Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Operation Updates - 10/3/07 - 9:00 AM

Rob posting... we have been so blessed by the number of people that are praying for our family today. You guys are incredible. Kimmie had her little tongue tied repair done yesterday despite the fact that she was running fever when she arrived. I was a little surprised because I always had heard that operations would be rescheduled if the child was sick. However, I suppose since this was so minor that they did it anyway. She had a less than pleasant day but seemed to be doing well after she got home and got some food on her belly. By the time I got home from work her fever was back up and she was not feeling well. Please pray that she'll do ok without Laine there today and that Granmart will have an easy time with the other 5.

As to Quan's day, we got here around 6:00 AM and he was taken back for the surgeries about 8:00. He has been very nervous acting this morning so he got some Versed (happy juice) about 7:30 to calm his nerves before he was taken back. He had already started to lighten up once he discovered the cozy coupes that had for him to ride in. We have some humorous video of his behavior after he got the happy juice. He did fine with leaving us as our sweet angel nurse Mandy took him away. I found a small gold pendant of an angel in our room this morning... just another confirmation that God is watching over us and no doubt sent us an angel because of the many prayers that we (you) all have lifted up! Thank you is not enough to say!

We'll post another update later...


Keisha said...

Thanks for posting! I was wondering how everything went. I'm glad Kimmie's okay & I'll keep praying for little man!

Mike and Barb said...

Thank you for the update, Rob!
You are in my prayers today, especially little Mister Quan.
AND his Momma and Daddy, as I know from previous experience with my kids' surgeries, that it's very hard on THEM, too!
Sending you many blessings

Sherri said...

Praying for you guys AND for Granmart!


Dollar General said...

Praying today!!

The Young's said...

Thanks for the update Rob! I was wondering how things were going. We will continue to pray for you all! God truly is with you!! Keep us posted on what to pray for. We love you guys!

Robyn said...

Thanks for the update! I have been thinking about him all morning. Annabelle said the sweetest prayer for Quan on the way to school this morning. Let us know any info as soon as you know. Thanks
Love you guys!!
Robyn :)

Journey to Lilly! said...

Thanks for the update Rob!! I was wondering how Kimmie & Quan were doing. We are praying for you all!! Glad Quan had the "happy juice"! That is amazing!! Makenzie had "happy Juice" today too!! She had 3 teeth pulled at the dentist. She did great...but I cried. Please keep us posted about how sweet Quan did with his surgery!
lv u guys!!

Anonymous said...

Am praying for all of you today and glad Kimmie's surgery went fine. Know that Quan boy will come thru just fine. He is in God's hands and the hands of all the angels taking care of him. Still, the wait is not easy. PLEASE let us know if you need anything or if there is anything we can do to help out. Love to all. I know all the other kids are as anxious as you are, I will pray for a peace over them as well.


The St. John family said...

Thank you for taking the time to post an update. We are continuing to lift your family up in prayer.


Denna said...

Thanks for the update. I have been thinking and praying for you all.

Dedra C said...

I finally got to see the new segment about Kimmie and Quan. It is very inspirational. I know that they have a wonderful family full of love.

Lots of prayers are going up for you all.

In Him,