Monday, September 24, 2007

Operation Ferrill Week: Oct. 2nd, 3rd

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments about the news clip! We pray that God will continue to light the fire in people's hearts to adopt or to contribute to the needs of orphans! To Him be the glory!

Things have been a LITTLE hectic around here! I'll try to give as thorough update as my tired, frazzled, impatient, and overwhelmed brain can muster! (Even though I am all those adjectives, I am also a child of God and relying on His grace every second of these days!)
First, the title of this post refers to Kimmie and Quan's surgeries. On Tuesday, Oct. 2nd Kimmie will have a minor surgery to clip her tongue (she's a bit tongue-tied--which I honestly didn't know that was a real medical condition!). We had noticed she does not stick her tongue out very far when we brush her teeth, and sure enough the little skin under her tongue is too tight and could affect her speech later (though as of now her speech is coming along really nicely..more on that later!)
On Wednesday, Oct. 3rd Quan will have his palate repaired, tubes put in his ears, and his circumcision. This will be much more of a big deal surgery than Kimmie's. Hers will last about 5 minutes with just Motrin for a day or two; Quan's will last much longer and the recovery involves a one or two night stay in the hospital and a soft food diet for a month. So, I am pretty apprehensive about next week. I don't have any experience with cleft palate repair; but I do have DeEtte who has a great blog with great details! I hope Quan doesn't freak out and go "China-postal" on us like he did while we were in China. He tends to be very dramatic and intense with his emotions. When he's happy he is SO HAPPY and the whole world knows it. When he is mad he is SO MAD and the whole world knows it. I guess all these scenarios are going through my head and I don't know what to expect. Again, this is another time when the Lord is saying..."My grace is sufficient" His grace is all I have these days!
Anyway, we would appreciate your prayers for Kimmie and Quan next week. And if you think about it, selfishly I ask for you to throw one up for me too. Just an unspoken, but God knows!

Quan is doing beautifully I would say. Now, he is still a wild child, but getting a little less wild. His big vocabulary breakthrough this week was at the grocery store. I pulled out a frozen pizza to put in my buggy and I hear him say "EE AA!"
I realized he had said his first English word unprompted! YAY! And it was pizza! How great is that? He says thank you unprompted too. He says thank you for EVERYTHING. I love it. He says it more than my older children do! In fact, when I put dinner on the table and serve his plate, he says thank you and that prompts my older ones to be thankful too! WOW. He loves legos, and you can forget those baby duplo ones. He is all about the "big boy teeny tiny mommy's scared he could choke on them and if you step on them they kill your feet" legos. And after he's built his tower he is so proud and shows it to me and then points to himself like "Yeah, I did it. That's me." He loves big trucks too. Especially he likes to read books about them. He loves soccer balls too! And he's got a great kick. Yes, he just fits right in! He has been in big boy underwear for two weeks now. He's done great except for POOP accidents. Both times it was because he was too lazy to stop playing and go to the bathroom. UGH. It was not pretty, just take my word for it.

Kimmie continues to be the more calm, subdued, "where is my bow and necklace and bracelet" kind of girl. Her big language breakthrough was at the doctor office. I took her to potty (she has been in big girl panties for two weeks and doing fine except for a few tee tee accidents) and after she went I had to go, too. When I finished she said "Good girl!" It was HILARIOUS! It sounded more like "goo gir" but I knew exactly what she meant because I say it to her all the time! She says so many words. She says all her siblings names, (K.K., Co-Co, Cay, Carshee, Kwa) and when she says her prayers she says Nanny, Papa, Ja-Ja & GranBob (Ga-Bo). She has the sweetest little girlie voice unless someone is aggravating her and then she hollers "Ma-MAAAAAAAAAA!" like she's telling on them. She loves her Patty-Cake doll and Miss Patty Cake movies. She and Quan will sit through a 30 minute Miss PattyCake but I strap them in their high chairs to make sure they don't escape! I use this time to get some one on one homeschooling with the older children. Kimmie and Quan love "T.V. time!" And SO DO I!!!!!!! If I don't strap them in, they don't sit still to watch the T.V. It's weird. They sit mesmerized in their high chairs, but if I sit them on the couch, you can forget it. They're up and distracted by something else.

