Monday, December 10, 2007

Kimmie's genetic doctor appt. today--maybe not that interesting!

Today Kimmie had her long awaited appt. at the genetic doctor. I questioned myself if this was really a necessary appointment. I mean, if she has a syndrome, that doesn't make a difference to us. And all of her preliminary appointments at the ortho, cardio, kidney, audio, etc. checked out GREAT-thank you Jesus. But, I went ahead and took her, because if she does have a syndrome it will be helpful to know as she gets older and wants to begin her family. But in my heart I just don't think she has a syndrome...I don't know, maybe it's my denial world!

The appointment began at 2:00 p.m. We were greeted first thing by three white coats... a team of doctors/students who do the preliminary examination. It was intimidating for Kimmie (and me!) The physical examination was very stressful for Kimmie because 1. she had to take her dress and shoes off which made her mad, and 2. she doesn't like strangers poking and prodding her--who would, though? Quan was with us, sitting in a chair and being ever so thankful that it wasn't him! The older four got to spend the afternoon with Kylie. When you see how long this appointment lasted, you will understand why they were SO thankful they were with Kylie! What a blessing for them!

Anyway, I digress. Back to the exam. Kimmie cried during the whole exam, which only lasted about 3 or 4 minutes. The team asked me questions and took her height and weight, then went over where she is on the growth chart. I'm still in the back of my mind feeling like this appointment is pointless. I've already done all this, and she's been thoroughly examined not only by Dr. Chambers at the Int'l. Adoption Clinic, but also by our primary doctor, Dr. Harmon.
I guess this is routine for a genetic appointment. I'm thinking "Poor Kimmie..." at this point. Little did I know, this was nothing for her compared to what was coming.

Dr. Robins, the genetic doctor came in for about all of five minutes to discuss the syndrome he is suspecting (Holt-Oram Syndrome). It also includes a heart defect, but her heart checked out great at the cardiologist. The cardiologist did say she may have had a defect that corrected itself, but there's no way to tell that. I am just praising God she has had such good reports so far! He said he wanted to do a blood test to check for the syndrome, and we needed to go to Children's Hospital to have blood drawn. I halfway suspected this, but did not suspect we would have to go to a different hospital. We were at UAB. The two hospitals are very close, but in my little world of no sense of direction, they are miles and miles away! I panic, thinking "I'm not even sure where the car is parked NOW, how am I ever going to find another parking deck?" I'm such a wierdo about driving downtown. But alas, we found the car. Not only that, on the way we found a Starbucks. :)

We found the other parking deck, and the lab in the hospital, and by now it's 4:30. Kimmie and Quan have been angels. But at this point, I'm really exhausting all efforts to keep them happy.
While we were waiting, I explained to Kimmie she would have to get a "shot". She understood and kept repeating "shot?" She remembered her second round of shots we just got two weeks ago. I pulled out some cookies and told both of them that after Kimmie's "shot", we would open the cookies. Then, running out of fuel, I pulled out all the stops and taught them the "pull my finger" trick. So now we are pulling each other's fingers and making tooting noises. And I just didn't even care!

Finally the nurse called us back and Kimmie of course knew what to expect and started screaming the minute we sat down in the little "take my blood school desk." Quan sat in the "don't take MY blood" chair very smugly happy that it was "Mimi" getting a shot and not him.
I explained to the nurse that the last time they took blood, they had to use her foot, because it was too hard to find a vein in her arms/hands. She tried in her hand anyway, and of course couldn't find a good vein. Oh how Kimmie screamed and writhed. And Quan was so compassionate for his sister, he sat in his chair with his fingers in his ears! If I hadn't been trying to comfort Kimmie, I would have died laughing!!!! Poor Kimmie, because now she's had her"shot" in her mind, and we can have cookies and go home. I had to tell her she had to have another shot in her foot and THEN we could go home. Bless her heart, she started screaming crying and peed in my lap. Thank you Jesus I had extra panties in the diaper bag! Well, wouldn't you know, no one in that lab could draw blood from a foot, so we had to wait on someone from "upstairs" to come do it. So, while we waited I distracted Kimmie from thinking about it by more "pull my finger" games, and cookies. Of course, when new nurse came in the screaming began all over again (thankfully with an empty bladder this time!). But new nurse got right down to business, got that needle in and had 2 vials of blood in no time and it was over. Thank you Jesus, it was over! Now, Kimmie, we can go home!

Exhausting afternoon? Oh yeah. But God gently reminded me that at least I get to bring my baby home. There are so many mommies at Children's Hospital that don't get to bring their babies home. So tonight as I put Kimmie to bed, sang Jesus Loves Me with her, and kissed her sweet cheeks over and over, I thanked God for allowing me to bring her home tonight.


