Thursday, November 1, 2007

Beach! Halloween! Quan's Birthday! Meeting Casting Crowns!

Casting Crowns!
My new bike!
At my truck party...
A few friends over...
Happy Halloween
Steve, Lori, and Olivia Grigsby....Yee Haw!
The Clarks...Chinese through and through...even with a Sumo wrestler and fortune cookie!
Jeremy, Garrett and Baby Bragan Long Hmmmm wonder where they just got back from?
Our first house to trick or treat!
Kimmie attacks the apples
and wins!

I forgot we went to the Pumpkin Patch at Old Baker Farm...Colby's belly is full of cotton!

Quan picked the cotton and put it in his can tell he's had drops in his ears!
Kimmie needs a baby goat for a pet really bad. She LOVED this goat!
Out of order...I'm tired and failing blogger 101. "Fro" (Robyn B.) gets her one at the Halloween party!
Wow I'm out of order....
Rob and I still got it! College kids want to hang out with us! :)
Back at the Pumpkin Patch...I'm all over the place with this post obviously.
Carlie needs a horse for a pet. Horses and goats are unfortunately against our neighborhood covenants!
Jumping in the cotton bin!

Hey Everybody! We didn't fall off the face of the earth, we promise! The title of this post should explain our lack of updates. Enjoy the pics! (I absolutely cannot stay up any longer to wait on the rest of the pics to post...sorry! All I've got so far is beach pics, but I'll add more tomorrow!)

I will highlight the past couple of weeks:
Favorite part of the beach: Being lazy, piling up in the big bed at the condo and watching T.V. while it was rainy and cold most of the week!

Favorite part of Halloween: Watching Kimmie and Quan GO AT IT when they started trick or treating. Once they figured out they got candy...they were trick or treating experts!
Second favorite part of Halloween: Kimmie bobbing for apples, or rather ATTACKING the apples. She totally dunked her head in and was VERY determined to get herself an apple! Once she got it, she ate almost the WHOLE apple...we stopped her when all that was left was stem and seeds.

Favorite part of Quan's birthday: The delight on his face when opening up all his presents...priceless!
Second favorite part of Quan's birthday: We went to the cleft clinic for his post-op visit on his birthday and we got a GREAT report. He is healing up just fine and he aced his hearing test!
I remember when Karla first showed me Quan's picture in December, 2006. I was smitten. I asked how long it would take to get him and she said maybe by fall of 2007. I remember sitting in that Starbucks and distinctly saying "Maybe we'll have him by his 3rd birthday!"
Sure enough, we do! By the way, I thought I was smitten when I saw his picture...but now I know I am TOTALLY smitten with this little boy! He has my heart!

Favorite part of meeting Casting Crowns: We only had passes for the meet and greet, and then we planned to head home b/c we had no tickets for the concert. Well, while waiting to meet the band, someone offered up 3 free tickets. Rob took them and then someone else offered 1 free ticket. Rob took it and then someone offered 2 free tickets! Voila! Six tickets and the Ferrills get to see the concert! (Kimmie and Quan didn't have to have a ticket.) Our seats were all over the place, but God planned ahead and Rob found six seats all together at a sold out concert!!!!!!!!
I was VERY unprepared b/c we had only planned on being there a short while for the meet and greet. Again, God knew! Because we found some friends of ours at the concert who provided us some food and drink (I didn't even have the toddler's sippy cups!!!) Thank you Robyn and Jeff!
And thank you GOD! We had a blast! Kimmie danced and danced and Quan fell asleep amidst all the LOUD music!

If you haven't seen Lifeline's new list of waiting children...go to their website!
Also, on Small World Adoption Agency's website there are more waiting children. One little girl is from Wuhan...her name is Willow. She is a DOLL! Does anyone feel their heart pulling? Check her out...


Pandamonium Mom said...

Wonderful pictures!! Sounds like y'all are having fun! I'm glad Quan got a good report from Dr. Grant.

Anonymous said...

What fun! Can't wait to see more pics and especially can't wait to see y'all in real life!

Denna said...

Great Pictures. Looks like you guys had fun.

The Young's said...

What GEORGOUS pictures!!! OH...HOW I LONG TO GO TO THE BEACH!! That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you guys got lots of R&R!!!

Praise God for Quans good report at the doctor and his birthday party I bet was awesome! It is exciting to watch these kids light up with joy at their first experiences, isn't it? It's is really neat!!!

We can't wait to see you guys next weekend!! Let us know the details. If we can't do dinner because of the time...maybe we could meet you guys anyway!!! Let me know! Love yall!

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine! love the beach pic's! How do you get them to smile??? Mine smile all the time...but when I get the camera out.... where does their smiles go??? All the children look beautiful!! Praise God for a good report on Quan!! I would love to have seen precious Kimmie bobbing for apples....I bet she was a hoot dunking her whole head after that apple!! It's great to hear Quan has your heart in his hand!!!! haha!! how can you not be smitten by such a little Emperior as he???? heheh!! Give the kids hugs from the Pintaro family!
lv u,

Sherri said...


I have been watching for Willow on Small World's list to find her home. Yes, she's tugging at MY heart.....but my husband would kick me out of the house if I asked for another child. He says I need to get a JOB working adoptions!