One problem we've had with Kimmie is when she is hurt or someone does something that makes her mad, she will just start crying and crying and crying and crying. She will not indicate at all what is wrong. Even if I see exactly what happened (like today she hurt her head while pushing a big truck--yeah, she likes trucks too!) and she started wailing. I asked her what was wrong? Wailing. Did you hurt your head? Wailing. Did you hurt your belly? (I knew she hadn't; I just wanted to see if she would shake her head no--she didn't do anything but continue wailing) So this has been somewhat frustrating. She does not do so well answering questions of any sort...except how old are you? Then she holds up her little hand and proudly says "twooooooo?" like it's a question. It's so cute.

We just finished our 5th week of homeschool and we're getting into a routine and it's getting easier. I love it! Kimmie and Quan will sit at the table and color or paint; or they might go on the porch and play play-dough; or they sometimes will go to the playroom and play. It's like they know the older ones are doing school, so it's time to get busy! I try to devote one on one time with them while the older ones are working; we do puzzles or work on our colors or sing songs. Teaching pre-K and Kindergarten have always been my passion, so this is so much fun for me.

Katie Lyn, Colby, Clay, and Carlie are getting to see first hand Kimmie and Quan improve in so many things each day. They will frequently say things like "Momma look how fast Kimmie goes up the stairs now!" or "Aren't you glad they let you read books to them now, Momma?" I think it is so neat how God is using this in their lives. I hope they will always remember these good parts, and not the bad days when I've cleaned up a poop mess and I'm being grouchy at everybody! It breaks my heart when I hear them pray "God please help Momma have a better day tomorrow." They know this gets hard on me, I can't hide it from them. But they also see God pouring out His grace and mercy on a tired momma. I pray God will grow them in godliness in spite of me!

I have some cute pics I will post at a later date...thank you all for your prayers for us next week, and for your love and support you continue to show to us! I love hearing from all of you, and keeping up with all of your lives as well! I may not can comment on your blogs as often, or answer emails as promptly, but please know you are all on my heart and I love each of you!


Aaron and Erica said...


I will be praying for you, Kimmie, and Quan next week. My little 4 year old cousin just had the tongue tied surgery about a month ago, and like you said it was very minor and she is doing well now. I love reading the updates on your family! I've been in a blogging funk lately, but hopefully I'll feel like posting something soon.

Love and prayers,


The Young's said...

Laine...thanks so much for this update. We will definitely be praying for "Operation Ferrill week." I really appreciate you being honest about you being grouchy and the kids seeing it...and them knowing you really need God to help you have a better day tomorrow. I feel so terrible sometimes...because I SO have those grouchy days...and I hate it, but I do. Knowing that I am not alone and I'm not the only one encourages me that I'm just normal...and I'm not going to scar my kids for life. Praise the Lord that they are forgiving and extend their mercies to us new everyday, right? I appreciate you! I'm praying for you.
Love ya,

Pandamonium Mom said...

Ah, memories. It's funny..the very first video Hannah would watch was a Miss Patty Cake video too. (now, she watches lots of stuff). I'll be praying for all of you next week!! Maybe it'll help to know that a year post-surgery, Hannah doesn't remember the surgery at all. She doesn't remember being in the hospital. (She does remember her cast for the broken arm and the stitches on her chin though). But, she doesn't remember the palate surgery, or the recovery, or not being able to eat food. And, even for me, I remember it, but it seems like such a distant memory.
We love y'all! Keep us posted and give all those Ferrills a hug for us.

Sherri said...

We went through the soft foods following surgery last year after Jonathan had surgery to lengthen his jaw. They went in and broke his lower jaw bone and slid it forward then put pins in to hold it.

I started out the month doing home made mashed potatoes. By week 2 I was driving through Popeye's or KFC to buy theirs. By week 3, I was buying instant mashed potatoes. Ha ha! Smoothies, pudding, cole slaw, ramen noodles slightly blended.....all these things were regulars around here.

Our friend who adopted a little boy at the time we adopted Olivia, just had him circumcised about a year ago, making him an older 3. She said he did fine with the recovery.

I've been thinking of you, and will be praying!

