such a good & caring doctor.
Lilly has started acting up more too. At Lilly's IAC apmt. I learned that around 4 weeks after being home the babies will start having some emotional difficulties..& it is true here at our house. More tantrums..& crying at night. :( We are daily praying for your sweet family & hope to see you soon.
lv u,

Kimberly and Jonathan said...

Happy birthday Laine!!
I am praying for Kimmie that her hands will not be related to any syndromes.
I'm glad you liked Dr. Doyle.
I hope you are having a wonderful birthday!

Dollar General said...

Way to GO KIMMIE!! What a big girl - and how big were your tears Laine?!? I remember being scared of the xrays when I was little!
I have a question I feel I can ask - b/c we are so close and all - ha - but are they understanding English? I'm still shocked that Quan in the video said "I want that" or something like that! Should I be - do they catch on that fast?!? Do they still speak Chinese and have you taken them to the restaurant to see what they say when they gibber-gabber or has anyone spoken to them in Chinese and they respond?
I mean it's great what you are telling us about the Dr. visits but when you said Kimmie did what they told her my mind just wondered off into that world! My mind wonders away from me alot these days!!
Praying for Kimmie!! Love you - and Happy Birthday! I hope you got your CD!!

Sonya said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laine!!!!!!!!

PRAYING that Kimmie's hands will not be related to any syndromes.


Anonymous said...

Hey, why didn't you tell us it was your birthday. What day was it. Did YOU have to bake YOUR own cake as well. serves you right for making your poor children make their own. Hope it was a great one. How could it not be with all those beautiful children to love on you. Ethel