Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fun pics....

Happy Birthday Clay and Colby! Okay, Colby's b-day was in April, Clay's is this month. We were supposed to have a double party this summer...but ya know, we went to China and everything! The summer escaped me! Sooooo....before our neighborhood pool closed we squeezed in a party to remember! This year we decided on a double party because the boys share so many friends anyway! It was so much fun and most importantly it was everything the boys wanted it to be!
Yay! The Pintaros came to the party and we were so excited to see them for the first time since our China trip together! In fact, we loved seeing them so much we went to Sunday lunch with them today, too!
Here is one reason the party went so smooth....Kaelin and Maddie who played in the pool with Kimmie and Quan so I didn't have to be a wet hostess with the mostest! Thank you girls! Kimmie and Quan were SO great and very well worn out! And when the girls had to leave it was not an issue one bit...Kimmie and Quan just came right back to me and Rob and sat out of the pool! Thank you Lord! This was a milestone in my book!
Soccer is in full swing around here! We have four playing and so we are all over the place on Saturdays! Here is Katie Lyn doing her thang!
More soccer cuties...Carlie and Clay are on the same team and Rob is their coach! Go Orange Crush!
Here is what Kimmie and Quan do during soccer games! Sit in the stroller and eat!
Colby and Caleb going after the ball...on opposite teams and yet...
best friends since birth!
Look who learned how to play a harmonica! They love these! Kimmie is hysterical when she plays because she stomps her foot and dances a jig while she's playing it!

Other firsts for this week:
We went to CBS. I helped in Kimmie and Quan's class to get them used to it. I will be helping in there for awhile because I know they are not ready for me to leave them yet. I had to step out of the room for just a second and Quan LOST it...I mean a "I'm crying so hard I'm going to throw up" cry. I popped back in quickly, but too late, he was SO upset. Quan! Can you believe it? I would expect Kimmie who seems so much more attached to me. But no, it was Quan! Therefore, I am going to stay in there until I feel he's ready. I love the little class. There are two other Chinese adopted children in there...Tess Merriman and Emmi Hurley. We call it the multi-cultural class! I love their teacher too...Mrs. Karen is the greatest. Nobody else could have 12 two-year olds all sitting in their chairs singing songs!

Another first was their first time to the beauty salon to watch Mommy get her roots done. I was nervous about taking them. It's a LONG appt. when I have to get my roots done. Would they cry and fuss and make this impossible? Who cares, I HAVE to get my roots done. I was desperate. So I loaded up the dum dums and we ALL went. God is so gracious! They sat in the stroller the whole time and were so content! Praise the Lord, I got my roots done!

Other funnies for this week:
Whenever we call Quan's name from another room he hollers back in his best Memaw voice...
"HAH?" One day we'll correct him and make him say "Maam?" but for now it is just hilarious!

When we call the children for mealtimes or if I'm just calling one of them to come here, Kimmie yells for them right after me. She yells REALLY loud! So in church this morning our interim pastor was preaching on Habakkuk and said in a VERY loud voice "ARE YOU LISTENING GOD?" and Kimmie proceeded to repeat after him in her best yelling voice..."GOOOOOOOD!"
Oh my goodness we laughed so hard!

Sweet nothings for this week:
Quan can sing Jesus Loves Me so sweetly. When he gets to the part where you repeat "Yes, Jesus loves me" and the "me" goes up really high, his little voice goes SO high! It is really pretty! I know he's going to be a singer one day! We've been singing this song before bedtime, and this week he's really started to sing the WHOLE thing with us. The first time he did that, Rob and I both got huge tears in our eyes. It's really amazing to hear these words coming out of this little two year old Chinese boy who just over a month ago was so sad and lonely and confused. Only God could make this transformation in his heart!

Yes, Jesus loves me! And you too!


Jana said...

I LOVE this post, Laine. How sweet that Quan knows how to sing "Jesus Loves Me"! I love hearing Oakley sing too. I made up this little song early on about Baby Oakley (the words are too hokey to print), but I hear her singing it in her room all the time. Precious babies -- we have some precious babies!


wareaglefam said...

Oh, I love it! I got chills and tears too thinking about Quan singing "Jesus Loves Me!" Thank you for being strong enough to bring these two precious babies into all of our lives!
I must tell everyone that reads your blog that your children are INCREDIBLE soccer players! I love to watch all of them play. We will probably see at least one of them play for the US in the Olympics or something!
Better go and check all the other blogs...I don't want to miss anything!

