Saturday, August 4, 2007


Our first venture out was today! (the following pics are posted backwards...sorry!)
We love wagon rides!
I like my little swingset, Clarks! (Hair compliments of Katie Lyn!)
Jet lag jet lag jet lag...need I say more?

We love all the food! Thank you!!!!
Thank you sweet neighbors!

Loving our ride home!
Riding home in style from the airport! Thank you Lyn! We missed you!
Maggie and Kimmie...together at last with one big kiss for each other!
Thank you Aunt Lyn for the limo ride home!
Kylie is so happy to be home at last!
So is GranMart! We all wore Chinese head-dresses and hats for our arrival!
Sweet friends and family welcoming us home at the airport!
Thank you GranMart for our premium economy seats on the way home! They were so much better!
Silly girls playing in the hotel on our last day.
Saying goodbye to our favorite friends in our favorite store by the hotel.
Kylie cleaning out my backpack for the trip home...she is now the backpack nazi and would not let me put any unnecessary items in it anymore! Thank you GranMart and Kylie for helping me pack everything up to come home!
Yes! We're home sweet home! Oh it feels so good to be here back on the Farm on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Oh thank you Lord! It has been quite a trip home.
What a wonderful welcoming party we had at the airport! We are so overwhelmed by the love...and so sorry we were late coming in and missed seeing some of you! For those we did get to see, you were all a sight for some very sore eyes! The hugs and smiles and sweet signs...I'm tearing up again just thinking about it! Thank you just isn't enough, so please feel our grateful hearts when we say how much we love each and every one of you! Lyn, we LOVED the limo ride home! Talk about going home in style! It was so nice to be driven home, and the children were all beyond excited to ride in a limo! When we were halfway to Springville, one of them said "Wow, this guy even knows where we live!"
When we drove thru downtown Springville it was like we were driving to heaven. To see the little shops again, the 4-way stop, the library, Del Sol...and then the long awaited sign to MacDonald Farm! With a huge banner welcoming us home! To add to that, there were signs all along our road like "you're almost home Kimmie and Quan!" and "We missed you Katie Lyn, Colby, Clay and Carlie!". Sweet neighbors, you will never know how much this means to us. What a welcome sight when we arrived at our home. HOME. Neighbors in the yard waiting to see us, a pink and blue bow on the mailbox, some more really awesome signs, and we're home! Quan went straight to the swingset in the backyard. He LOVES it! Kimmie is just not as agile enough for it yet, but not to worry, the Clarks had put a little swingset just her size right beside the big one! When we walked in the back door, I wanted to cry to see my living room again! And then all the signs from the Fargarsons (love the "no more squatty potty" sign on the toilet!), and the Beasleys and Clarks and Ethel! We love the framed pictures of Kimmie and Quan, Robyn! They are amazing! And we love the "red couch" pics of the Clark and Beasley girls...that cracked us up that while we were gone yall had your own red couch pictures made in our house! And all the FOOD!!!!!! What a huge blessing! We will not have to worry about what to eat for a LONG time! We know the grocery crew entails many of you! You knew just what to stock our cabinets with! Cereal, chips, poptarts, candy, and our fridge is overflowing with bacon, milk, eggs, sausage, sand. meat, and our freezer with even more ready to eat goodies (yummy pizza rolls!) WOW. Again, we are so overwhelmed and grateful. This really has made our transition home so much easier! Oh thank you all so much! We were provided Chick Fil A for our first dinner home (thank you Clarkies!) and last night Tracy and Robbie brought yummy spaghetti/salad/bread/and TWO desserts! Oh! Thank you! The Lord is taking such good care of us through all of you!
And He knew we needed this, because I have been SO sick since we've been home. It started Thurs. night and lasted until Friday night (that's why I haven't called a lot of yall back!) Rob has really had to step up to the plate because I have been unable to get off the couch. Having all the food here has been so helpful to him! We are all very jet lagged on top of just adjusting to being home again. Last night I know Robbie and Tracy must have thought we were zombies. And our house definitely looks like the double toddler tornado has been through!
Today, though, we are feeling halfway normal, praise God! I am much better (I can keep down your Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Pepaw!) and everyone is perking up. We were all up before 6 a.m. this morning. We had breakfast at 6:30, so by 9:00 we were hungry again so Rob made pancakes...our 2nd breakfast of the day! We felt so spunky this morning we decided to try our first venture out, to soccer registration! Quan loved getting in the car and going. Kimmie screamed but then when she realized I was getting in the car too she stopped. When we got to the fields, Quan was gone with the boys...kicking the ball, holding his own, and loving playing outside. He started crying at one point until he saw Rob was still there, and then he just kept on playing! Kimmie stuck pretty much to me until she warmed up and then she played around with the ball, too. It was good to get out, and we only stayed about 30 minutes. A perfect first outing! Now they are both taking a nap. I have a feeling I am going to be living for nap times!

