Monday, September 3, 2007

Another surprise---ROAD TRIPPPPPPPP!

Friday morning my phone rang at 7 a.m. My sister Leigh called to say they weren't going to the beach, and so my mom's condo would be free if we wanted it. We thought about it and in a very spontaneous and fun decision we said YES! Okay Kimmie and Quan, we know you've only been home a month, but guess what're about to go to the beach! With every other person on the planet this Labor Day wknd! The traffic was a bear going down, but we made it. They did pretty well traveling! (Except of course for the occasional battles. One time I heard this coming from Clay in the way back.."Quan! You do NOT lick your hands and put them on me OR yourself! NO SIR!") Our beloved "Bessie" Suburban is not doing well, so we rented a 15 passenger van for the trip. It was good to test drive it for a big trip so we can decide if that's what we would like for our next car. The jury is still out. They are not as comfortable as the Suburban, but the space was heaven. Anyway, I know you did not read this post to find out about which vehicle is the back to the good stuff...

We were all so excited to be back at the condo as we had not been "home" since March! Kimmie and Quan did SO great being in a new environment. We piled all the children in the other bedroom and they stayed up giggling til who knows when! Quan LOVES the sand...Kimmie not so much at first but she got used to it. Her favorite was the ocean! The water was so clear and calm. We were able to swim a lot in it. Oh what fun!

Kimmie and Quan learned all their beach words: "seashell, beach, sand, castle, water, pool, and the all important...MORE PRINGLES!" (They can't SAY all those words, they were just introduced to them all!) Today back at home Quan saw a picture of his older siblings in the sand (a pre-Kimmie/Quan picture) and he got all excited, pointing and telling me all about the beach (at least I'm guessing that's what he was telling me!)

Needless to say, I am beyond thrilled that we've added two beach bums to the mix! YAY! Thank you God for children who love the beach as much as I do!In the middle of packing, Colby needed my help on school work. I went to help him, came back to my room and found this pictured above.

And then I found this little culprit putting ALL the clothes from that drawer in the suitcase! What a helper he is!

I do not like sand, Sam I Am! Maybe if I close my eyes it will all disappear!

Oh yes, may I please wear THESE to the beach?

My guys! Colby and Clay are really getting good at skim boarding! It's kinda scary!

Sweet little girls!

Carlie, Clay, Cousin Claire, and Katie Lyn taking a dive!

Thank you Daddy for digging me my own pool in the sand!
And thank you Lord for allowing us to go on this surprise little trip! It was heavenly!
And thank you bloggy friends for all your sweet comments and excitement over Kimmie's foster sister! It has been neat emailing Nathalie in Holland and finding all about our girls' similarities and differences. I am SO eternally grateful that God allowed us to find each other!


Anonymous said...

What a great surprise. How heavenly to go to the beach. Did you expect K & Q to be anything other than beach bums... It runs in the family. So glad they had a good time. You can tell by all the pics Absolutely sat here histerically laughing at all the pics. I know this trip did the whole family a world of good. A chance to get away and still have your privacy. With a 15 passenger van, you will have room for a few of your "friends" next time. Remember who your friends are!!!!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed it. Loved the comment by Clay to Quan. How funny. Guess he has really been listening to mom and dad, huh? Hope to see y'all soon. Ethel

Hope for Lucy said...

Wow....each picture got better and better. But I think I like the most is Kimmie and Quan kissing. The love for sister and brother--PRICELESS!
Of course, Ms. Kimmie was way too cute in those bathing suits.
I'm so glad yall got away for a beach trip. We are looking forward to our second beach trip in October with Ms. Lily and the LOTION!
Hugs to all you Ferrill bunch!

Green Party of Four

Shalita said...

OOOOHHHHH,AAAAAAHHHHH! I could smell the condo and the beach just by looking at the pictures! Kimmie is looking pretty cute in JG's hand me downs! Lovin the bathing suit and heels------she is ready for her first Miss America pageant! The only picture missing is you in your bathing suit and heels----oh well, maybe next time!

wareaglefam said...

I absolutely love the picture of all the kids in a row looking out! I am so glad that you guys had a nice time. Shalita will be proud to see all those bows in Kimmie's hair...even at the beach!
The boys are dying to go to the beach! Parker LOVES shells!
Soccer, soccer, is ready to gear up! Hope to see you some time this weekend!

Journey to Lilly! said...

awwww what a great trip!1 I love all your pic's! I am glad things went well for you this past week-end because we are headed to the beach in a couple weeks too... I was a little worried....but not enough to stay home! See you Friday!!

