Monday, January 14, 2008

CBS, Awards, and tomorrow is the big day!

Have I ever mentioned how much I just love my bloggy friends? Yall are such an awesome community! I am so inspired by reading all of your journeys in life. Sometimes in bloggy world, awards go around like a "Blogging for Purpose" or "Daily Dose" award. I am so privileged to have been awarded these awards, though I am very undeserving. Here is why: I don't know the proper way to accept an award! I am so computer illiterate, and I don't know how to do all that stuff like link to this and that. I have to get my VERY computer savvy (he does that for a living) husband to help me even load pictures onto the computer. So, thank you to Stefanie, Buffi, and Keisha...and right back at ya girls! Every blog I read is deserving of an award. One day when I am bored (that makes me laugh!) I am going to make up my own awards to give every blog I read. And one day I'm going to figure out how to get all the blogs I read over on the side of my blog. If it weren't for Connie, my blog would still be a blah blog. But now we're the Ferrill Bunch! :)

And about CBS. Some of you asked about that in the comments. Community Bible Study. It is a national, non-denominational Bible study. I cannot say enough good things about this fellowship. First, it is the most godly group of women who lead it. I know that I know that I know that they pray sincerely over each Wednesday that we meet. I have never been in a more Spirit filled study of God's Word. And I love that we're all women from all walks of life. Some young, some old, some married, some single, some widowed, some Catholics, some Baptists, some Presbyterians, some Methodists, etc. And we all come together and make a beautiful tapestry, studying the Word together, learning from each other, and loving on each other with the love of Christ. CBS meets in different cities all over the U.S. You can click here if you're interested in finding one close to you. I joined in 1998, and it changed my life. The study always focuses on a Book of the Bible from Sept.-May. Sometimes it focuses on a group of Books like The Prophets (Isaiah, Amos, etc.) Our Study is on Acts. They have an incredible children's program, too. My children learned their first Bible verses at the age of two from going to "Pink Sheep" class! Their homeschool program is top-notch, as 1st-12th graders study the same lesson as the moms! (Granted, the questions are geared down for the primary classes.) And now I will tell you something that will make you realize I am NOT some super-Bible-woman/mom. Because I have been staying in K & Q's class from September until last week, I haven't done the first lesson in Acts! Not a very good example as I sat down every week to help my children do their lesson, and say to myself..."okay, Laine, have YOU done YOUR lesson?" So now that I'm going to my core group, I did my lesson today! ;) Gotta have that homework done! And boy was it a good lesson, too. The Lord is so faithful to continue to feed me His Word, even though I know I've missed out on some wonderful lessons the past 4 mos. His merciful kindness never ceases to amaze and humble me. I'll share more on how today's lesson/homework spoke to me later at the proper time...

Right now I've got to finish preparations for that birthday girl! Tomorrow is the big day! I do hope I can video her receiving the big surprise. And for those of you who guessed a puppy...WRONG! :)


Sherri said...

I am eagerly anticipating the big day.....I can't wait to learn the surprise!

Let's see...... Hannah Montana tickets?????? High School Musical on Ice?????


Dollar General said...

Hey my friend Amy and your friend Keisha are friends! SMALL BLOGGY WORLD! You would LOVE AMY! I'm sure I would LOVE KEISHA!

I miss CBS! I'm glad you are going still! I miss being prayed for all the time! I mean actually hearing my name and family go before the throne is so awesome! LOVE IT!

I can't wait until Thursday - we need to take pictures so I can make people jealous that I got to hang out with you, Shalita, and Michele! Or you can make people jealous by posting you went out with me!! HAHAHAHA!! Love ya...Can't wait to hear about the SURPRISE!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find out the surpise. Whatever it is, sweet,sweet Carlie will love it. We had so much fun with her on Sunday for lunch. She knew she was special. How did the "suckers" turn out. Did you have any trouble getting them out of those molds? What a hoot. Maybe we should just get together and do the REAL thing. Love ya, Ethel

mommy24treasures said...

hope the birthday party is pefect!!!! Can't wait to hear either, you have my curiosity now!
Love coming to visit. Congrats on your awards. You deserve mommy of the year!

Keisha said...

Oh COME ON MOM!!! Every gal needs a little Puppy!!!! LOL!!! I know .... I know... they are so DANG Damanding!! LOL!!! Well, I can't wait to see what that big surprise is.....hum........

Anonymous said...

So how do you find a blogging "community"? LOL I had guessed a puppy, too. My other guess is a Lee Middleton doll....

Unknown said...

I love reading your blog, such an inspiration!
I am guessing Hannah Montana tickets too!
Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Krista in Canada
mom to lily DJ China 2005

Tammy said...

Congratulations on your awards--you definitely deserve them (regardless if you can post a picture or not)!

BTW, thanks for your advice about packing. Let's see, what was it..."you can never have too much stuff", "always be prepared"...something like that. ;)
Yes, I'm aware I'm in big trouble.

It can't be Hannah Montanna concert tickets (I've already checked for my 10 year old)...the 3D concert movie maybe?

Robyn said...

I cannot wait to see the video of precious Carlie getting her surprise. She is gonna love it. Congrats on your awards!
Love you

Southern Cheesehead said...

Yeah, that's all you guys need...a puppy - that's a good one people! LOL

Anyway, 1 day closer to seeing you!!!

The Princess's Mommy said...

Well, I keep checking back to see what the surprise is! I know she will love it! Can't wait to hear about the birthday celebration!
Have a wonderful day!

Hope for Lucy said...

I cant wait for the big surprise....Post ASAP and dont keep your blogger family hanging!

Happy Birthday Carlie!!!!


Sonya said...

POST SOON and let is know!!! We are goin crazy!!

The Young's said...

Sounds like such an awesome Bible Study! I need to find one here!!!

I can't wait to see what the surprise is!!!!
Love ya,


Hey there you bloggies... I'll post a video of Carlie's reaction to her surprise when I get home from work.

Stay tuned!