Thursday, September 20, 2007

NBC Interview

Many of you have asked for a copy of the interview that Ken Lass did for us since you did not get to see it on TV. There was one mistake in that they are not biological siblings, otherwise we were extremely pleased with the interview.

Here you go...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Again. I am so glad I got to see that. Shalita and Daddy were telling me they were going to watch it one night and I was so sad I couldn't see it. That just made my day. Thanks-Love yall!-Chi-Chi

The Young's said...

HOW AWESOME!!!! It was SO cool seeing you guys on the video!!! We miss yall so much! What a terrific interview too!! We have had the same thing...people feeling called to adopt after following our journey. It is an awesome thing isn't it?!?!? Thanks for sharing that news piece! It was great!!! We loved seeing you guys!!! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I envy you guys so much!!! LOL I wish we could adopt!

It is so wonderful what you have done and such a fabulous testimony to our God!

Dollar General said...

I love it!! My sister saw this and and told me about it! I'm so glad there is room for another needie heart - not sure my butt can fit on that couch though! Can I sit on the arms! HA! I miss you so much and just wanted to give you a big huge when I saw you!! I can't wait to be back to myself and see you again at dance or SOMEWHERE!
Great testimony! Once again the Lord SHINES right through you!! Much love!

Aaron and Erica said...

You guys were on television??!! How awesome! Do you mind if I put a link to this post on my blog? I would love for some of my family and friends to see it. I have a question though...they said that Kimmie and Quan are biological siblings? Is that true?

Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing this with us!


Southern Cheesehead said...

I'm so glad you did that since I missed it! You guys all look so sweet sitting around the dining room table...I know we always dress up and sit there too for meals! Ha :-)
Ken did a great job - he's a great guy...AND A FELLOW CHEESEHEAD!!! Go Pack!
Oh...and if I haven't mentioned it lately - we miss you guys!!

The St. John family said...

Oh Laine, I love it!!! Thank you so much for posting this on your blog. Your family is beautiful and the interview was wonderful! How richly blessed you are! Praise the Lord for using your amazing story to lead other families to adopt! Our God is SO good!!!

love ya,

The Ferrill's said...

Sorry, I meant to put in the original post that they made a mistake. They are not biological siblings.

Good catch!

Trace Car Driver said...

ah ha! i thought the same thing about the biological sibling thing :) how interesting... i am so glad you posted the video b/c i didn't catch it on the news!!! love the story... and all of ya'll on the couch! i think ya'll may need to invest in a sectional, so page and i can fit - ha!! god is good!

Sonya said...

THANK YOU so much for posting this!!! TEARS TEARS!
It is so wonderful to think that God will use this clip to reach others who are thinking/praying about going to China to bring children home! This very post may just be that one last sign someone was waiting for so THANK YOU again for sharing! God is so faithful!

You are blessed!


Morrisa said...

I am a friend of Stephanie, Greg and Hannah Grace. Actually,I am Greg's buddy teacher. When I saw your story on the news getting ready for work the morning I first saw it air, I shouted, "I know them!" You have truly been blessed to have the privilege to nurture and love Kimmie and Quan. They look so happy!
God Bless.
Morrisa Fancher

Family4Liv said...

WOW..I am in tears, happy joyfull tears. I am speechless at the awsomeness(not sure if I spelled that right) of this whole process. The difficult challenges in life are truly the ones most rewarding. Your babies are all just georgous!!



Mike and Barb said...

Now how COOL is that!!
You guys look great, and I love the Southern accent :-)))
If it's okay, I will steal this to put on our blog too! What a testimony!
Love, Barb

Lisa said...

That was awesome. My sister had seen the interview on tv and had asked me if I knew you. Ever since we brought AC home they have been pondering adoption. She said your interview yanked at her heartstrings even more. Who knows one day I may end up with a neice or nephew from China.
What a wonderful testimony your interview was!

Journey to Lilly! said...

ohh Laine, that is so very sweet!! Thank you for posting this!! I have wanted to see it!! You have a beautiful family!! God has you all in the palm of his hand. Who knows what God will do with you?? I hope & pray that many, many people see this & are inspired to adopt!
lv u,

Kimberly and Jonathan said...

Great video! You and Rob did a good job with the talking. You looked very pretty too.
What I really want to know is...who cleans your house!!! It was so clean. My maid has been slacking lately, she has been very tired of working so hard! Jonathan thinks the best part about her is that she's really cheap too!! HAHA!
I REALLY wish I had a maid!!!
I loved seeing ya'll on the video and Kimmie and Quan too!

wareaglefam said...

That was just incredible! Thanks for posting it. One question...since when does Rob come in the front door? HA!
You know that your journey has touched our hearts so much. Who knows what God has planned for the McWhorters!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

That was just so wonderful! We are so glad you were able to put that on your blog so we could all see it and cry, of course I am. We've said it a million times, but you guys are so special to us and have been such an inspiration to us through your faith and journey to China and with the Lord. Thanks you!
The Blaszczynskis

Sherri said...

That was so nicely done. Wow. You even got to mention the Lord and they didn't edit it out!

I met someone yesterday who adopted her daughter from Korea. I'm thinking that's definitely the way to go. They bring the baby TO YOU! Unfortunately, Phil says we're about a quarter of a child over our limit now!


Tina said...

That was awesome. I have been out of town and just not got to see it!! The Ferrills = movie stars!! How cool is that!!

Stefanie said...

LOVED it!! What an awesome testimony to God and how He is at work bringing these precious babies HOME!!! Thanks so much for posting it, it made my night :)

mommy24treasures said...

I just got around to watching. I can't wait to share it with others now, thanks for posting!