Saturday, October 6, 2007

Home and Recuperating!

Sorry Sorry Sorry we are late with this post! We came home Thursday evening to a beautifully set table with candlelight and fine china. GranMart wanted Quan's homecoming to be special and so she went all out for us! Of course we had Ramen noodles in honor of our little champ! Quan ate two bowls full! I think he was glad to have non-pureed food like they gave him in the hospital. He did not eat great during our hospital stay, but since being home his appetite has definitely picked up. Vanilla pudding and Ramen has been his favorite; surprisingly he hasn't gone for the ice cream so much. GranMart was a Godsend and we are so thankful she was able to hold the rest of the Ferrill fort while we were in the hospital. We came home to have all the laundry done, beds made with clean folded pajamas on each pillow, and a sparkling clean house thanks to mom and Tricia! Wow, it was wonderful!

Quan was SO happy to come home. He was a little too happy because he became too rambunctious and fell and hit his mouth. We are really going to have to watch him like a hawk. The doctor had said he could do whatever he feels like doing, but I'm not sure Dr. Grant knows how ACTIVE he is. We are limiting his activity for at least this first week to make sure we have no more accidents! We did take him to the soccer field this morning so I could watch Clay and Carlie play, but he just sat listlessly in his stroller and watched. I think that will be his only outing for the weekend!

Quan is truly a champ. He has been so brave and tolerant. His first night was restless and he woke crying some, but he was easily settled down. We put his arm splints on for his first night to keep his hands out of his mouth while he sleeps. He put them on without a fight, but he looks so sullen when he has them on. Anytime he is unsupervised we have to put them on to make sure he doesn't stick toys or anything in his mouth. The arm splints really calm him down because he feels like he can't play. I'm sure he will get used to them. When he gets to take them off he is so happy!

His pain has been tolerable--we have been keeping him on a regimen of alternating tylenol and motrin every 3 hours. Last night he started to run a fever but it never reached the point where we would have to call the doctor (101.5). His nose has been bleeding a lot and I am constantly wiping it. I wonder if he might have a bit of a sinus infection on top of healing, because Kimmie had a cold/fever earlier this week. Last night was more restless than Thurs. night and I think tonight is going to be Daddy's turn to sleep with the little mister. By the way, did you know a 37 yr. old CAN fit into a toddler bed with a two year old? Yes, it's like putting #2 pencils into a matchbox, but it can be done!

All in all I think his recovery has been amazing! Totally God! Thank you all so much for praying! I wish I could give you all a big hug right now. I am WAY behind on emails, so thank you for being patient for my replies! I am so thankful for Mandy's details in her comment about Quan in the recovery room. Mandy you truly are sent by God for such a time as this! THANK YOU! We could feel God's grace (and still do) being poured out upon us during this time! May He gain glory--His works are so wonderful!


Trace Car Driver said...

awww, i am so glad things are going so well. it is awesome that god has given you such a great support system in your family and friends. he will always provide us with what we need... whether it is an "angel" nurse or candle-light dinners and ramen noodles! i had chills reading your update, i am so happy for ya'll!!!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

Soooooooo glad to hear he is seeming back to his rambunctious self! God has given you guys such wonderful friends and family for support and He has given you guys to others for the same thing. So happy for you guys and constantly praying for you all!

Anonymous said...

So glad Quannie is doing well, How is Kimmie doing? You certainly have beeen surrounded by Angels of God. When GranMart gets done at your house, can you send her to mine? Candlelight dinner, clean laundry, fresh jammies on the pillows, what more could a person ask for. Thank you GranMart for taking care of our Ferrill bunch. Love ya all. Ethel

The Young's said...

So glad to know things are well! How awesome of Grandmart!! What a blessing it was, I'm sure to come home with everything being clean and ready to go! Praise the Lord!!! I wish we lived closer so we could help too!! I totally know what you mean about sleeping in a twin bed. Sadie insists that I "lay down right here" (by her) every night. It's sweet...but a little uncomfortable!! We're praying for ya!!! Love you guys!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine, I am so glad things are going well for you & that this part of Quan's surgery is just about behind him. Before long he will be fully recovered & back as active as ever. We are praying for you guys!!! Please take pic's of Rob & Quan boy in the toddler bed!!! hehe!! Gabriel thinks that is so cool!! & asked if we could start sleeping with him in his twin bed :)

We love you guys! you & your babies are deeply cared for by our family!!

lv & blessings to you,

mommy24treasures said...

glad to hear things are good, but I never doubted any less :) God is so good and I am sure Quan will mend quickly.

wareaglefam said...

Quan was definitely not himself yesterday, but I know that he will soon be tearing up the house! Thanks so much for coming by for Kelley Anne's birthday. I know that you had so much going on, and it really meant a lot to us to have you there for a bit. I loved getting my hug from Quan. It made my day!
We continue to pray for speedy recovery and healing.
Love to all,

Pandamonium Mom said...

Hey Laine and Rob and the rest of the Ferrills. Glad to hear Quan is doing so well. What a trooper!!
And Ramen noodles were our best friend for a while. We're praying for you. Usually at night, I pray first and then Hannah will pray. I've been praying for Quan and two nights ago, Hannah said "I pray first!". And she started.."Thank you SO much..mommy, hannah, grandma..(mumble, jumble that I didn't understand)...Quan surdery feel better..mumble jumble..thank you SO much..God Jesus in my heart..God, Jesus love me. AMEN!"
How's Kimmie feeling? Give them both a hug for us.
love, DeEtte

Mike and Barb said...

That sounds like a wonderful homecoming! Could you send those angels my way by any chance??? Just kidding....
I hope Quan's recovery continues to be smooth, and I pray for patience for all of you1

Sherri said...


I'm so glad to see that things have gone well....I was in Tuscaloosa for a long weekend, and when we got back, there were several updates!

Now is a good time to get the surgery over with.....he'll be ready for solid food in time for Thanksgiving!


Tina said...

I am so glad things are going good, you all have been on my mind like crazy!

Keisha said...

Wonderful news! Glad Quan is feeling better! & what a sweet Gran-mart you have!!

Family4Liv said...

I bet it is nice to have that part behind you! Kids are so resilient arent they. Yeah for Quan, what a champ! Yeah for kimmie too and well all you Ferril Bunch!

Hope for Lucy said...

Praise God for answered prayers. I'm so glad everyone is feeling better and the surgeries are behind you now.
Quan is just a trooper and he just needs his Mommy beside him. Lily will tell me "sit side you"...melts your heart!
Love to all

Linda said...

I'm so glad to hear that the Quan's surgery went well. I'm such a baby when I get a cold sore in my mouth. I can't imagine having to deal with it for the several weeks it will take to heal. Being home will be so much easier for all of you!


Stefanie said...

Praise God that things are going so well!! And that you have such a wonderful support system in place :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, OW OW OW OW! I knew only about the cleft palate repair, NOT about the circumcision! Bless his little heart! I hope he's better now and over the fever crud....can't wait for an update! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in...I'm so thankful the surgery went well. I hope Quan is fully recovered. Thank you for sharing. You have been a blessings and the information is very helpful since I will soon have a daughter with CL/CP--"Maggie" from the last list. Tammy

Anonymous said...

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