Kimberly and Jonathan said...

Wow!! Ya'll have lots going on! It all sounds like lots of fun to me.
All the pics were cute and I would love to see Kimmie play the harmonica! How funny!
And poor Quan, crying when you left. You know, he is really attached to you. I remember when you were the "food lady"...
God does amazing things.
I met a friend of yours, Karen Gravly (I hope I'm spelling her last name right). She is so sweet.
She and her daughter Katherine were in oodles of ribbon and I was buying bows for Anna Brooke. What a small world!!
Praying for ya'll,

The Young's said...

Laine...I LOVE this update. It's so good to hear that everything is going SO well!!! Your bio kids seem great and so do Kimmie and Quan. If you don't mind me asking...What is a CBS class? Just curious. I can't imagine being as busy as you. WOW!! You just amaze me. God's grace is a blessing! Praise Him for that!! I just love hearing about you guys. We miss you!

Robyn said...

I love all of the pictures. Maggie does the same thing on "Jesus Loves Me". With the me she goes soprano. It is so funny. That was so funny in church today when Kimmie screamed that out. It took all I had not to start laughing. Maggie really loved chasing Quan after church. That is all she talked about on the way to lunch. Katie Lyn looks like a true professional on that soccer field. The other kids are pretty cute too. Oh by the way your roots look GREAT!! Missed you at Sparks and Choir tonight but it went o.k. I guess without you. HURRY back!! I'll see you at Dance on Tuesday.
Love you!!
Robyn :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was so great to see all of you at church this morning. Kimmie and Quan are so happy. They are really fitting right in. After church I saw Colby and Clay and went up to them to get hugs (I got hugs from the girls during the welcome time, of course 1 is never enough), Quannie was standing by Clay and when Clay stood up to give me a hug, Quan decided that he need a hug as well. LOVE IT!! Then Miss Prissy I guess was afraid I was going to take her jewelry away from her, she wanted to be sure I saw it, but she wasn't going to part with any of it. They are learning so much and it seems like they are really understanding English. I don't know how you have done it, but it is awesome to see how far they have come in about 6 weeks. Can you give us some kind of Soccer schedule, we might try to hit some of the games. With that many playing, not sure we can hit all of them, but maybe some. Love ya.

mommy24treasures said...

This is a wonderful update!
I bet it was sweet to the soul to see your travel mates again. How wonderful. And to see Gracie and Lily together. The part sounds and loks wonderful. How blessed you were to have pool helpers! ALl the pics are wonderful and the sweet nothings too. Love it.
Yes we are excited about dance tomorrow. Chloe is very ready. I am so glad Ifound a place where she can take. Thank you again.
You will have to tell me more about CBS.

Dollar General said...

What a FUN blog! You are a real go getter - trying to get that supermom status back by doing your roots and going to CBS, soccer games, and church! LAINE, give it's GONE!! HA! I love you!

Oh, and I bought the Jazzercise PREGNANCY video - I haven't done it yet b/c I haven't felt so hot but I'm going to probably this week sometime! I'd hate to lose my great figure just b/c I'm pregnant! WHATEVER!!

Love all you Ferrills! YOU ROCK...

The Ferrill's said...

Oh my goodness. I just re-read my post and when I was talking about going to the beauty salon and I said "I loaded up the dum dums" I was talking about suckers! Just wanted to clarify!
Also, CBS is Community Bible Study...It is awesome! It is non-denominational and we meet every Wed. at Northpark. They have great classes for children of all ages and their homeschool classes are doing the same study as the moms...the Book of Acts. This is my 10th yr. and it has changed my life!
AND PAGE...Puh-lease! I gave up the super-mom crown to Laurie, remember? And I do NOT want it back!
To God be the glory!

Aaron and Erica said...

How funny that the first thing that came to my mind after I read this post was that I wanted to make a comment and say..."I love this post"! Well, looks like everyone else thought the same thing :) We have been out of touch most of this week with a stomach bug that has gone around our family - 11 people in less than 7 days. The boys even missed Opening Day of soccer! We are on the mend now though and I'm catching up on everyone now. We HAVE to get together sometime soon! I really want to meet your sweet babies.



Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, I am glad you clarified the " dum dums!! " hehe! We love you guys!! I would love to have heard Kimmie shout Gooooood today in church! She is so very precious & Quan is a little ham bone!! I love all your babies...Your a very precious family! I am going to start Bible Study with you & I am very excited about it!!
lv & blessings!
Kim & Family

Pandamonium Mom said...