Robyn said...

I will be praying for those precious angels next week. I've already got Quan's surgery marked on my calender so I'll have to put Kimmie's on there too. I was so glad when I checked and you had updated your blog. The Hi and Bye at dance Tuesday wasn't enough but at least it was something. I missed you guys Sunday, ya'll were gone before I got to you. I was on nursery duty. I'll be praying for you, my friend as well. I only have 2 lovely children and that gets to me sometimes. God is great and everything will work out. When you have HIM on your side you can't go wrong. My sister sent me the article in the I think it was Family Christian Magazine that Katie Lyn did--it was sweet. I'll be praying for you guys.
Love you MUCH!!
Robyn :)

Tina said...

You will definately be in our prayers next week. I dont have any Miss Patty cake Cd's..but I am going to look on ebay or amazon right now. I also am going to try the videos in a highchair thing. SOPHIE will not watch a video and in the morning I could def use the 30 minutes to get the kids on their school work. Thanks for the peek into your lives.. Love ya!!

Dollar General said...

YAY for a new blog! Thanks for the update! My kids are noticing I don't feel good either...Noah said, "Mom, I love you even if your pregnant and mean" - like those two things go together. They have had to grow up abit - but wow, they get a present in 7 months!! WHOO HOO!
I'll be praying for the babies next week and most definitely you! Hang in there! I love you so much!! Page

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, you will be in our prayers for the babies operations!! Makenzie & Gabriel were "tongue tied" & had to be clipped. It was really no big deal after it was over. The hardest part was not being able to give them anything to eat or drink before surgery :( Laine, I know where your at .. with all the pressure & challenges of the day. I am praying for you. Each day at the Pintaro's house is quite the adventure too! I miss u!!

I love hearing the updates on Kimmie & Quan. It makes my eyes tear to think of Kimmie saying "goo girrr"....very precious! & Quan stole my heart a long time ago. Can they come out to play?? I miss them!

lv u bunches!!!

Lisa said...

You and your two little ones will be in my prayers! I do so appreciate your honesty about how you feel. I think we all need to hear that things aren't always perfect. As I have said on my blog before, it is not perfect and all smiles here everyday. The good outways the bad.
Lifting you all up in prayers for the next week. I am leaving for Savanna GA on Saturday, but carrying my laptop to keep up with my favorite bloggy friends!

Family4Liv said...

Hi Laine,

Im so glad you posted, I was starting to worry you were having one of those weeks, Hectic! Well at least you will be getting it all done at once. Little Quan will be so lucky to have his momma and dadda with him while he goes through this, I will pray for the Lord to make him into a brave little soldier. He sounds a lot like our Olivia. We always say to ourselves she is a work in progress. What is that saying God isnt finished with me yet! What great parents to help little Kimmie become the best she can be. Laine you are doing great, I wish peace and Lords strength for you in the coming weeks. Thanks for the update!



Linda said...

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your television interview on Barb's blog. It's been there a few days, but I have been so busy that I told myself that that would be my reward when I had a few minutes extra. Well... at 11 PM tonight I found some extra time! What a neat story you have! Blessings.

Keisha said...

Thanks for the update, I love hearing about your family! I think you are "Supermom"...homeschooling those children, up poop(LOL!), & still find the time to blog! Whoa! :0)
We will be praying next week for you guys. May God's precious hand continue to be upon you and your family!
Love & ((Hugs))

wareaglefam said...

Reading all about Kimmie and Quan's progress was the a highlight for my has been an interesting one to say the least! Thanks for listening and forpraying for us...and for the trashbags! God will bring us through!
I've got the surgerys on the calendar, and we will be sending up those prayers for all of you.
We love you!

mommy24treasures said...