Mike and Barb said...

Oh, those pictures are priceless! LOVE the kissing one, and the one of all your kids lined up.
You really think the wild west and picking apples is SO FUN??? You know how long it's been since I have been to the beach? YEARS!!!!!!
And I'm fixing to have a temper tantrum because I don't get what I want - WAAAHHHHHHHH!.
Allright, I'll try not to covet any more ;-))))
I'm glad you had such a fun weekend, and it's good to have you "back"
Love, Barb

The Young's said...

Wow Laine!! What fun you guys had!!! It looks SO relaxing!!! I LOVE Kimmie's picture with the pink swimsuit and high heels. It is SO funny watching the girls clip clop around in those shoes. It's so cute. You guys look like you're doing fantastic!!! I love hearing about how things are doing and how they are just getting better and better!! Kimmie and Quan seem like they just fit like a glove!!! I know they love their new family!!! Have a great week!!
Love & Miss you,

mommy24treasures said...

oh Laine I think it was just what you all needed! I am so glad you got a little vacation! Sounds like Kimmie and Quan are learning home is where their family is. Pictures are all precious. I love Quan packing.

Sherri said...

We are going to the beach October! I am so happy you got to have a great weekend at the beach!


Southern Cheesehead said...

that's fun - spontaneous trip to the beach...hmmm - let's see - I think I remember those days, but it's just a fleeting memory at this point! :-)
I'm so excited you guys got to go and I'm excited that you shared the pictures with all of us crazy bloggers!
Have I mentioned in the last week that we miss you guys?
Ernie, Michele, Jackson & Carson

Robyn said...

I am so jealous, but I'm glad you guys had such a great time. Those pictures are so cute. With such a big van who do you think you are--the Blalocks? Well 2 more kids and you will be. I've been missing you guys at church!! Maggie is patiently waiting for another little girl in Sunday School--she cannot wait for KimmieQuan to be there. I agree with Shalita on the Miss America comment I'm loving the heels w/the bathing suit. Remember you are only 26 so lets see your picture next-ha!ha! Tell Clay that a little spit between brothers never hurt-that was so funny. I think Annabelle has said the same thing to Maggie before when she wants to play "lick". Hey Laine how about the ALABAMA game Saturday. ROLL TIDE!!! I noticed in previous pics of Kimmie in the pink Bama outfit. At least you got her on the right side. Love you guys and I'm glad everything is going well.
Love you!!
Robyn :)

Trace Car Driver said...

how fun!!! so the ferrill's were ready for the beach... but was the beach ready for them? :) looks like ya'll had a great time. love all the pics. so glad the road trip went well and ya'll are back safely. i'm sure the kids are really into school this week, not wishing at all that they were back at the beach... HA

Tina said...

I am so glad they liked the beach!! Sophie was the same as Kimmie her first time. I love all the pics of thier backs, I am going to do that next time b/c I never succeed in getting a good pic of all of them. I love spontaneous trips..they are the best!!!

Pandamonium Mom said...

fun! fun!! I'm taking Hannah to the beach for the first time in October. She's been asking to go "to the ocean" for months. :-)
I LOVE the pictures. I laughed out loud at Quan putting all your clothes in the suitcase. And Hannah wants to tell Kimmie "I like your shoes!".
Hope to see y'all soon!
love, DeEtte

Kimberly and Jonathan said...

Wow!! How fun!! We love the beach too!!
The pictures are so sweet. The captions you put just crack me up!
Kimmie looks so cute and what a true girl-- she kept that pink bow in at the beach!!
Hope to meet ya'll soon!!!

Sonya said...

WOW!!! How FUN! You got some GREAT pictures too! Just missed seeing one of the whole family on the beach!
We are heading down in Oct...just read that several blog buddies are also going in Oct.
Wouldn't it be fun if we could all meet?!?!?


Dollar General said...

Yeah Laine, sorry I couldn't go to the beach with y'all - this morning sickness is a bummer! Better Luck next time right?!?

It's like the journey is complete we have Kimmie and Quan beach pictures! HA! YAY BEACH!

I'm glad y'all had fun! Love ya LOTS, Pg

Mike and Barb said...

Hey Laine,
you have been TAGGED! Visit my blog for the details...

The Blaszczynski Family said...

What a fabulous surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Glad to see you have 6 beach bums, children after my own heart.

Lisa said...

I LOVE these photos. I am so glad that they are beach bums like the rest of your family! They look like they had a great time and did really well.