So, life is never going to be the same around here. And I just keep thinking about that devotion about God gaining glory through the process and not the outcome. In my quiet time this morning (yes, I can still get a quiet time, it just has been very abbreviated since gotcha day!) I was just thinking about how life will never be the same...homeschooling, weekends, vacations, shopping trips, nothing will be the same. And to be honest, I was really grieving my old life with my children. Almost missing Katie Lyn, Colby, Clay and Carlie and the way things were. Rob and I both have grieved the "old life". But that is the case in all changes in life. I remember the quote "When you're walking with God, change is always in your favor." This morning I just stood in the kitchen crying in Rob's arms, and he held me for a long time. Then we heard the pitter patter of feet coming in the kitchen where we were. The feet stopped, and later we looked and Kimmie and Quan were just standing there staring at us. It was precious, and a total picture of God telling us that this new life will be so much better. We've just got to give it time.

I do know that we could not be surviving this jet lag/adjustment/attachment without all of your prayers and support! Thank you all so much!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Ferrill Family!
The Nielsen's

Sherri said...

Isn't it amazing how the little ones have radar that is tuned in to when their parents get within 6 inches of each other? And isn't it great to be interrupted by the patter of little feet during those times? Well, not always.....:)

I'm so glad you're home and things are beginning to settle down. Your life has a new normal now. YOU HAVE 6 KIDS!!!!!!!!!!

Hang in there, Laine. I'm here if you ever need me!


Anonymous said...

Good to have you all back safe and sound.

Sometimes change is really difficult to accept, even when we are the ones that pursued it. But, most times our greatest personal and spiritual growth comes when we are challenged and stretched beyond what we think we can handle or, when we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. God has great things in store for you and your family. I truly believe it.

Give it some time and you will see the "new" normal Ferrill household will be "super duper" Olivia likes to say :-)

Remember, we are always here if you need anything.

Love ya,

The Young's said...

We love you guys!!! We are so glad that your trip home was such a blessing. We hope you're all feeling better!!! We can't wait to get with you soon to see how Kimmie and Quan are doing. Gotta run and go see Bibleman at church!!! Hope Sadie likes it!!! Love yall!
Mark & Buffi

Pandamonium Mom said...

Welcome Home!! I'm so impressed you have Kimmie and Quan napping at the same time. Way to go!!
Like Sherri said, you do have a new normal. It just takes time to feel normal again. Lots of sleep will help...sleep while those babies are napping together. :-)
You have a sweet precious family.
Call me anytime!
love, DeEtte

Dollar General said...

YAY - your home and back to cyberspace! HA! I really hope you start feeling better soon! I'm so glad you ventured out - get some of that fresh American!! Nothing like it!
We are still praying for you and your transition! Just think how much your heart ached to be with Kimmie and Quan and now - they are all yours! YAY! You have the "baby blues" - guess it happens even when you adopt! Love you!!

Dollar General said...

Laine, now you and Shalita can once again laugh at how I can't finish my sentences. My brain thinks faster than I can type! So enjoy this once again...

"I'm so glad you ventured out - get some of that fresh American!"

I'm cracking myself up! What fresh American did you get a hold of at the ball park? Let's hope it was ROB!!

wareaglefam said...

We're so glad that you guys are back...we're the lucky ones because we've gotten to see you 2 or 3 times!! We are only two doors away when you need us.
We love you so much!
The McWhorters

Lisa said...

Glad you are all home safe and sound. I loved reading all the updates and looking at all of the photos while you were in China. I can remember grieving for our old family like you are doing. You will find a new normalcy and like everyone else said your family will be better than ever.
I think them napping at the same time is great. You have 6 kids now! Wow, you and your hubby have to be super special awesome parents. I look forward to meeting you in person and not just in blogland. ;)

Mike and Barb said...

Oh, Laine,
I DO understand your crazy up and down feelings. Take time to enjoy the little victories and blessings, and you will see they become bigger and better every day. After three weeks at home I feel like this might work out *ha* - although this morning at church it was NOT fun....
I love the enthusiasm, faith, fun and deep roots I feel in your posts that show me who you are even if I don't "know" you in person.
You will be okay, because the Lord is at your side, and you have a great hubby (from what it sounds like :-) ) and a network of family and friends who love you!
And it is my hope that some day we will meet! Honestly!
Lots of cyberhugs....

Sonya said...

Let me just tell you that you will never stop tearing up when you think of your home coming welcome from your sweet friends and family! I still tear up 2 1/2 years later! It is such a humbling thing!!!


Keisha said...

Oh my God....It's Cocoa! In the picture...we just thought she was the sweetest thang ever! We met her before getting Faith and she told us to come back and we did! I would have taken her home, if China would have let me! She had such a sweet spirit!! Tears of JOY filled her eyes when she saw Faith!!

Anywho...I love the pictures! You have a beautiful family!! God has richly blessed you and your husband! We hope He continues to bless!!!
Love you,
The Walkers

Ps...this jet lag will be over before you know it!! Hang in there! :0)

mommy24treasures said...

hi Laine
I know you are still feeling so overwhelmed right now. I remember being sick when coming home from Guatemala and it certainly doesn't help things. Being strong physically helps us to be strong mentally and spiritually. I am glad you feel better today and pray you get stronger each day. Very soon you will not even like thinking about your family the way it was "before". It will seem empty to think about... Hard to believe I know; but it won't be long!
I want to bring you guys dinner one evening when you are up to it.
hugs and love