Hey Laine,
I loved your post, but I also had to laugh at your clarification of "dum dums". I knew what you meant, but of course, that's because I've used dum dums to get hair done too! ha!
Great pictures and it sounds like they are doing so well...
And the harmonica?? That's amazing that Quan can play the, he's not going to let a little thing like a cleft palate stop him from anything! Kimmie either. You got TWO very determined, persistant, resourceful children who God is going to use to change the world. No, make that 6 children God is going to use! I love your family!

Lisa said...

I love the post and all the photos. I can't wait to meet you and your little ones.
Check out my blog when you get a chance. I nominated you for a blog award. ;)
You are truly an inspiration!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

I have to say I am jealous that we are missing out on the Springville Soccer. We just can't do it and ice skating too! Jesus loves me! How sweet, I can just hear it and it makes me tear up to think of that sweet voice singing it. How wonderful that you have other babies from China in CBS with you guys, that's so special. I hope Clay and Colby had a wonderful party! Hope to see you guys soon!

Southern Cheesehead said...

this is from your last post - this is actually a cut and pasted comment from Page's blog...probably not legal, but oh well...

I don't have 3 people to tag so I'm going to leave it here:

A - Alabama fan to the core

N - Not nice in the morning until I get some coffee

N - Nervous about this weekend's games for both the Tide and the Pack

Mine seem to have too much of a football theme, but tis the season!

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed keeping up with your family through your blog. You have been an inspiration to me as I have sometimes felt a little overwhelmed as a new Mom to one. I read your posts and think "Come on Julie, Lanie has 6 and is homeschooling and still has time to post to her blog. You should be able to a least get some dishes and clothes done!!" I am so glad to see that Kimmie & Quan are attaching to your family. Joshua is doing great! Love to have you visit our blog if you have time to work in one more.
God bless you all and please stay in touch.

The Hand family in Atlanta, GA

Hope for Lucy said...

First of all....the babies are beautiful in blue...but any color and they are precious! I loved that Quan is singing Jesus Loves Me! Lily will say....Jesus LOVES me....I KNOW....way too cute.
I only have one that participates in band and football and that is wearing me out. I need your advice on having four playing.
Have a wonderful week!

Love to all!
Green Party of Four

Trace Car Driver said...

those are such fun pictures laine! your sweet family and all the things the kids say and do just make me smile! you are quite the supermom as page says, doing all those things. wow, you are so brave to tackle the roots, cbs, soccer, sunday lunch, everything!! i hope to be more like you one day :) trace is enough to put me over the edge sometimes... i think i am just too high strung - ha! hope ya'll have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Laine! Rhonda Bryant introduced me to the blog. I am so excited for you all but am soooooo glad that God called y'all to this and not the Nelsons. All of your children are beautiful. I know life is busy but somehow that is more fun. I miss seeing you and all the CBS people. Tell everyone hello! Hayden starts back to therapy this week. In your spare time (ha ha ha!!!) you can pray for him and his therapist. I know this will be hard to believe, but she actually makes me look like I might have the gift of mercy (ha ha ha!!!) She is tough but he'll be fine-- he already has the meanest mom in the world.
I will definitely be keeping up with you through this site. It's wonderful. God has truly blessed your faithfulness and obedience.
Love ya,
Wendy Nelson

Mike and Barb said...

Thanks for the update. The pictures are - as usual - sooooo very cute! And don't even mention soccer - every spring and fall I'm tempted to just pitch a tent at the soccer fields. It seems like we practically LIVE there *ha*

Janet said...

I love these pics, and this post. And I love seeing you guys on Wednesdays and CBS. You are so blessed!

G and C said...

Love your whole post but especially the part about Quan singing "Jesus Loves Me"! I love it when Hannah sings her version too. "Jesus loves me He told me so"! These children are so precious! We are blessed to have them in our homes as part of our families. We met a dear gentleman/missionary at the airport in Guangzhou who told us he has seen many atrocities in Chinese orphanages and thanked us for bringing Sarah home. Wow confirmation everywhere!

Keisha said...

I love it!! The pict's are great! & the "Jesus love's me" song....Priceless!

Anonymous said...

I so enjoy reading your blogs! The babies are so precious! We were glad we got to see them this week, if only for a second. Kimmie actually smiled at us! What a joy they must be!

Glad to hear all is going well!

Michelle Q