Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Visit to Dr. Harmon

Hello to my loyal sweet blogging buddies! Even those of you who don't comment...PAULA! LAURA!
Today Kimmie and Quan saw our regular pediatrician, Dr. Harmon. Rob did not make this dr. appt. so we took our sweet neighbor Kaelin who took such good care of our pets while we were in China. She was a GREAT help at the doctor! She is homeschooled and I am so thankful that she is just right down the road and so willing to help! Kaelin is the type of helper who you don't even have to tell her what to do, she just does it! Just like KYLIE!!!!!!!! We miss you Kylie! Kaelin helped fill the void we feel after Kylie has gone to college. And, you're never going to believe this Kylie, but she has long red hair! I really think Kimmie and Quan thought she was Kylie! They went right to her and felt so comfortable with her. That was such a blessing at the doctor office when they were taking turns getting shots! This mama couldn't hold two screaming babies at once, so Kaelin was able to watch one while I had the other.
So, on to the appt. The bottom line is Quan got 6 shots and Kimmie got 5 (including their TB test). At this point I cannot remember what all they got! I know one of them was Prevnar which is I think for ear infections? Anyway, they both screamed and can imagine. I had a flashback of Quan in China because he tried to hit me when I laid him down on the table. JOY! He is such a fighter. He really needs some Jesus, QUICK! But after it was over there was no more anger. Oh Lord I just want that anger to be gone from him. Kimmie was just pitiful during her shots. But like Quan, when it was over she settled right down. They both liked seeing the nurse make a BIG scene out of throwing the needles away. It was cute! They both are going to start taking an antibiotic for their nasty noses that we've been battling for a long time. We will go back for more shots in 3 mos. At least they get a little break! Dr. Harmon was very thorough and both Kimmie and Quan seem to like him and his nurse Mrs. Jackie! I'm so glad because my other children ADORE him and his nurse. Dr. Harmon asked about Kimmie's hearing because she has so much stuff in her ears. I told him we're going to the audiologist at the end of Sept. My mother's instinct tells me that Kimmie needs tubes. Just a hunch.
So Page, you are so funny asking if they understand english. They do understand a LOT. Do you want to eat? Go put that back. No-No! It's Kimmie's turn. It's Quan's turn. Be gentle. Go put that in the garbage. Put your clothes in the dirty clothes (as I'm pointing to the clothes). Say thank you. Get your shoes. Get a book. Let's brush our teeth. Do you want to take a bath? And much much more. But they are not SPEAKING english much. Quan cannot pronunciate his words because of his open palate. So if he IS speaking english, we can't understand him. We have taught him simple signs for more, eat, drink, please, etc. and he uses those great. He repeats what we say, but more like in a grunt. Kimmie is repeating more and more what we say, but she doesn't just come up to us and say "Hey Momma can I have a snack?" You know? Her speech is really good in my opinion...but it's minimal, like at an 18 mos. old level. But she enunciates her words well. So in a nutshell, they do understand us more and more, but they have a long way to go in their language development. How I long to hear one of them say from the backseat "I like it!" like Sadie did! (Buffi!) Here is what I hear from the backseat:
Quan: "Ahhh iiii ooooo Ahhhhh iiiii ooooooooo (gruuuuuuuuuuunt) translation: "Look at that ma! Ma! Ma! Look at that!" when we go by the big trucks in our neighborhood.
Kimmie: "Too seee laaaaa meee woooo! Kuh Kuh laaaa too see too see" translation: you're guess is as good as mine! I have no clue what she babbles.
Thank you for the birthday well wishes. Yall are all so kind! It's hard being 26, but somebody's got to do it!


Sherri said...

Happy Birthday!

If you pay close attention, you will pick up Chinese from Kimmie! I noticed that every time we passed the ball display at Target or Wal Mart, Mia would say what sounded to me like "cho cho". I asked the Chinese owner of our local Japanese sushi place, and he said that "cho" is ball and "chi" is air. What she was saying was "chi cho" which literally translated is "air ball" which is balloon. She was seeing balloons! It's like a puzzle trying to figure out what she is saying. are done with the doctor until the end of September?


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean the 11th anniversary of your 26th birthday? Jeepers, when I did the math - I couldn't believe it! My baby sister is almost FORTY! That means I'm OLD! Couldn't pass that one up Lainey Complainey! Aren't you glad I haven't commented before? Love you, Laura

Anonymous said...

Gee, Laine, some families just can't keep a secret, can they. Don't feel bad, my OLD sisters would probably do the same thing to me. Thanks Laura. Lainey, Complainey, hum, will have to remember that one. Ethel

The Ferrill's said...

PUH_LEASE! I am NOT almost forty! But even if I WAS, Mom said that her favorite decade was from forty to fifty! So Laura you're WELL on your way into that favorite decade, huh?
:) Hee Hee...once a brat, always a brat!
Can't wait to see yall this weekend!

The Young's said...

