Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'll Play!

Ladies and gentlemen we take a minute from our regularly scheduled programming to indulge Laine's blogging buddies and play "tag". (Also see the bottom of this post for an October beach news update for all you blogging friends who might be heading south...) Barb tagged me, so I'll play! Here are the rules:

Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
When you are tagged, you need to write your own blog post containing your own middle name game facts.
At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged & to read your blog!
Laine is adding this rule: if you comment to this post, PLEASE write your middle name and fun facts because I think it would be fun to know all my blogging friends' middle names and fun facts about themselves! And because we have so much spare time these days, right?

Here it goes:
E: Eat way too much junk.
L: Lost the title of Super Mom when I found out today my friend Laurie had her baby on the side of the INTERSTATE a couple of nights ago! (Mom and baby are doing great!) Go SuperMom Laurie!
L: LOVE Community Bible Study!
E: Enjoyed a late night Walmart trip with my two older boys and loved every minute of hearing them sing Orphans of God in my backseat at the top of their sweet little lungs!
N: Now I never say never...

Okay, so I'm tagging all of YOU! Seriously, leave me a comment with your info!
And the bloggers I'm tagging are Sherri (come on along!), Janet
(I know you have a newborn, but if you get a minute!) Jamie (is this your first tag, Jamie?) and whoever else wants to play! I would tag Page but I bet Janet or Jamie will. And I would tag Kim P., but I know you're busier than I am! I would tag Connie but she just got tagged for a different game... And all the rest of you I know are swamped like me. So, play if you can!
Remember if you comment, give me your info! When's the last time we thought about our middle names anyway?

Oh one more thing. Sonya I think that's a great idea to have a blogging family reunion at the beach in October! Who's going in October and what are the dates? ROLL CALL!!!!!!!! We're thinking about going back for a longer stay!

G'night everybody! It's WAY past my bedtime! I've got some good stuff on the kiddos so I'll post again later!


Sherri said...

We're going to the beach the week of our fall break. We'll get there Wednesday Oct 10 and leave on the 14. We're going to Destin and staying at the Surfside.

Let's see:

L- Lucille Ball was my childhood idol, along with Carol Burnett

Y- Yellow is my present favorite color. I painted my kitchen yellow and I love it.

N- Nothing starts my day better than Phil making a latte for me while I check my email.

N-Never ending laundry at my house

There! I did it!


Keisha said...

OMGoodness,,, another Lynn up there! ;0) Okay here goes..

L - Later today..I hope to beat my 3 year old at a game of Uno! Thursday's is family night at my house and "McKenna" wins all the time!!! Imagine that!

Y - Yesterday, I finally sold something on e-bay!! ;0)

N - Never pick up a potty training 2 yr. old without checking their pants first...TRUST ME!

N - Never ending laundry at my house, too...(thanks Sheri) ;0)

That was fun!

Hope for Lucy said...


The Green Party of Four will be in Destin on Saturday, October 13th thru Thursday, October 18th. I would LOVE for all of us to get together!!!!


Tina said...

Hey the Pierce's would love a beach reunion but our place is in the Gulf Shores area..
Ok here is my middle name..

F- Fun is something I love to have.

A- A good nights sleep is rare.

I- I love to read a good book and eat ice cream.

T- Toenails need a pedicure very badly!!

H- Happy to know I am not the only one with never ending laundry!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

I'm not in your blogging family laine but I think we are going to the beach in October to Destin. WE NEED A VACATION!!!!!! I think we are going to leave on Weds. the 17th and come back the 22nd. Just thought I'd add that in. Ok my middle name is Katherine, it's too long for that game!

Robyn said...

Hey Laine I'm sitting at work trying to come up with some interesting facts and wondering if I am interesting at all but I will give it a go

D--Diane is my cousin's name who just happened to be working at the hospital when I was born and when my Mom was looking for a middle name so my Mom went with that.

I--I am only doing this b/c I love Laine Ferrill so much!!

A--Annabelle is my daughter's name and I cannot believe that she is already 7 and in the second grade. I love her so!!

N--Nothing is better than coming home after work to my two precious daughters screaming "MOMMY" and hugging and kissing me. Love them!! I also have never ending laundry at my house. Oh what fun!!

E--Elephants are my favorite things to see at the zoo (Roll Tide!!) I also like the monkeys but I have 3 monkeys at my house named Jeff, Annabelle and Maggie Ha!Ha!

Alright I did it!! Just for you Laine just for you!!

Love you MUCH!

Anonymous said...

C-Can you watch my 3 kids so I can go to the beach? HAHAHA

E-Ella Kate is so sweet-She is a chunk too.

L-Love your family!

E-Eagles War!!!!!!!!

S-Shalita is great!

T-Thanks for the chicken crescent recipe years ago-still eating at least once a week-or more!!!

E-Ending now!

Love yall!-Chi-Chi

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you did not list me to respond! I cannot imagine why!! So to surprise you, here it goes:

R - Really LOVE being the mom of three precious girls!!!!!!!

E - Elvis fan through and through!

N - Not a fan of modern technology, unless I want to stay updated on the Ferrills in China!