Mike and Barb said...

Oh, yeah, it's SO not interesting... Silly you, Laine!!!!!! Of COURSE it's interesting to read about all of you!
Poor, poor Kimmie! If you think she will need more blood draws, I would definitely invest in some numbing cream!
Give that sweet little girl a kiss!

G and C said...

I don't like driving downtown either..downtown Seattle anyway! I hope you had some extra pants too?? Blood draws, not the favorite around here either. Give Kimmie an extra squeeze for me!
I have finally put some new pics on our blog :)

Keisha said...

Poor Kimmie!! "WHO is that nurse that WOULDN'T LISTEN TO MOMMY!!! HELLOOO! She didn't know how to do it...that's WHY she didn't do that in the first place!! GRR!!
Okay, sorry for that...had to vent...needless pain on Kimmie's part, I've been there..done that before too! Sorry Kimmie! I hate "SHOTS" too!

Laine, I have NO sense of direction either!!! Thank God, Matt,My dearest Husband,is like the MAP WHIZZ...."history major"..go figure..??? He loves to find the shortest route to get us where we are going..I just sit there & say..."I have NO IDEA!!!" LOL!!!

Hope everything goes well with the test results!! Let us know...we will be praying!

Sherri said...

I am just wiped out after days like those. I'm glad you survived!


Dollar General said...

Poor Baby! I hate that for Kimmie - she's such a trooper! I CANNOT drive downtown. I totally get lost and have to start back at the top where St. Vincents is and then work my way down! It's crazy the other day for work I had to go downtown and it took me ONE HOUR! I have NO SENSE OF DIRECTION! My mom laughs at me that I still get lost in the town I grew up in! I've lived here 24 years and I still can't find my way around sometimes! So, all that to say - You are NOT ALONE!

I loved seeing you last night and I'm serious about our get away! Love you! Page

Trace Car Driver said...

all i can say is god bless you! i can't imagine what all ya'll are going thru... each day must be interesting for sure =) and amen to the fact that no matter how bad/crazy/busy/strange the day has been... at the end of the day when i get to hold my sweet trace and give him lovin, that makes every second worth it.

Journey to Lilly! said...

Laine!! What a day! I am sorry but I laughed throughout most of your post. Not about poor Kimmie, bless her heart!! but about the little Emperior being so smug that it was not him getting the "shot" & the little accident in your lap! heheh I miss you guys!~!!!
Lv ya,

mommy24treasures said...

oh I don't know if I could take Kimmie's cry, I would be a total sucker for her, she just has stolen my heart...I am glad you survived your long day and yes that you get to bring your angel home and love on her is a total plus we should all be grateful for every night.
I am the same way about being totally turned around and wondering where the heck my car is too... Danny and Jacob have a wonderful sense of direction I have 0.
Hope your holidays are wonderful Laine.

Stefanie said...

What a crazy few days you've had!! Geesh, you make my life seem BORING ;) I SO know how that goes with other young ones along... I've never tried the 'pull my finger' trick, though. I'll have to keep that one as my 'ace in the hole', hopefully a day or so after goin' out for Mexican ;)
Give those sweet babies a squeeze from all of us here over in Georgia. What a blessing that they ARE home with mamma tonight :)

MamaHen said...

Laine, you are not alone. I get lost downtown everytime I go. I can't keep all the avenues and streets and north and south straight for anything! Mark cannot understand, it's so easy for him. It sounds like you did a great job with the kids though and go take a nap - you deserve one! Wendy

Southern Cheesehead said...

I've been catching up with you guys this afternoon and I feel like I've missed so much! I'm sorry that I've been a little out of pocket lately, but still praying!

Have I mentioned lately that we really miss you guys?

Aaron and Erica said...

Oh poor little Kimmie :( I'm cracking up though at Quan! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I figured that everyone would have given up on me by now! Lord willing, I will be a better blogger in the next few months. Thanks for sharing all of the details about Kimmie and Quan's Dr.'s appointments. It helps give me a glimpse into my future :)

Love and prayers,


Sonya said...

Poor baby girl! And, poor Mommy too! LOVED your report!! You are such a hoot I almost felt like I was with you.

The St. John family said...

Oh Laine, I always love reading your blog. Thank you so much for sharing bits of your life with the blogging world. You always have me laughing or crying... or both. I just love hearing how Kimmie and Quan are doing. They are such cuties! You are a very blessed mommy to have been given such a great treasure!

I haven't been very good at commenting lately, but I'm always reading. :)

Love ya,

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

What a traumatic experience for Kimmie! ( and Mom ). It's good to have had Quan along to keep you smiling.I probably would have cried
with Kimmie and made it worse. Hope the tests come back right to ease your troubled hearts.