I just LOVE your posts Laine!! I am with you on interpreting the Chinenglish. It's a little difficult. Every once in a while I'll get the "I like it!!" and "I'm gonna get you!!" but I spend a lot of time staring at her little lips and gestures hoping I can sort of read what she is talking about!!! It's a challenge!!

Did Kimmie and Quan have their immunization records? If so...were they really behind? Just curious. I'm not looking forward to the shots myself. YUCK!!!

Thanks for the update!!! We think of you every day!! Hope to see you when we come to the clinic on Sept. 17th. Love you guys!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Happy Birthday!! I love hearing you & your sister..go back & forth!! Who is the oldest anyway??? (Let me throw a little gasoline on the flame!! hehe!)

awww I really dread shot day for Lilly! It is always such an emotionally draining day. Glad it is over for you & you had good help!!

Although Lilly is saying allot of English.....probably only Mommy can understand her. Kimmie & Quan are being talked to all day & it will not be long before their English will grow. Quan may take a bit longer...but hey who needs English...when you have a pointer finger & such a charming personality as the little "Emperor" himself :) hehe!

We love you guys & send lots of hugs your way!

the whole Pintaro bunch!

Aaron and Erica said...


Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you guys got a chance to celebrate after the whole shot thing was over. Don't you love having a sister to keep you straight? :) How funny!



Janet said...

Hey Sweet Laine! I was reading the comment by your sister and saw the jab at you being almost forty!!! NO WAY! Are you really that old??? Just kidding! Happy Birthday to you!! I have really enjoyed keeping up with you through your blog. And thanks for the encouraging comments on my blog. It is always fun to get comments(Maybe we can convince Paula to join the blog world and comment. Ha!) Good to hear that you made it through the doctor visit. We see Dr Harmon as well and the kids love him and Jackie too. They are a great pair. Jackie is always so very funny and entertaining! I can't wait until CBS starts back and I can meet Kimmie and Quan and catch up with you. Love you!

Janet said...
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wareaglefam said...

Lainey, Complainey...I love that one! Hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner as much as we enjoyed seeing you in the somberro (did I spell that right? It doesn't look like it!) with the whipped cream on your nose!
I am glad that shot day is over. I HATE taking the kids for the shots...they just look at you like, "Why are you letting them hurt me like this?" Yuck!
I figured that Quan was loving the trucks on the Farm! Kelley Anne loves the beeping noises!
Happy Birthday!!

Keisha said...

LOL! That is funny! I think Faith would understand every word! She is getting better. I hate the shot thang too! Poor babies, give em a kiss for me!

Tina said...

Wow 26..that makes you just a year older than me...hee hee. Happy Birthday!! I am glad the appt's went ok. The shots are just torture for all involved!!

mommy24treasures said...

Happy Happy birthday. May you have a wonderful year.
Glad the dr visit is over.
I love the babbling. Sweet...

The Blaszczynski Family said...

Happy Late Birthday! Glad to hear that yesterday went as smooth as expected. Keep me posted on their ears and hearing, you know me, Dr. Amanda, Audiologist, wants to know how all my babies are hearing! If Kimmie does need tubes, her speech may take off once her ears are clear. I see that alot in my practice with kids! Have a great long weekend!

Dollar General said...

Whoo, 27 is wearing me out! I had a feeling you were my age! That's why we get along so well! HA! You're like my baby sister!! HaHaHa! Thanks for answering my questions!! How interesting...Your next project is to take them to the Chinese restaurant and let them talk to the waiters...See what they have been saying! I'm sure it's something to the effect of "My Mom Rocks!" I'm SO glad that Dr. visit is O-V-E-R!! Love ya!!

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday!! You can't be almost 40, you don't look any older than the 26 year old that you think, I mean that you are ha!ha! Bless their hearts for getting so many shots. Hey once they start coming to church they will start talking and probably never hush. Hopefully Kimmie will not learn crazy stuff from Maggie. She loves looking at their pictures. I'm glad everything went well with Kimmie's ortho appointments too.
Love you guys!
Robyn :)

Trace Car Driver said...

great news!! praise god for the many answered prayers. i know he is going to continue to bless the ferrill's!

Southern Cheesehead said...

sorry that I missed your b'day, Laine! Happy late B'day!!! I can remember Rob's only because it's the same day as Ernie's!!

Thank you for your updates because that's the only way I can keep up with you...otherwise I only talk to you voice mail, but I totally understand so don't take that the wrong way!!

We miss you guys!

Hope for Lucy said...


I love seeing updates of those sweet babies and they just cuter everytime I see a picture of them!!

I'm so glad that the shots are over for a while. Our babies dont realize that it hurts us more when they are hurting.

Have a blessed weekend!

Green Party of Four

Mike and Barb said...

Oh, no, did I miss the Birthday party??? Let's see... 26... would that really make me 27????? Nawwwww! Ignorance is bliss!
Thanks for taking the time to post - I can only imagine how busy you must be!
And as far as language goes.... the sparkle in those kiddos eyes' show me that even if they're not understood, their needs are met and they are loved.
Language will follow!
Love, Barb