Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Laine's Christmas Present

Well, she wanted me to add this to the last post about our 6 month anniversary from getting our treasures from China. However, I think this is best served in a post by itself. I hope the quality comes across ok for everyone (the delays go away if you let the entire video download before you play it). This is the video I put together of our adoption experience. I can tell you that the quality is no where near the DVD quality that Laine got as her present. If any of you desire a DVD copy, let us know and we will try to accommodate. Enjoy! Rob


mommyofmany said...

WOW! What a great way of documenting the process!

I'm sure it was a challenge to fit it all into a few minutes, but the memories (both the good and the not-so-good) are part of the experience God has walked you through.

You did a super job, Rob. I'm sure there are lots of tears shed all over again as ya'll watch this video. We thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

I can hardly wait for Part II 'cause God's still working!!!

Family4Liv said...

just beautifull...

Family4Liv said...
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The Young's said...

Wow! We have just spent the last 40 minutes enjoying the trip from your perspective!!! What an awesome video and a GREAT Christmas present!! Great job Rob!! It WAS an amazing trip, wasn't it?!?! It is SO hard to believe that it has been six months ago. Sometimes, we just forget where Sadie came from. The video's are so good to remind us!! Thanks for blogging the video! We realized how much we miss you guys too!! :) Yall are a blessing!!
Love ya,

Aaron and Erica said...

What a beautiful video! Today of all days, I really needed to see this. Thanks for sharing it with us!



Tammy said...

Happy Six Months Anniversary Ferrill Family! Your video was wonderful. I couldn't help but cry.


Sherri said...

That is so nice. Rob, you score big points for putting that together! You must be a Third Day fan....if I could choose anyone to sing the soundtrack of my life, it would be them!

What a wonderful gift for everyone!


The Princess's Mommy said...

How beautiful! I love it! Thanks for sharing...brought back so many wonderful China memories.

Journey to Lilly! said...

awwww I have tears in my eyes. I loved the video. Tony made one for us...but I haven't thought to post it. What a beautiful family you have!
lv u,

Sonya said...


The St. John family said...

Oh, I love it!!! You guys are such a precious family! Praise the Lord for the great treasure he has given you! Thanks for sharing!


Dedra C said...

Happy 6 months and counting. This was truly an awesome video. I cannot believe that it has only been 6 months. Kimmie and Quan fit so well with your family. It is a God thing. God is truly working in all of your lives.


Mike and Barb said...

I need to find the 42 minutes to watch it yet :-))
I watched the beginning - I love how you videotaped your kids' reaction to the adoption news. Love it!
Can't wait to watch the rest.
You guys are truly a very special "Ferrill Bunch"....
Love, Barb