oh Laine reading your thoughts reminds me so much of Jacob and Chloe younger and some even right now. The being grouchy torwards the children that don't deserve the grouchiness, I know the guilt and the repenting with that one! May God grant us grace and help us with that.
The poopy messes we had with Jacob yuck yuck, I know the grouchiness that one can bring.
Also the strap them in their high chairs for tv time when you need them to be occupied somehwere with no trouble. I used to do that with Jacob and Chloe and they loved it. Caitlyn had different issues with being confined because of her orphanage time so we could not confine her at all without huge, I am terrified meltdowns, so I never get those little breaks with her!
I know these surgeries have you very concerned and preoccupied. I just want you to know I would be willing to help you in whatever way I could the next few weeks. I know the first 2 weeks after Quan's surgery will not be easy. I pray you have the strength and ability to take care of everyone in your little flock.
I wil be praying specifically for your strength and Rob's.
I will pray Quan leans on your love through the days after his surgery. One of my friends just went through the surgery with a 2 yr old little boy. He is also Mr Wild and he was a little more unattached than Quan, the first 2 weeks were VERY rough, but once he had healed and could take his no-no' arm things off, he was more attached to mommy than ever. It was like seeing that she took care fo him through the ordeal strengthened their bond.
Much love and prayers your way

Anonymous said...

I also stand in awe of you! I sometimes can't even get it together with my 3 and they are no longer toddlers! I can only imagine how frazzled you must feel at times, even if you never show it!

We'll also be praying for you all next week and hope to see you soon!

Omar Cruz said...
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Kimberly and Jonathan said...

I will be praying for "operation Ferrill week". If you get a chance, there is a blog I would like for you to read. Imet these wonderful people at the lifeline family reunion. They are waiting to be matched with their special needs child. They really need our prayers. Aimee and I have gotten to be good friends.
I think it will give you strength to make it through next week.
I am still waiting for your schedule to slow down a bit so we can get together. Well it might help if I leave the blog name--
Anyone else reading this post, please read their blog and pray for them.

Anonymous said...


We're thinking of you too and will be praying for Kimmie and Quan...and the whole family. Just keep in mind it's a temporary situation and the days will get better as their little bodies heal.

Remember, we're just down the street if you need anything at all.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am a nurse in the operating room at Childrens. Specifically, I work with Dr.Grant every Monday & Wednesday. So, I will be in the O.R. with Quan on Wednesday. I will try to come introduce myself before his surgery and I will definitely call you with updates during his surgery. Dr.Grant (and his team) are awesome. I have followed your blog since your return home and I am inspired by your words of faith. Our God IS an awesome God, isn't He? I hope you find some comfort in knowing who will be caring for your precious little one. Look forward to meeting you:)
Mandy Hartman


Wow! This is an answer to prayer Mandy! I cannot wait to meet you. The Lord knows we are apprehensive about what to expect with this surgery and you are just an answer to prayer! How sweet of God to send us an angel who has followed our journey and knows all about our little "tiger"!
See you Wednesday!

Denna said...

Will be praying for you guys this week. I hope all goes well and that recovery is fast.
I love the video. That is so special.
Found your blog through another Alabama friend.

wareaglefam said...

OH, incredible is it that Mandy e-mailed you!? How sweet is our Lord?

Trace Car Driver said...

we will be praying for k & q this week... and for the rest of you as well! i know that god has great things in store for ya'll!
i loved your stories... don't know which part was my favorite. the kids saying "pizza" or maybe kimmie screaming ma-maaaaaaa! so sweet... it is amazing to see how far they have come in such a short amount of time! trace is trying to say da-da. it is so cute. hopefully soon i'll get to hear him say ma-maaaaaaa! :) hope ya'll have a great day. looking forward to the updates on operation ferrill week! love ya!

Southern Cheesehead said...

and we love you and the whole clan too! Have I mentioned lately that we miss you guys?...oh, sorry, I've been absent from blog land lately with crazy work, but we still miss you guys!

I'll be praying for you guys this week - ALL of you!

Hope for Lucy said...

The Green Party of Four are praying for you tonight for those sweet babies surgeries. Please give Quan and Kimmie a hug from their Aunt Connie (which they have yet to meet).
We love you guys and cant wait for your update.

Green Party of Four

Mike and Barb said...

Hi Laine and Rob,
my tired, frazzled brain doesn't even remember if I commented here...
I will be praying for you today and tomorrow, and I know that the master-surgeon will watch closely over HIS precious children.
How cool that you have a nurse who will be HIS hands during Quan's surgery.
Love you all!

Family4Liv said...

Hi guys,

prayin for your family today and just wanted to wish the kids a quick recovery!