The pictures are great! Your family is beautiful!


Dollar General said...

Oh the LONG, LONG awaited post. I LOVE THE BEACH PICTURES! What a beautiful stormy sky! Not to mention the beautiful kids...

Can't wait to see the other pictures. Happy Birthday Quan - 3 is so much better than 2 (like I know)! Enjoy!!

Much LOVE!! Pg

Anonymous said...

What a PERFECT family!!!

I cannot wait to see you guys!!! less than 3 weeks away!!!

btw.. i'm down 13 pounds so far!!

i love you guys!


Family4Liv said...

Fabulous pictures!! It sure looks like the kids are all extremely enjoying one another. I just love how God puts families together, it really is miraculous. I too, would fill my home full of kids who need mommys and daddys. I for one know God is not finished in that respect with us but will leave it up to him with the timing. I think all Lifelines babies are so sweet!!! I hope you are back from the beach with great refreshment...

Lisa said...

I love all of the photos. Looks like you have had loads of fun! Happy Birthday to Quan. The beach photos of all the kids are great!

Anonymous said...

Love all the pics. K & Q look like they have been in your family from birth. Loved seeing all of you at church. I sure have missed all of our sucker making time. We need to all get together again and do something fun. Like you have any time!!!
Love y'all..... Ethel

Mike and Barb said...

Hello all!
Oh, I have been waiting for this update!
Your beach pictures are soooooooo gorgeous! And the cake, and the beaming little birthday boy. Too precious!
But say, do your kids ever NOT look so perfectly coordinated? That is amazing!
They are all very beautiful!

Tina said...

Hey girl. Ya'll have been busy. I hate we didnt get to meet up at the beach. It was so cold and rainy we didnt get down to the water until the last day! Love all the pics!

The Blaszczynski Family said...

After getting the CCAA update this morning, I am sitting here crying because although I've known what God was leading us too, seeing these precious angels totally warms my heart and makes it ache that I have to still wait, now that I know my time will be next month. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT FINALLY, NEXT MONTH, WE'LL GET TO SEE OUR BABY'S FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love all the pics, Halloween is precious, and Quan's birthday! How wonderful that you were able to hold him and kiss him on his 3rd birthday. We love you guys!

Jana said...

ohmygosh, Laine! The photo of Quan leaning in to Kimmie -- breathtaking. I absolutely love it. He looks so content, so loved, and so in love.

Beautiful, beautiful family -- inside and out!


Dollar General said...

I love the added pictures -I'm sympathizing with Colby - or maybe he's sympathizing with me. Being pregnant with Cotton might not be so bad - maybe not all the aches and paines - it's worth it but the cotton thing looks like bliss!

And Shalita, what was Ella Kate's "Fortune" - I meant to ask you earlier! How cute! WAY TO GO ON THE COSTUME!

And, Laine I think you are a little confused about the Goldilocks story - there is no big bad wolfe in that story - just 3 bears! HA! Little Red Riding Hood has a wolfe and so does the story of the Three Little Pigs - now that would be funny! Oh, I wonder what we will come up with! You're a hoot!

Love ya!!

mommy24treasures said...

ahh what to say?! Happy Birthday to Quan!!! I am so thankful he was home for his birthday... so happy. I hate we missed you at Baker Farm!
Love the beach pics, Love your Halloween dressup!
Love how God provided at the concert!!!!

Sam and Laurie Knowles said...

I love the picture of Kimmie giving Quan a kiss and him sticking out his tongue! All your pictures are adorable. Well...except maybe your friend the Sumo wrestler. :)...very creative Clark family.

Southern Cheesehead said...

I love the pictures since I don't get to see you guys much anymore.

Have I mentioned that I miss you guys? I'm bummed the concert didn't work out for all of us, but glad you guys got to go!!!

Trace Car Driver said...

yay!!! i have been checking often and finally got my "ferrill fix!" :) i love the updates!! the beach... how beautiful! the pumpkin patch... fun times! halloween... rob's hair is hysterical! quan's bday... so sweet! everything is my fav!!! oh, and the casting crowns, what a sweet story of how god provides, even in the little, not so major things of life! so good to catch up with ya'll. i'm still wondering how you ever get sleep, keeping up with the kids, taking all those wonderful pics, blogging, as well as reading and commenting on other blogs! you are my hero :) much love!

Trace Car Driver said...

oh, and i love the scattered pics, that is exactly how my brain thinks these days... i followed it with no problem!

Keisha said...

Great Pictures!!! Your family looks like so much fun! We would enjoy a nice trip to the Beach w/ you guys! One of these days we're coming to AL. We just got the new ride to go in too!!! I'm an official mini-van MOM!! & loving every minute!!

Aimee said...

So good to meet you last night at the banquet. your family is beautiful. I enjoy reading your blog. I am patiently waiting for my Lily to come home!

Sonya said...

How did I miss this post? WONDERFUL PICS!!!
Who cares if they are out of order...I am just happy to see them! Your kidos are BEAUTIFUL!!!

We had a BLAST seeing you tonight! Let's get together again SOON!!