E - Eat fried chicken as often as I can----It is my favorite food, and it is so good for you!LOL

E - Excited about the fact that I have NEVER been called Super Mom!!

Anonymous said...

CHI CHI wins the award for creativity! Pretty cute, Sis! You crack me up!!!!

Dollar General said...

I'm sure I'll get this later but here goes:

L - Love to laugh and have a good time.

E - Elevate Shalita and Laine more than I should! I think I'm a part of your possey!

I - I think I need to throw up

G - Good thing that feeling just passed!

H - Heidi and Helga are my heros! I want their bodies! PUMPED UP!

So there you have it - these are VERY important facts about my life!

That is so funny you said you lost your super mom status b/c I just said that in my blog! I still think you're great! AND SHALITA! HELLO! You are not just a super mom - you are a DANCE DIVA! Love ya!!

wareaglefam said...

Alright, I is amazing the things that Laine can get us to do...

A- Auburn Rules! War Eagle!

N-Never thought that I would ever even think about adpoting a baby until I got all wrapped up in these blogs!

G- Good to know that there is always a cold beverage in the refrig. when you need one.

E- Elephants ARE cool at the zoo but not any place else!

L- Love to get sweet kisses from all of my babies (Including my sweet Hubby!)

L- Loathe I get extra points for using 2 Ls in a row??

Well...there you go!

Pandamonium Mom said...

I'm going to the beach in October but to Gulf Shores. October 11-14.

Journey to Lilly! said...

Hey Laine!! You could have tagged me... & I could have taken care of 2 at once. Sweet Monica tagged me a week ago & I haven't passed it along!!!!!! I am not the best to tag! I am going to post it tonight before bed thought :)

You sound a your feeling extremely silly??? .....are the kids pushing you over the edge??? hehe!

lv & bunch of blessings to you!!

Journey to Lilly! said...

oh yeah.... I know I spelled though wrong!! I put thought!!!! ughgh Anywho!! I would love to go to Destin in October! or anytime of the year for that matter!!!
lv again,

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't have a blog out there, but I do love Laine and I can't resist a challenge, so here goes:

S: Stay up WAY too late reading Laine's blog updates and all the messages.

U: Ugly Betty has nothing on me,. I can relate to those great glasses, High School (a VERY long time ago) Had a hard time with the letter U.

E: Enjoy claiming everyone else's kids as my own. Thanks to all the moms who Endulge me.

Oh yeah, I don't have kids, never adopted a baby, but I love the beach, can I go too. Think of the babysitting fringe benefits. Do you think I can handle ALL those kids. Ethel

Sonya said...

We are going to Orange Beach on Oct 5-9 BOOHOO that is the week before the Green Party!!!
Anyone else going when we are????


mommy24treasures said...

oh good answers, boy I definitely eat too much junk too...

I have heard about community bible study but haven't ever gone. I need to find out more.

Sonds like a great late night walmart trip. It is so fun to separate the Treasures now and then and have moments like that.
Have a great Friday!

Trace Car Driver said...

soooo is lynn the most popular middle name or what? :-)

L - love my sweet baby trace, he is my inspiration

Y- yippee! meme is having trace over for a spend the nite party. that means nate and i have a date nite, AND we will get a full nite of uninterrupted sleep! i am sooo excited!!!

N- not easy to believe, but trace will be 6 months old saturday! aauuugggh - where has time gone?

N - never get any work done because of these blogs... love to read them, esp. page and laine's! even when i know there are so many other things i need to be doing!

did i do it right laine? i also posted it on my page... hmmm, i don't really know what i'm doing :)

Anonymous said...

M-married high school sweetheart
I-is currently hooked on DQ's moolatte's
C-constantly cleaning and organizing something
H-has three beautiful smart talented children
E-endless chatter at my house
L-loves to travel
L-loves to read
E-excited about a lot of things this year!

Janet said...

Ok ok, I finally posted! You guys are all so funny. Go read my blog Laine for my middle name and response.

Southern Cheesehead said...

I responded under the wrong post...check your pictures blog that you posted right after this one. SORRY!

We miss you!!!

Sam and Laurie Knowles said...

Hey Laine! I enjoyed your comments on our blog. I had to comment here especially when I noticed that we have the same middle name.

E- Emma, Eliott, and Josiah…okay I know Josiah doesn’t begin with “E” but I couldn’t leave him out. These are my first three children who are all about to celebrate a birthday the last of September / first of October. I will have a 7 year old, 5 year old, 2 year old, and newborn.

L- Lydia…My precious little (well, 9lb 6oz) girl that was born on the side of interstate in the passenger seat of my husband’s car. I don’t know about this super mom title that I have been given. It was not my choice to give birth on the side of the road with no meds and a dozen men watching!  I am, however, thankful that the Lord kept Lydia, Myself and my husband safe through the whole ordeal.

L- Laundry…the never ending chore…enough said.

E- Eating…I love to eat…probably why I gain so much weight during pregnancy. Oh well, at least nursing burns about 800-1200 calories a day. Eat up Lydia!

N- November…ah I wish it was November. Our AC has been out for over a week. I am trying not to complain, but I really enjoy AC. Super mom should not have to sweat, right?